July 02, 2003

What are the Ducks thinking?: After coming extremely close to winning it all, the Ducks decided not to make qualifying offers to renew the contracts of Paul Kariya and Adam Oates, meaning they will have to negotiate with them as unrestricted free agents, just like any other team. They claim they don't have the money, but the Ducks don't have a lot of high priced players (especially after dumping Selanne), and after their playoff run, they should have some more money, the average NHL team brings in 4 million dollars in revenue per playoff home game. They'll be giving up two brilliant passers, and one of the best faceoff men in the NHL (Oates). Regarding the claim that they don't have enough money, should revenue sharing be instituted in the league?

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I watched a lot of Paul Kariya in the playoffs, and frankly I'm underimpressed -- he wasn't a factor in most of the games the Ducks played. Perhaps they are hoping that other NHL executives were watching him too, and Kariya's value in this buyer's market will be more reasonable after he shops himself around and finds no takers.

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Scott Stevens effectively shut Kariya out in the Finals. Granted, Stevens is one of the best defenders in hockey, but Kariya had seven games to figure out something to do to be effective, and he aboslutely failed to do that.

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I'm sorry, but 25 goals and 81 points (Kariya, last season, 82 games) is probably not worth $10m a season. I have to believe that none of the other teams will want him for that price either. He is a good player but I don't get the sense that any team wants to add a big salary like that. 25 goals last year - Brendan Morrisson, Jason Blake, Todd White ca 81 points - Palffy, Fedorov, Hossa, Mogilny, Prospal I think teams looking at comparable point production might slot Kariya into the $7.5-$8.5m salary range. And what about loyalty? It works both ways. Is Kariya loyal enough to acknowledge that he is worth a little less than $10m (at least in the 2003 market)?

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His juggling abilities just aren't drawing the kiddies like in the old days, when a juggler was what every tyke wanted on their birthday and wanted to be when they grew up, and rocks and knives and bowling balls were juggled by kiddies as they walked back and forth to school in a year-round blizzard uphill both ways with no shoes, and they loved it. But alas, the glory days of the juggler have passed us by, and the juggler has been dethroned from society's pedestal. Damn you wretched Anaheimites for casting the first stone that is sure to condemn all jugglers 'til the end of time. Damn you all to hell! (Q:How many times can the same PR package be re-run during the Stanley Cup Playoffs? A:Once too many times)

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I don't think Kariya's worth $10 million to the Ducks or to any team, particularly given his more recent play; however, he has been loyal to Anaheim, even when most people thought he should move on to a Cup-contending team. Well now the Ducks have had their run (and a good run it was, while it lasted). Kariya's free to go to someone else without guilt, without feeling that he's got to stick around and try to win Anaheim a cup. If I were him, I'd take less money to play for a better team...he's got nothing left to prove in Anaheim. Disney has shown that they will milk the franchise for every last penny they can squeeze out of it, then sell it as quickly as they can. I know the money aspect of hockey isn't pretty (on either the ownership or player's side), but at least many of the owners have a love of the game. For Disney it's just another attempt to cash in on a franchise and capture another market.

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Fedorov cuts ties with the Wings. He was getting offered $10m a season but didn't think that was enough. Who is gonna sign him for more than that?

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The mechanics of the off-season usually escape me, but I can't see this as anything but a mistake for Detroit. He led the team in points, though was still not on the ice enough for his liking, on an all-star studded team. He can play D with the best of them in the open ice and has one of the scariest shots. The new Leaf owners should make a play for this guy, as the thought of Sundin and Mogilny with Sergei is just, well, tempting.

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Holy Crap!!!

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