May 20, 2003

EPL post-season shuffle continues. So many surprises! Players: Bowyer (Leeds via West Ham) to Newcastle in five-year, 40K pounds/week deal? And what about Beckham's new do? Managers: O'Leary (formerly of Leeds) to Aston Villa! Teams: Who will be the last team in the EPL roster: Sheffield Utd. or Wolves? The season may be over, but the fun never ends!

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For my watching pleasure, I certainly hope Sheffield United comes up. Otherwise, my local soccer pub will be overrun with Wolves fans every week. I can't even figure out why there are so many Wolves fans in Atlanta.

posted by trox at 12:05 PM on May 20, 2003

Wolves fans in Atlanta?! What is THAT about?!

posted by StarFucker at 01:57 PM on May 20, 2003

Corn Rows on a White Dude? He should be Shot! Go back to the faux-hawk, asshat.

posted by Ufez Jones at 02:18 PM on May 20, 2003

Don't worry Wolves are the biggest bottlers since Corona.

posted by Fat Buddha at 02:25 PM on May 20, 2003

Hey, where's Clammy? I want to hear what he thinks about O'Leary as Villa manager. And what about you, FB? I'm sure you're disappointed they didn't pick David whatsisname. Hey, Fooker! Houllier's going after Beattie and Kewell, probably selling Heskey! This must be your lucky day!

posted by worldcup2002 at 02:29 PM on May 20, 2003

Is it really any stranger than Liverpool fans in Chicago? There's a sizable ex-pat British community here actually, but I never thought Wolves were such a draw.

posted by trox at 02:33 PM on May 20, 2003

I'm just happy the rumours that rat-boy Bowyer was headed in our direction were untrue. Newcastle seem to be gathering a matching set of bovver boys for some reason. It must be Robby Bobson's senility setting in. I've never rated O'Leary so I'm happy he's gone to Villa. It would have been nice if they'd gone for Platty though, as I had a tenner on him at 12/1. Betting, it's a mug's game I tell ya. Have you ever seen a potless bookie...etc etc. Beckham looks like Bo Derek, which is funny. Come on you Blades, humiliate the tatters at Cardiff on Monday.

posted by squealy at 02:34 PM on May 20, 2003

I think I saw something in one of the tabloid dailies that tipped Beckham for cornrows - I think that was three weeks ago (well, I dunno, how long has he had that hairdo?). they must have their spies right in that Beckham image making inner circle. Sheffield has Paul Peschisolido. I gotta cheer for the Canadian guy.

posted by gspm at 04:31 PM on May 20, 2003

If the Reds get Kewell would they also go for Beattie, and vice versa? And if so, why? They already have (Heskey aside) Owen, Baros and Diouf plus Mellor waiting for some playing time. This is one of those bits where the EPL confuses me in a newbie-ish way, like ManU sitting with Veron as a sub.

posted by billsaysthis at 04:44 PM on May 20, 2003

Pesch only came on as a sub in the play-off semi. Scored within about five minutes of being on the pitch. Nice goal as well. He used to play for us so he has my support. I hope they play him from the start in the final.

posted by squealy at 05:27 PM on May 20, 2003

bill: If you want to challenge for honors in all competitions, esp. Champions League, you gotta have a big squad. The more games you play, the more likely your players will get hurt. You gotta have options. You will notice that Veron was injured quite a bit and had trouble getting back in. But when Ferguson had the option of resting Becks, Veron would play. Same thing with Liverpool. Owen was the only one scoring, and he scored less than Beattie! Having two big guns, whether playing at the same time, or as switchable options is twice what Houllier had this season. Baros's, Diouf's and Heskey's goals combined barely rival Owen's total. Slim pickin's. Not next season, or Houllier is out. Man, what I wouldn't give to see this: Owen - Beattie Kewell Murphy - Gerrard - Diouf Hamann Hyppia - Henchoz - Riise

posted by worldcup2002 at 05:32 PM on May 20, 2003

Oh yeah, and Dudek, too.

posted by worldcup2002 at 05:32 PM on May 20, 2003

wc: Dudek over Kirkland in goal? Is Hamann a defender and Kewell a midfielder?

