July 22, 2011

Meet the Michael Jordan of Bulls: One of the top athletes in the world at the moment is a 1,600-pound bull. Since October 2009, no pro bull rider has ridden Bushwacker for even eight seconds, the minimum needed to earn a score. The average is 2.97. The bull tops the rankings. "When the gate opens he just explodes," said Shorty Gorham. If you can spare nine seconds, watch videos #1, #2, #3 to see him in action.

posted by rcade to other at 01:11 PM - 10 comments

Damn that! Look at the size of that freakin bull. It's a beast!

posted by BornIcon at 01:17 PM on July 22, 2011

In the New York Times video, they show how the bull jumps before his feet land. He's Secretariat with horns.

posted by rcade at 01:21 PM on July 22, 2011

You can get hurt doing that shit. And they say pro football is dangerous. That bull makes the best hit from an NFL linebacker or safety look like nothing. I guess in the NFL you can get a concussion, in that sport your head can get smashed like a pumpkin. F'ing crazy, and I never heard a cowboy complain about their pay scale.

posted by Atheist at 01:33 PM on July 22, 2011

Let go the fuckin' rope J.B. !

posted by beaverboard at 03:49 PM on July 22, 2011

The crazy torque the bull is generating as it twists/bucks while in mid-air...wow.

posted by grum@work at 05:55 PM on July 22, 2011

Yep. Never seen anything like it. He's the cloven Nureyev.

posted by rcade at 05:59 PM on July 22, 2011

And you get a +1 internets.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 08:40 PM on July 22, 2011

There is a girl in New York City

Who calls herself the human trampoline

And sometimes when I'm falling, flying

Or tumbling in turmoil I say

Oh, so this is what she means

posted by beaverboard at 10:03 PM on July 22, 2011

I saw a documentary on a bull called Bodacious about 10 years ago. This bull's signature move was to get the rider to lean forward and then the bull would jerk his head up and smash the rider's face. And this was before all the safety equipment riders wear now. I think only 8 or 12 guys rode him long enough to get a score and some wouldn't get on him if that's the bull they drew.

posted by cheemo13 at 11:21 AM on July 23, 2011

A Teas cowboy of some repute was vacationing in Seville and couldn't resist taking in a bullfight. Afterwards, he dined at the restaurant across the street from the corrida de toros. While sipping on his pre-dinner wine, he noticed that the diner at the neighboring table was feasting on a delicious looking plate of rice and vegetables, topped off with two large medallions of tender meat. It smelled divine, an the diner was clearly enjoying it.

The Texan asked the waiter what the dish was, and whether he could order it as well. The waiter was apologetic: "Senor, you have excellent taste. Those are bull's testicles from the bullfight this morning. A delicacy! Unfortunately, there is only one serving per day because there is only one bullfight each morning. But if you place your order now, we will be sure to save you this delicacy for tomorrow." The cowboy readily agreed.

The next day he again went to the bullfight, and with great anticipation visited the restaurant for lunch afterwards. But he was disappointed when his dish arrived. It featured the same plateful of rice and vegetables, but this time it was topped off not with two juicy medallions, but rather a pair of small, firm nuggets.

He called the waiter over to inquire why his dish was so different from that enjoyed by the previous day's diner. The waiter shrugged his shoulders and replied, "Lo siento, Senor ... sometimes the bull wins."

posted by googly at 09:54 PM on July 23, 2011

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