September 01, 2015

If You See Bart Starr at Brett Favre's Number Retirement Ceremony ...: ... it will be a special moment over a year in the making. The 81-year-old Starr suffered two strokes and a heart attack last year and often suffers from confusion, but his family says it has been a priority for him to be there on Thanksgiving night to stand alongside Favre and Aaron Rodgers. Favre delayed it a year to make Starr's attendance possible. "Now, we can't sit back and say, 'Dad, we're going to try to get you there,'" his son Bart Jr. said. "Every comment from us has to be along the lines of, 'Dad, we know you will make it there on Thanksgiving. We are certain of it.'"

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Thanks so much for posting this. Haven't gotten all the way through it yet due to a temporary shortfall in emotional fortitude. But I will.

One of the things this piece made me wonder about for the first time is how the hell the Packers were able to gather themselves after the punishment they took in the Ice Bowl, to the point where they were able to go out and dominate a damn good Raider team in the Super Bowl.

posted by beaverboard at 11:08 AM on September 02, 2015

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