posted by billsaysthis at 06:56 PM on May 20, 2003

Hamann is kinda the "hard man" in midfield. He's supposed to clean up after the midfielders in front of him before bad stuff happens to the defenders. Kewell is an attacking midfielder, someone who serves as the link between midfield and strikers (and scores goals!), someone like Scholes at Man U, someone Liverpool desperately need! Kirkland is hurt. He's still young and can probably be trotted out for Cup games, or to rest Dudek before Euro games, etc. Let him bide his time for another two years, and then he can take on full responsibilities when Dudek is ready to move on or retire. If Liverpool is successful next year -- c'mon, even in a down year, they still won the Worthington Cup -- and make the Champions League, there'll be plenty of playing time for everyone in 2005. Besides, there'll be plenty with the UEFA championship in the upcoming season. Onward, ho!

posted by worldcup2002 at 07:47 PM on May 20, 2003

Still sticking with Murphy huh? No Championship will come to Anfield with him in the lineup every fucking week... And of COURSE Dudek over Kirkland... What has Kirkland done to earn respect?! Why do the English press keep shoving him down our throats!? He is a sorry 5th or 6th in the English lineup... Behind Robinson, James, Wright, Martyn, Hoult...even Seaman!

posted by StarFucker at 09:45 PM on May 20, 2003

Pesch was a really good player for us, a little diamond in the coal fields of div 2 (fuck me that all seems a lifetime ago). We only got rid of him because he was shafting the chief exec. There are other Blues connections too, which makes one lean towards Sheff, but mostly, any rational person wants them to win because THEY AINT FUCKING WOLVES! O'Leary remains unproven,and, like Squealy,I have my doubts. He did well initially with Leeds with a fantastic squad and the help of the existing coaches. It all started to go tits up when he started tinkering and bringing his own people in. Of course subsequent events suggest he wasn't as bad as he appeared. Villa is another kettle of fish altogether. They are in free fall, with a useless board headed by a senile fool. I look forward to another season laughing at the Villa. Some Villa berk was on the box yeterday saying he was disappointed, as O'neill would have been a better option. What planet are these idiots on?

posted by Fat Buddha at 02:37 AM on May 21, 2003

I look forward to Villa continually disappointing you FB. O'Leary is not a bad choice, and with Deadly doing the choosing, it could have been a lot worse (O'Neill would have been a better option, but we hadn't a hope in hell of getting him). When he was at Leeds, O'Leary cultured a style of very fast off-the-ball movement, which was really good to watch. With the right set of players (and perhaps a bit of emphasis on skill, rather than pure speed), O'Leary will do us very nicely.

posted by BigCalm at 03:10 AM on May 21, 2003

'kin a, I've just remembered my password. Haven't been able to log in here for bloody ages ... Heskey's a donkey, and we need five mil while he still has an England shirt. Kewell's a blind, if you ask me. Name's too big for Hoofier, and Kewell will have bigger offers to consider. I'm thinking Spanish ones. Still, if it keeps the press off the real money, that can't hurt too much. My money is still on the Finnan-Malbranque package, and play Baros up front a bit more next season. That lad's got the footballing world at his feet, as the saying goes, and if we don't play him more soon he can't keep a UK work permit. You might see Duff too, but that all depends on whether Fergie has two mil more than he wants to pay, if you listen to the rumour mill. It's not a straight fight anyway, but the Mancs have more money than sense. I doubt you'll see Beattie in a red shirt. He's too big a fish for Southampton's pool, but I can't see him fitting up front with Owen either. If we buy up front, I'd expect someone french. That's Houllierese for creativity ... Boumsong would get my vote, but Cisse does nothing for me. I'd rather see Baros any week, but reading between the lines, Owen doesn't get on with him. Who knows what will happen there ... I know Thommo's a big fan though, so expect to see more. Kirkland, yeah I see your point StarFucker, but he's one to watch, or would have been if it wasn't for the cruciate ligaments. Put it this way: you'd have seen his face a few more times this season if it wasn't for that injury. But the Dude did a job for us when called on, so I'm feeling kind of ambivalent about it myself. Bowyer to Newcastle? Good luck to them. I'm sure they'll need it. O'Leary should do better than Taylor (my gran could). And hands off O'Neill ... got plans for him in a year or two ;-)

