December 02, 2008

Mario Williams is a hoss in a bull helmet: This is just the wire service wrap-up on last night's Jags-Texans game. As a way of noting that after all the abuse that the Texans took for drafting Mario Williams ahead of Bush, Young, and Leinart in 2006, at this point, it sure looks like they made the right choice.

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Maybe, baby.

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Ya think?

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Amazing how he single-handedly demolished the raging juggernaut that is the Jags' offense. Three sacks really get you that charged up? Is there just not that much to do in Houston? I always thought of it as a big city.

He's an impressive player, who posted 14 sacks last year, and is on pace to beat that figure this year. He's not quite a game-changer, though. To consistently change the game on defense, you need to be a Reggie White; a Mike Singletary; a Derrick Thomas. Williams isn't there yet. In their oft-derailed careers, Vince Young and Reggie Bush have already proven that they can single-handedly win a game; I'm not ready to give that kind of praise to Mario just yet.

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