October 04, 2010

Dutch Drop De Jong After Leg Break: The Netherlands has dropped midfielder Nigel de Jong from the national team after he broke Hatem Ben Arfa's leg with a tackle during his Manchester City match against Newcastle Sunday. See the video. This isn't the first rough play from de Jong, who flying ninja-kicked Xabi Alonso in the heart in the World Cup final and fractured U.S. midfielder Stuart Holden's right leg in March. "I have a problem with the way Nigel needlessly looks to push the limit," said coach Bert van Marwijk.

posted by rcade to soccer at 02:51 PM - 8 comments

Have to admit, it would be awful rare to see a similar move in North American sports. If you're an attempted murderer, we'll put you on the team - provided you're producing.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 05:27 PM on October 04, 2010

Considering how many people people are being suspended in the NFL for things less than murder, I wouldn't quite agree with that statement about North American sports, but I do see what you're saying.

Its the right move though. Some action had to be taken since this obviously wasn't just a one time occurrence.

posted by Andy1087 at 07:59 PM on October 04, 2010

I have to say, the way the title is formatted made me read "drop de jong" and think, "Wow, is this rcade trying to use some kind of obscure Jamaican slang?"

(and then, of course, I wondered what a jong is)

posted by lil_brown_bat at 08:36 PM on October 04, 2010

Typically Dutch. Two hundred years of the VOC, a hundred years of kulturstelsel, then finally the Ethical Policy.

posted by owlhouse at 11:38 PM on October 04, 2010

"Kill'im" De Jong: Ill

posted by beaverboard at 07:24 AM on October 05, 2010

Xabi Alonso, not Xavi Alonso.

This is a case of de Jong being surplus to requirements and/or just being an unfavored player, I think. van Marwijk's son in law, Mark van Bommel, is a serial offender who can give de Jong a run for his money, and continues to be captain of the national team.

van Bommel elbowing Messi in the head

van Bommel committing a foul and then grabbing another player's junk

van Bommel taking out Iniesta from behind

van Bommel taking out some hapless Uruguayan(?)

posted by holden at 01:39 PM on October 05, 2010

John Leicester of AP Sports agrees this is hypocrisy.

posted by billsaysthis at 04:47 PM on October 06, 2010

Oh thank god. For a while there I thought good taste and principle actually won over money and winning at any cost. I don't think the Bullshit Industrial Complex would have heard the end of it.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 06:16 PM on October 06, 2010

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