May 12, 2013

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle:

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Is SpoFi sending the emissary from our Ponte Vedran consulate to Sawgrass this weekend?

posted by beaverboard at 07:55 AM on May 12, 2013

If so, can he have a word with Tiger and Sergio? I love it when PGA Tour players behave like actual golfers and not publicity-courting advertising hoardings. Did Tiger pull that club on purpose to distract Sergio? I doubt it. But having done it, did he miss the opportunity to let it get under Sergio's skin? Certainly not! If you're there, rcade, muscle your way into a press conference and ask Sergio how much further right he might have hit it if he hadn't been distracted.

[Speaking of sending emissaries to golf events, I've been invited to play at Muirfield over the weekend of 8th/9th June, so about five weeks before the Open Championship is played there. While I may have to change the names to protect the inebriated (lunch at Muirfield is not for the faint-livered), I will report back on how the course is set up.]

posted by JJ at 09:46 AM on May 12, 2013

Another lovely F1 race saw Seb turn a 3rd place start into a 4th place finish, and Fernando turn a 5th place start into a win.


posted by Drood at 02:17 PM on May 12, 2013

If Seb could crash into both Ferraris every race Sunday, that'd be ok.

posted by Mr Bismarck at 02:53 PM on May 12, 2013

MLS pics (as seen from the visiting supporters section)

NY Red Bulls @ Columbus Crew

NY Red Bulls @ NE Revolution

posted by goddam at 06:38 PM on May 12, 2013

Tiger must have unzipped a pockets on his golf bag each time Sergio was teeing off at 17. Very distracting.

posted by dyams at 06:44 PM on May 12, 2013

Someone should send in the CSI team to check for bomb residue as Garcia blew up on the final two holes. He dropped SIX shots on the last two holes.

posted by grum@work at 07:07 PM on May 12, 2013

That's golf. That's Sawgrass. That's 17 at Sawgrass. Sergio really only hit one bad shot. Maybe not even that. Looked and sounded a decent strike, so he maybe just got a badly timed gust of wind. That was the ball game. The further capitulation was irrelevant really.

I'm watching the Golf Channel: Tiger's conversion rate of 54-hole leads into wins = 52 out of 56. That's obscene. Nicklaus for his career was 40 of 64, which is also obscene, but not even in the ballpark.

Woods now just 4 short of Sam Snead's record 82 PGA Tour wins. Snead was 46 when he won his 78th title. Woods is 37. Most ominous for the rest of the fields for the rest of the season - this is the fastest he's made it to four wins in a year ever.

posted by JJ at 07:44 PM on May 12, 2013

Game 7 on Monday!


posted by grum@work at 11:53 PM on May 12, 2013

Bring on the Blackhawks!

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 12:59 AM on May 13, 2013

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