April 29, 2008

Its that time of year again: Time for some hockey hardware. While four teams are battling for the grandest prize in hockey we still have the individual awards to speculate on. More on the inside

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Hart: E. Malkin, J. Iginla, A. Ovechkin Selke: J. Madden, P. Datsyuk, H. Zetterberg Lady Byng: P. Datsyuk, J. Pominville, M. St. Louis Calder: P. Kane, J. Toews, N. Blackstrom Norris: N. Lidstrom, Z. Chara, D. Phaneuf Vezina: M. Brodeur, H. Lundqvist, E. Nabokov

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Technically, there are eight teams going at it right now. Though, Colorado, New York and San Jose are all about to get swept away. As of right now, there are only two trophies that I have an opinion on: 1) Hart: Alexander Ovechkin. Washington's late season run for the playoffs was one for the books, and Ovechkin was the reason that they made it. The dude was a freakin' machine. I know that Leonsis got him a lot of help for that run, but they still would not have made it unless he performed at a Hart Trophy level. If Ovechkin doesn't win it, then Malkin certainly should. When Crosby went down for a long stretch of the season, I think most people had the Penguins out of the playoff picture. In fact, they thrived because of the way that Malkin stepped it up for the team. I'd like to be a homer for a second and give Eric Staal a shoutout. Ever since winning the MVP at the All-Star Game, his game took off into orbit. For the last half of the season, the team was pretty much him and various AHLers. Despite the team logging in well over 300 man games lost due to injury, Staal's leadership and play kept the Hurricanes in first place until they all ran out of gas in the last week of the season. 2) Norris: Can we just rename it the Lidstrom Trophy until he retires? ON EDIT: For the Calder? I say Toews. The dude scored 24 goals in 60 some odd games. Backstrom had the most assists for all rookies, but he had Ovechkin on his line.

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Ovechkin is a lock for the Hart. Iginla & Malkin had stellar years, but Alex not only was the most exciting and highest-powered player in the game, he's also the most publicized. He's been on SportsCenter every night this season, and the NHL can't buy that kind of PR. Seriously, they can't afford it, and no one would sell it to them. Ovechkin going away. I love that two of the three Selke candidates are teammates (and often linemates). John Madden should be happy to have been nominated. Pominville for the Lady Byng. St. Louis has won it before (I think, I'm not looking it up), and Datsyuk... well, I guess he could win it. I agree, NoMich. Toews for the Calder. Kane was no slouch, but Toews is already mature and fully formed as a player. He's only going to get better. Chara and Phaneuf both had Norris caliber seasons, but if it doesn't go to Lidstrom on inertia alone, I'd be surprised. Brodeur had a quietly great year, and he probably deserves to win the Vezina, but I'd sure like to see Lundqvist take it.

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Hart: Ovechkin. It's really not that close. Selke: Madden. The Red Wings split their own votes. Lady Byng: Datsyuk. No reason, just a guess. Calder: Backstrom. The Blackhawks split their own votes. Norris: Lidstrom. Inertia is tough to break for voters, unless someone REALLY stands out. Not the case this year. Vezina: Brodeur. For a while there, he was an MVP candidate as well, so I can't imagine it'll be that close of a vote.

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If the Hart doesn't go to Ovechkin, something's wrong. I'm split when it comes to the Selke but I'd bet grum's right about the Wings splitting their votes, I'd have called it a toss-up between Zetterberg and Datsyuk. I say it's Nabokov that will get the Vezina; I'm not looking at numbers but I saw a lot of him and he was amazing this season.

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Hart: Ovechkin. He carried his team this year. Malkin is a strong case but doesn't stand up to Ovechkin. Selke: I'll take Zetterberg over Madden simply because I've seen what Zetterberg can do defensively. Vezina: Brodeur. He has almost always been the reason the Devils aren't a bottom feeder. Lady Byng: Datsyuk Calder: Toews Norris: Lidstrom. Anyone else is a travesty. When he was hurt the Wings tanked without him. I'll have to second NoMich's suggestion for this award.

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