March 25, 2013

Florida Gulf Coast Makes 15-Seed History: Florida Gulf Coast has become the first 15 seed in NCAA basketball tournament history to advance to the Sweet 16, defeating San Diego State 81-71. "They play with a swagger, and they have a right to do that," said San Diego State coach Steve Fisher. Nate Silver's statistical model has increased Florida Gulf Coast's chances to win the tournament from 0.001 percent up to 0.02 percent.

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I can't find the tweet now, but my favorite was one that was bemoaning the state of their busted brackets by noting that "FGCU is actually how most students at Florida Gulf Coast spell Fuck You" or something to that effect.

posted by Rock Steady at 11:54 AM on March 25, 2013

A detailed guide to Florida Gulf Coast, the best school on earth

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The Boston Red Sox and the Minnesota Twins are scratching their heads wondering how any team that plays in Fort Myers can win championships.

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Coach Enfield is getting a lot of press about his choice of spouse, but the thing I like about him even more is that he was previously successful and well invested before becoming a head coach.

If he likes what he's doing where he is, he won't feel the need to go chase a bigger paycheck elsewhere.

Hard for me to picture him telling his wife: "might as well donate our thongs and Speedos to Goodwill. We won't need them in Minnesota."

posted by beaverboard at 12:27 PM on March 26, 2013

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