August 02, 2003

SafeCo (Seattle Mariners) field gets geeked out.: Unlike an earlier thread on Portland's clueless PGE stadium, SafeCo stadium has taken the lead in implementing mobile technology for spectator use. Beginning with the luxury suites, and using Tablet PC-based software developed by cursivecode , "people can order food, watch instant replays and buy merchandise without leaving their upholstered seats." Also, the "Tablet PCs can be loaded before each game with special messages for clients, PowerPoint slide presentations and contracts that are ready to sign with a stylus." (Hahahahaha. Righhhhht...)

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But Olson has yet to use the device to make a PowerPoint presentation during a game, and he's not sure he ever will. "People go to a baseball game to see a baseball game," he said. Damn Straight. At least these will only be in the boxes (for now). The last thing we need are more idiots in the stands complaining that their gazpacho is warm and their latte is cold. And turn off the cell-phone before you enter the park. Yuppie pricks.

posted by lilnemo at 05:53 PM on August 02, 2003

Man, we've got to learn how to disconnect once in a while, this is getting ridiculous.

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For the love of God, Please... Keep Bill Gates out of our Ballparks.

posted by lilnemo at 06:37 PM on August 02, 2003

I don't own a cell phone and I don't like them. I think people caught using them in movie theaters, restaurants, at plays, performances, meetings of any kind, on public transport, in a library or while driving should be shot with a strong, non-lethal tazer gun. But I've never heard of, nor do I quite understand the rule about not taking one to the ball game? Okay, okay, I understand not at golf or bowling or ice skating or pool or something, but baseball? Really?

posted by 86 at 06:50 PM on August 02, 2003

Yup. At the ballpark too. I take it you've never heard one of these creeps give play-by-play to a friend who is at home(supposedly). Here's a sample: LoDuca's up. Yeah, he's badass. Great swing. Christ he popped out. I'm eating a Dodger dog. Beer is expensive. Our team sucks. Can you see me on the jumbotron? Why do people think their interior monologue is so entertaining that the masses must hear it? I'd like one of these idiots cell phone to ring while they're busy pontificating "random player's" place in the batting order. That's why we have Vin Scully. Miscreants.

posted by lilnemo at 07:41 PM on August 02, 2003

As the manufacturing cost of Tablet PC's drop I can see this technology expanding beyond the geek suites. The stadiums could charge a small premium for a PC seat, putting them all in one section, of course, so as not to offend the luddites. Replays, up to the minute stats from all over the league, order a brat from that guy half across the arena who sells the good ones, place a bet (certainly not me, but, you know, somebody) - it would be just like being at home, except no commercials. No, that's not right - there will be plenty of commercials, everything will be brought to you by someone. Okay, so it's not perfect. But enough people would buy that ticket to make it viable. Oh and welcome, lilnemo. Please don't feel like you have to hold back on us.

posted by kloeprich at 12:19 PM on August 03, 2003

Sorry for coming on so strong... I think it's just games here in Los Angeles. In all seriousness, I'm not a technophobe. I can see the benefit in being able to call up stats especially during at bats so I can see how often Cora has struck out against say Randy Johnson as opposed to say Schmidt. Or how far back we are in the standings. Perhaps a counter that shows how long we have Ashby under contract. The real problem won't be guys like me getting annoyed (seriously). It will be the guys making large signs in the outfield reading "Bonds Sucks" (for example, though it could be much worse) here in Los Angeles. Or worse; can you say pron behind the backstop. I can see it now... Randy Johnson Dontrelle Willis PORN! Major League Baseball on FOX! This time it counts!! indeed.

posted by lilnemo at 07:08 PM on August 03, 2003

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