July 09, 2003

New York Rangers forward Roman Lyashenko: wrote a suicide note, then apparently tried to cut his wrists before hanging himself, a Turkish police officer said Wednesday.

posted by Ufez Jones to hockey at 02:07 PM - 2 comments

Weird, and sad. I had assumed it was foul play for some reason. I guess that goes to show that that sort of thing can happen to anyone, even the ones most people consider to be one of the "lucky ones".

posted by Samsonov14 at 04:07 PM on July 09, 2003

CTnow has some thoughts on Roman from Hartford teammate Ken Gernander. And the NY Times offers some more speculation on Lyashenko's mental state. I think "weird, and sad" sums it up so far. Damn shame too.

posted by 86 at 01:04 PM on July 10, 2003

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