February 21, 2011

Mark Cuban Working on His Own College Football Playoff: Mark Cuban wants to create a playoff for Division I-A college football, and he's willing to offer schools millions of dollars to make it happen. Hes formed a limited liability company called Radical Football.

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If he can actually offer better payouts than the bowls, it will be interesting to see if the schools stick by the other non-financial objections, such as disruptions to classes.

My position on the college football playoff debate still changes daily, but I am a huge fan of Mark Cuban and the passion he brings to whatever he is working on.

posted by bender at 08:51 AM on February 21, 2011

Radical Football?
Mark Cuban really is a 14 year-old metal head with billions of dollars.

posted by geekyguy at 02:05 PM on February 21, 2011

He was the same sort of advocate for High definition in it's early years. When he gets his teeth in something he doesnt let go.

posted by bdaddy at 05:26 PM on February 21, 2011

Yup, Cuban is a nutcase, an extremely successful nutcase.

Although I agree he acts like a 14 year old at times, I really admire his passion.

posted by cixelsyd at 07:09 PM on February 21, 2011

I wonder what kind of difference Cuban could make in the world if he dedicated a significant chunk of that disposable wealth to something other than than the things 14 year old boys get off on.

That said, hell yeah, go for it Cuban. Not sure how you're going to choose the teams, but the current system is kinda stupid


posted by Joey Michaels at 02:23 AM on February 22, 2011

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