November 22, 2012

CFL Pick 'Em, Grey Cup Edition: It's Grey Cup fever in Toronto: Stampeders fans are trying to smuggle horses into hotels, the convention centre is filled with vomiting Manitobans, and Rob Ford is falling down. Oh, and the Argos get home field advantage. Join the party and make your picks inside.

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Double upsets! Toronto overcomes their own early mistakes with a big third quarter to salt away the Alouettes and lay claim to a rare home Grey Cup apperance. They'll be facing Calgary, who surprised everyone with a confident win in Vancouver.

TOR @ MTLCGY @ BCDomes BonusDWC Bonus
ResultToronto by 7Calgary by 5RayTOR/MTL/CGY
Margin of Error5 to 94 to 7

Two upsets mean a tough week for points. Add the fact that defensive stalwart B.C. registered zero sacks, and the bonuses may make the difference in the end.

SpoFiteTOR @ MTLSCGY @ BCSDomes BonusDWC BonusPointsTotal Points
tommytrumpToronto5 Ray 38
andiemgarciaToronto Ray 26
cixelsydToronto Ray 26
argoalToronto 5 Montreal35
JPR 05
bender Calgary Ray 24
Howard_T 04
Reever 04
Ying Yang Mafia Montreal13
Folkways Calgary12
owlhouse 7 12
DrJohnEvans 01

100th GREY CUP - Toronto, ON (Sunday, November 24)

Calgary Stampeders @ Toronto Argonauts

Like they drew it up: Toronto built their team to challenge for the Grey Cup at home, and here they are. Ricky Ray has rounded into form, the defence has established some consistency, and Chad Owens has managed to not fumble for at least a couple games now. They're playing as good as they've played in years, and it sure is the right time for it.

Overshadowed by the Lions all season, Calgary's quietly put together a very nice year. A league-leading defence and a hard-rushing Jon Cornish has made up for some quarterback inconsistency. But they won four games straight to close out the season, and Kevin Glenn has a chip on his shoulder, so they're peaking at just the right time too. Grey Cup Preview

MVP Bonus

Pick the player who will be the MVP of the Grey Cup.

Over/Under Bonus

The Over/Under is set at 54.5. Will the total number of points scored be over or under that mark?


Pick the total number of kick return yards acquired in the game, by both teams. This is worth no points and will be used only in case of a tie.

Good luck!

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Calgary by 7




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Toronto by 7




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Calgary by 4

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If you're ever in Guelph. Toronto by 14. And want some quality, sweat shop free clothing. Ricky Ray. Drop into Grey Rock at 29 Quebec Street. Under. Your clothing choices will be better than mine in this Pick 'Em. That's for sure. 160. End of Shameless Plug for my nephew's new shop. If you hear an Australian accent, say G'Day.

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I'm jumping in late, but:

Toronto by 2 Ray Over 286

Shame Cory Boyd's no longer with the Argos ... he's from Orange, N.J., one of the towns covered by the newspaper for which I was editor until July. Great guy; did an interview feature with him during his first season in Toronto.

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Toronto by 11

Chad Owens



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Toronto by 11




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Toronto by 6
Chad Kackert (Random selection was a bit more complicated than flipping a coin for this one, but I got #44. I'm pleased to see in the preview that he seems to be the current starting RB!)

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Argos by 4

Chad Owens



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Calgary by 10

Kevin Glenn



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Here goes nothin'.

Toronto by 8

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Toronto by 6




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Is there a wagering line on a matchup between the Vomiting Manitobans and the Flying Karamazovs?

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