May 07, 2015

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle:

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Denise McCluggage: 1927-2015

posted by billsaysthis at 11:03 AM on May 07, 2015

Cub confuses teammate with mimicry.

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Shaq fell on his ass during a TNT telecast last night.

posted by rcade at 06:22 PM on May 07, 2015

Denise McCluggage

I was an avid reader of her writings when I was in the age range from my late teens until my mid-30s. These are what I often refer to as my "younger, drunker, stupider days". I was much into cars, speed, racing, and all that went with it. MS McCluggage's writings illustrated an aspect of the automobile racing scene, especially Formula 1, that was unique and most enjoyable to see. I do not keep up with automobiles as I once did; age, marriage, and financial considerations have that effect. I have also failed in passing along a passion for wheeled vehicles to my son. He just bought a Subaru Outback and freely admitted he was driving a "mom car". Be all that as it may, MS McCluggage's obituary brought back a few memories of those "YDS" days. I may also steal the Housman poem to use when my own time comes along.

posted by Howard_T at 06:08 PM on May 09, 2015

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