December 10, 2010

Chad Pennington: The Day My Shoulder Fell Out: "I fell on the back of Jake (Long) on the first play, and as I was falling forward, my elbow hit him and knocked me and knocked my shoulder backward, which pushed my shoulder out the front so it came out and somehow I just closed my eyes and gritted my teeth and popped it back in. ... I'm like well maybe I'm okay and maybe I just subluxed it; maybe it didn't really truly dislocate. As I was moving my shoulder around to make sure I was O.K., I put my hand on top of my helmet and then my shoulder just fell right out. It had come through and I had popped it back in and then it just fell out and it was stuck. I looked at Ronnie (Brown) and I said, 'Hey, Ronnie, pull on my shoulder. See if you can pop this thing back in.' He's like, 'I'm not touching that shoulder.' So I'm kind of going around the huddle trying to get somebody to help me here and they're all looking at me like I'm crazy, so once I couldn't get it back in then I walked over to the sideline." -- Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Pennington, injured Nov. 14 on the first play of his first start of the season

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Everyone bags on this guy for having bad arm strength (and he does have a weak arm relatively speaking), I've always liked him. Tough, a competitor, knew who he was & tried to play to strengths, a leader. Everything you would normally want in a QB. Too bad the physical giftings and/or the situation was never quite good enough for him to have major success.

posted by brainofdtrain at 03:28 AM on December 11, 2010

If he's definitely finished then I guess it's time to harvest his brain and put it in Henne. We might have something then.

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If he's definitely finished then I guess it's time to harvest his brain and put it in Henne. We might have something then.

Lets do this. I was excited to have a QB not making mistakes all day long when Pennington got the start :( I still can't believe he missed a wide open pass to a receiver who had 2+ steps on the corner with the safety nowhere in sight last game vs the Browns. Any pro QB should make that pass every time (or at least not throw it behind the receiver AND the corner).

posted by Andy1087 at 03:20 PM on December 11, 2010

I LOVE Chad Pennington. He has not had much of a career but he is the kind of guy I root for. Years ago (I think 2004 or 05?) I spent most of the NFL playoffs watching at Jillians. There was a waitress there that I was crushing on who would always were a Ray fucking Lewis jersey, which I would give her a hard time for, natch. So I bought her a Pennington jersey and gave it to her, told her "This kids a Rhodes Scholar, ditch the murderers jersey. She wore it for the rest of the playoffs but never went out with me. I dont blame Chad.

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He's like, 'I'm not touching that shoulder.'

That story is just the best.

posted by lil_brown_bat at 11:02 PM on December 11, 2010

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