December 01, 2014

0-16 Philadelphia 76ers Two Games from Worst Start in NBA History: The Philadelphia 76ers lost to the Dallas Mavericks Saturday, falling to 0-16 and setting a record for the worst start in the 68-year history of the franchise. A Philly.Com poll asks whether the team will break its own NBA record of 73 losses in a season. So far, 85% say yes. The worst start in NBA history is 0-18 by the New Jersey Nets in 2009. The 76ers' next three opponents are San Antonio (12-4), Minnesota (4-11) and Oklahoma City (5-12).

posted by rcade to basketball at 11:24 AM - 6 comments

It's the worst team I've ever seen. A lot of weird things happen in an 82 game schedule and they'll fall into some wins but it's hard to imagine this team getting to double digits.

Compare the 76ers roster to the 11-12 Bobcats who won only 7 games out of 66. I think the Bobcats probably win seven out of every ten games versus this 76ers squad.

posted by tron7 at 01:15 PM on December 01

The challenge I gave to my friend was a to guess which is going to be higher:

76ers regular season wins this season
Cavaliers playoff wins this post-season

posted by grum@work at 02:03 PM on December 01

76ers regular season wins this season
Eagles regular season wins this season

posted by tron7 at 02:58 PM on December 01

76ers regular season wins this season


Flyers match penalties this season

posted by dfleming at 07:12 PM on December 01

Well, the only good thing going is a chance to beat S.A. because Pop will bench his aging super stars often this time of year.

posted by bo_fan at 08:32 AM on December 02

0-17! Spurs win 109-103.

posted by rcade at 10:36 AM on December 02

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