May 22, 2003

A freaking monkey: is apparently smarter most of us here on Spofi. Not all that surprising, really. Maggie the monkey has been on a tear with her playoff predictions, and she's picked the Devils to beat Ottawa in the Eastern conference finals. I think Maggie is dead wrong. Who's right - me or that banana loving poo-flinger?

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BTW, being proved wrong by a monkey would be only slightly less embarrassing than being proved wrong by succa. And yes, I'm going to Boston soon to pay up on that bet.

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Who's right - me or that banana loving poo-flinger? Hey, who you callin' a banana lover? And besides, earlier today (before they fixed it) a visit to this ESPN site had a "Mighty Ducks vs Devils" montage up. Looks like ESPN's even listening to Maggie this year. Between the Rally Monkey and Maggie...what a bizarre year for the city of Anaheim. Lookin' forward to it Samsy!

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C'mon, punk! Your pick?

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You know what my pick is! But I'll even give you a box score: 4-2 Ottawa, goals by Alfredsson (2 - one empty netter), Fisher, Varada, Gomez, and Madden.

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I've been watching this series- never really a hockey fan, but it's a fun sport to watch- quick, and you know that when it says "10:07" on the clock, that ten minutes and 8 seconds later, you will likely be either cheering or booing, or on the edge of your seat for the (apparently commonplace) multiple-OT contest. So with this vast viewing experience behind me, I predict Ottawa wins game seven, as "the kid" Spezza shines despite his inexperience. And you can take that to the bank! :)

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What's with the monkey/Anaheim thing? Just plain weird if you ask me. And I'll take Ottawa (in another OT) over my better judgement.

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I'll take NJ. I mean, we are talking about Ottawa. Choking in May is an annual past time. /annoyingly bitter Leaf fan

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A freaking monkey is apparently smarter most of us here on Spofi. Like this is news. One of our membership criteria is that you have to be dumber than a monkey. I kid...I kid because I love. You guys are great...for me to poop on!

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Poop flinging used to be contained to Saturday park outings and now you guys are just not respecting the limits, with all this midweek flinging and shiznit! Respect my authoratai!

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Are you guys finished being juvenile? No? Good! Since my normal cognitive function is poop opposite a U.S. Grade 'A' chimp, and I always stick with the underdog, I'm gonna ramble abit. Sens win, and here's my less-than-monkey-brained reasoning. Game 7 at home (69 wins to 40 losses). The year of the 1-3 comeback. The Devils have never lost after leading blah blah blah. Nieuwendyk, tipper extrordinaire, is out or hobbled(the last Devil to score a goal). Despite pooping the bed by not potting a puck, Hossa will be drawing mad attention and/or manufacturing point(s), as he's learned what it takes to step it up. That left foot re-direct to Bonk was sick. A fresh and talented Spezza. Marty's got issues. Stevens is getting consistently beat by the Sens speedy wingers. Rafalski is mishandling the puck. Pandolfo can't carry a team offensively. And most importantly, its coup d'etat time boys and girls; The Sens are taking their rightful place as Best in the East, are playing the Devils' game, and have more offensive talent to capitalize on the few chances the little beasts from the armpit of America give up. And, of course, the grit factor.

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Maggie must die.

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