January 01, 2013

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Bowl season is a useful way for NFL teams to see which coaches they wouldn't want to hire.

Such as Mike Riley and Les Miles, the current collegiate ambassadors of bad clock management and crunch time play calling.

But with so many pro head coaches having been kicked to the artisan baguette line, somebody might come a calling.

When you have rumors going around about a possible Wade Phillips return to the HC ranks, anything is possible.

There isn't just one physical cliff waiting to happen; at any given moment, there could be several of them.

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Adrian Peterson holds the single game rushing record and nearly reached Dickerson's season record. AD is on pace for a much bigger impact in the record book. I'm not suggesting AD will break the all time rushing record, but here's some numbers for ya.

So far in AD's 6 year career:

1754 Rush attempts 8849 Rush yards AVG 5.0

Emmitt Smith:

2007 Rush attempts 8956 Rush yards AVG 4.4

Barry Sanders:

1763 Rush attempts 8677 Rush yards AVG 4.9

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Akemashite omedetoh gozaimasu* to all SpoFites everywhere. Hope that 2013 brings all of the sports success you desire for your teams. May your keyboards become both erudite and convincing in argument, and may you all be gracious in victory and unyielding in defeat.

*Japanese for Happy New Year

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Kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegaitashimasu* as well. Congratulations on a fine year in sports fandom and commentary. Long may we all enjoy each other's keen observation of athletic endeavor.

*Japanese for "May our acquaintance continue through the next year"

posted by Hugh Janus at 04:55 PM on January 01

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