posted by walrus at 10:16 AM on May 21, 2003

Also, I heard a rumour that Joe Cole won't be coming to Liverpool after all (!!!), cuz we didn't get into the Champoins League. If that's his attitute then screw him, but I can't think of anyone I'd rather we bought. Pure class. Anyway, Parry has stated that we are buying three or four big names who will "keep the fans on the edge of their seats", so expect a clear-out to match. As well as Heskey, I've heard Berger's name mentioned for the chop. Also Heggem and Diomede are coming out of contract, and it looks like Galatasaray will keep Xavier ...

posted by walrus at 10:24 AM on May 21, 2003

Walrus, i can't believe you said nothing about Kewell!

posted by StarFucker at 10:37 AM on May 21, 2003

walrus! Welcome to the SpoFi Liverpool fan club. We're a small but rowdy bunch, the four of us, me, the Fooker, billsaysthis, and now, you. Seeing as only you are in England (the three of us over on the other side of the Atlantic), we're expecting you to be our man on the ground, feeding us real live juicy tidbits like you've just done. Glad you found your password. Now let's take the piss out of the Mancusians. And watch out for that bloke, 86. He's a new Everton fan.

posted by worldcup2002 at 10:45 AM on May 21, 2003

Walrus, i can't believe you said nothing about Kewell! Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see Kewell play for Liverpool. But I think if any of the big Spanish clubs go in for him then we won't have a sniff. Cheers worldcup2002. I'll let you know what I hear, but it's mainly rumour and conjecture at this stage. I like the names being passed around though. I think we need a couple of big ones, cuz this season the Mancs have mainly been taking the piss out of us!

posted by walrus at 05:07 PM on May 21, 2003

You ersatz scouse gits need to wise up and give those youngsters who probably needed a season to acclimatise a chance to show what they have learnt. Softlee softlee and all that.

posted by Fat Buddha at 05:22 PM on May 21, 2003

Yeah, watch out Buddha, next season we will be thumping the Blues 7-0 with one man sent off and the groundskeeper standing in for Dudek. Hahahahahaha!

posted by worldcup2002 at 05:29 PM on May 21, 2003

Dream on, cowboy. Like the Villa we stuffed you over 2 games this season. Now, we know we can get better, but can you lot?

posted by Fat Buddha at 05:56 PM on May 21, 2003

So England win today... Anyone see the game? How the hell did Beckham break his arm?

posted by StarFucker at 03:56 PM on May 22, 2003

It was his thumb, not arm, you Fooker, you. And Heskey apparently was quite the player too.

posted by billsaysthis at 06:08 PM on May 22, 2003

It was his scaphoid, the bone that connects the thumb to the wrist, you yobs. (billsaysthis was close enough for government work) I blame it on the new do.

posted by worldcup2002 at 08:25 PM on May 22, 2003

wc, as usual I defer to your superior web browsing skills; Google News had thumb as their headline. Does this mean Becks goes to Real Madrid or not?

posted by billsaysthis at 11:22 PM on May 22, 2003

Hahahaha, you should know that that deal is over. Or not. Hahahahaha. Liverpool players (past and present) in the transfer news: Berger to Leeds in a free transfer (and Kewell to move the other way - yeah!) ? McManaman (now at Real Madrid) to Manchester City (teaming up with best buddy and former Liverpudlian, Robbie Fowler)? It'll be fun (well, kinda) to see more of these players lining up against Liverpool, and see if Houllier's sell choices come back to haunt him. The Anelka goals for Man City a month ago probably cost us the Champions League place.

posted by worldcup2002 at 05:46 PM on May 23, 2003

Damn, Wolves are going up. I suppose I need to start looking for a new pub.

posted by trox at 01:02 PM on May 26, 2003

Wolves won it? Yeehaw! I'm gonna love hearing FB and BC get all nasty about Wolves next season! Yeaaaah! Who's boring now, FB? BC? 3-0! 3-0! Whaaaaaaaargh!

posted by worldcup2002 at 09:49 AM on May 27, 2003

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