January 23, 2009

Doesn't Congress have anything better to do?: Some House members protested Florida's BCS championship by voting "no" or "present" on a resolution commending the Gators. Which leads to a good question: with all the insanity going on in the world, why are members spending time on this?

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Which leads to a good question: with all the insanity going on in the world, why are members spending time on this

Because they can concentrate on more than one thing at a time? Not that I agree government should be getting involved here (I'm actually a proponent of a small government), but I always hated the argument of "don't they have better things to do?" which seems to imply they cannot focus on 1 thing and still concentrate on the economy or health care or the war in Iraq, etc. If they can't do all of it together then they are the wrong people to be in office.

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I just wish they'd stay out of sports all together.

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Good grief folks, they pass these meaningless resolutions all the time.

Someone, usually a representative from the winning state, makes a resolution, they vote on it, and then move on.

They're nothing more than a mental break from the more serious items being discussed.

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Isn't it really cold in Florida right now? Probably effected the laughingly small mouse sized brains.

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I'm too busy to comment in this thread.

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Where can we go to vote "no" or "present" regarding the House's handling of just about everything?... Our politicians are a joke in this country and their ignorance and neglect of their constituents on Wall Street's raping of the American taxpayers is deplorable... The only "meaningful" legislation that's ever gets passed quickly is their pay hikes, which is always done in closed-door sessions.

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The place is called the voting booth, and the method is to vote against any incumbent, regardless of party, unless you happen to agree with what the person stands for. Keep yourself educated about your Senators and the Representative for your district. Who is behind them; to what lobbying groups (both the so-called public advocacy groups and the private industry groups) are they indebted? It takes some work to get the information, and a lot more work to filter out the real stuff from the trash. Try writing letters to your local newspaper. They actually publish some of those that aren't just party line blathering. The biggest problem is the media. They have turned our elections into popularity contests by giving more favorable coverage to those who have "charisma".

Quietly hums America while climbing off soap box.

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This will end well.

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While I may not be an Obama fan, I can support a president who not only supports a playoff system, but has also said that he may throw his weight around a bit to try to get a playoff system. Some of the potential playoff match-ups this past bowl season would have been incredible to watch.

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Will the Gentlemen from Utah please disclose the average age of your
offensive line?

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Question: Since the BCS is much-maligned, should we go back to the AP and USA Today polls? There never will be a perfect system; the ninth team will complain in an 8-team playoff, the 17th team will cry in a 16-team group. As for the politicians, I voted for Obama, I do believe he will help this country, but he and Congress have no business in this matter.

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