December 10, 2010

Error Found in BCS Rankings: Jerry Palm, the publisher of CollegeBCS.Com, found an error in the Colley Matrix computer ratings that caused four teams to be misranked in the BCS rankings. "The Appalachian State-Western Illinois FCS playoff game was missing from his data set," he explains. "I will spare you some of the gory, mathematical details, but the net result of that omission in Colley's rankings is that LSU, which he ranked ninth, and his No. 10, Boise State, should be switched. Alabama and Nebraska, which he had 17th and 18th, would also be swapped." Such an error could have affected BCS eligibility. "[T]his issue will be near the top of the agenda for the conference commissioners' annual review next spring," said BCS executive director Bill Hancock.

posted by rcade to football at 04:17 PM - 3 comments

Isn't the math formula for the BCS the same one that the Soviets used to put their cosmonauts on the moon?

posted by irunfromclones at 07:10 AM on December 11, 2010

This whole BCS stuff is garbage. There is no reason why College football can't have playoffs like all the other sports. Instead of taking December off, they could be plying in the playoffs this weekend.

posted by JohnSoCal at 11:27 AM on December 11, 2010

But then they'll miss classes!

posted by Hugh Janus at 11:42 AM on December 11, 2010

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