December 31, 2009

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You never know what words or phrases are going to be added to the permanent public lexicon, like "Watergate", or "bloody glove".

This week's entry, courtesy of the Texas Tech imbroglio, is "dark shed".

If you had a super freshman QB and were not satisfied with having a mediocre season and getting pasted in a bowl game, you might be interested in hiring Ramblin' Rick Leach. Check those satellite photos to see if grounds crews are demolishing and removing various small structures on or around the athletic facilities at Texas A&M. That would be an appropriate first step before inviting the good Captain to College Station.

Interesting fact arising from this week's Tales of Lubbock: Rick Leach graduated 79 percent of his players. I think among major programs offering scholarships, only Stanford and Notre Dame did better. That is noteworthy, and I had no idea it was that high.

In fact, it might be disturbingly high to some schools that might want to hire Leach, but are made nervous by the prospect of academic legitimacy. Jimbo Fisher's job, for one, should be considered secure.

Hard to believe that the TT Chancellor came out and said some of the things he said yesterday in regard to the Leach situation. All the astute TT attorneys (if they have any) must have been on vacation. Truly ill-advised and boneheaded public commentary with certain litigation on the horizon.

Good news from Lubbock: Pat Knight has escaped his father's shadow and has the TT hoops team playing well - on his terms, not the General's. I was always worried about Pat being a knee jerk apologist and rationalizer for and enabler of his father's conduct. He seemed like the bully-whipped Kool Aid drinker-in-chief. Nice to see that he is his own man and does things a bit differently when given some breathing room.

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The World Junior Hockey tournament gets serious today, as Canada plays USA. They put on a hell of a finals last year, and the winner of this game gets a bye to the semi-finals, so this should be a pretty damn good game. 7:30pm (ET).

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AT&T have joined Gilette and Accenture in dropping their sponsorship of Tiger Woods.

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Leach graduated 79 percent of his players

Not much to do but study once you're locked in the shed. Or "The Learnin' Hole" as they call it on campus.

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Who's Rick Leach? I've got this and this, but not this. I guess Rick Leach #1 was a great tennis player, though.

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If Tim Thomas is named to the US ice hockey squad for the 2010 Olympics, it will mean that 5 Bruins have been selected. I'm sure other NHL teams have as many, or possibly more, selectees, but the interesting thing is that all of Boston's selectees are on different teams (Bergeron - Canada, Krejci - Czech Republic, Sturm - Germany, Chara - Slovakia, and *Thomas - USA). From what I can determine, this is unique among NHL teams.

*Possible selectee. Team to be named on 1 January 2010.

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JJ: So a shitty phone company, a shitty razor manufacturer, and a company who I have NO idea what they do. (Which shows their sponsorship dollars were well spent. Think they sponsor some F1 stuff too. Still have no fucking clue who they are.)

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