October 18, 2006

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 19: Two weeks, seven games, twenty-one points left up for grabs. Make your picks inside!

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Two squeakers this week: Saskatchewan won theirs and Edmonton lost theirs, meaning that the 34-year playoff streak in the city of champions is officially over. Winnipeg beat Hamilton in a surprisingly entertaining game, and Henry Burris put in the performance of the year against B.C. to show that a Lions trip to the Grey Cup is anything but a sure thing.

ResultSaskatchewan by 1Toronto by 3Winnipeg by 7Calgary by 7
Margin of Error1 to 12 to 45 to 95 to 9
First place looks to be a three-horse race at this point, with Weedy and apoch as long shots—although with apoch's analysis charts, anything's possible. The real excitement lies in the CFL Costanza race. chico's five-point week jumped him into a season-high fouth-last, but five players are still within three points of last place overall, so this is far from over.
SpoFiteMTL @ SSKS TOR @ EDMS WPG @ HAMS BC @ CGYS PointsTotal Points
DrJohnEvansSaskatchewan Calgary7452
Folkways Toronto Winnipeg Calgary 350
MrFrisby Toronto Winnipeg 249
apoch Toronto Winnipeg7 447
WeedyMcSmokey Toronto Winnipeg Calgary7547
owlhouse 3 7 242
The_Black_Hand Winnipeg Calgary9340
chicobangsSaskatchewan Winnipeg9Calgary8539
gspm Winnipeg Calgary 238
Ying Yang Mafia Toronto Winnipeg Calgary 338
SpitztengleSaskatchewan Toronto Winnipeg 337
Good call by the CFL schedulers, making the second-last week all East-West matchups. Even though the West playoff picture is set, the East is still way up in the air, so we'll still get some good games to watch. WEEK 19 Saskatchewan @ Toronto (Friday, October 20) Toronto can clinch the division lead with a win, and get the first-round playoff bye. Not that it helped them much last year. Edmonton @ Montreal (Saturday, October 21) Meanwhile, Montreal could go either way: they could grab the division lead with a strong finish, or they could find themselves on a place to Winnipeg for the playoffs. Now that the pressure's off Edmonton, though, they'll probably win. You know how it works. Calgary @ Winnipeg (Saturday, October 21) Winnipeg ... well, you get the idea already. They still have a chance at that first-round home playoff game. Hamilton @ B.C. (Saturday, October 21) With most of the Lions on the disabled list and Hamilton being Hamilton, this is probably not one of the "good games to watch" that I brought up. A CFL tripleheader and the World Series opener on Saturday? Heaven, I'm in heaven, with picture-in-picture. Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 03:44 PM on October 18, 2006

I stopped looking at the top half of the standings long ago. Saskatchewan in 8 Edmonton in 21 Calgary in 3 Hamilton in 10

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 05:33 PM on October 18, 2006

Toronto by 10 Montreal by 7 Calgary by 14 BC by 21 (If I pick it enough it has to come true, doesn't it?)

posted by apoch at 02:45 AM on October 19, 2006

Toronto by 15 Montreal by 3 Calgary by 7 B.C. by 24 Im commin' to getcha DJE even if you ARE manipulating the points, bribing players, caoches and officals to keep yourself in first.

posted by Folkways at 12:43 PM on October 19, 2006

Toronto by 8 Montreal by 4 Winnipeg by 6 BC by 11 Good week last week. I feel it's important to beat apoch without using his charts, data or obvious intellectual superiority - so I'm going with my gut... and a small amount of chicken bones.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 02:27 PM on October 19, 2006

Hey Weedy, don't bogart that chicken. This week, 13 Jimmy Buffett fans will make the pilgrimage to Key LARGO! While washing down 7 pills each with a pint of 'SKIM milk! If they get that down alright, 6 of them will feel like WINNers! And they'll BC-in' their hero in concert starting about 10 o'clock! Yeah, that's right. Call me Norman, because I Rock Well.

posted by chicobangs at 03:24 PM on October 19, 2006

I blame Ricky Williams for my poor performance this year...he and the influx of powerful South Beach Creeper Weed he took to Canada with him have obviously altered the CFL landscape. Tonto by 7; Monty by 12; Winnie the Peg by 10; Hamma Lamma Ding Dang by 3.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 03:50 PM on October 19, 2006

Slip slidin' away, as Max Merritt and the Meteors would have it. Toronto by 11 Montreal by 9 Calgary by 3 BC by 18 The nearer your destination...

posted by owlhouse at 05:29 PM on October 19, 2006

I don't know if I am eligible for the Costanza since I know I missed giving my picks twice. Which is sort of cheating when it comes to sucking. Toronto by 10 Montreal by 10 Winnipeg by 10 BC by 10 Picking everybody by 11 last week was for naught. Do I hear everybody by 10?

posted by gspm at 10:14 PM on October 19, 2006

Well weedy, I only compiled that data and used for the last two weeks. I'm 4-3 with it, so I'm not sure it's helping me any.

posted by apoch at 01:01 AM on October 20, 2006

Despite all my rage... Toronto by 13 Montreal by 4 Calgary by 24 B.C. by 9 ...I'm still just a rat in a cage.

posted by MrFrisby at 07:57 AM on October 20, 2006

Toronto by 18 Edmonton by 6 Calgary by 3 Hamilton by 8

posted by DrJohnEvans at 08:13 AM on October 20, 2006

hmmm ... let's see now ... is it even worth making my picks this week? like the Eskimos and the TiCats, I'm surely out of the playoff picture. But, since the playoff confidence pool isn't a win-to-get-in thing (it's not, right?) then I better take my chances and play outta this season-long funk. The Riders are my dark horse ... if they could only put a string of games together they could make a run at the Cup! Saskatchewan by 6 As hard as this is for me to say, the wind is gone from the Esks' sail this season. Playin' practice roster players against a Montreal team still with somethin' to play for? Alouettes by 17 I think the Bombers are gonna come into this one fired up. But, the Stamps just might be good enough to take it all this year. Calgary by 3 Even on an off day, the Lions better be able to handle those other 'cats ... after-all, it's not the "Tiger King". B.C. by 20 As an aside, does anyone know if Stegall will be hitting the field at all? He is still only two TDs shy of the career record, but I know he was injured a couple o' weeks ago. That and Joffrey Reynolds chasing the rushing crown are the only things marginally interesting to me now that the Esks have bowed out :(

posted by Spitztengle at 01:09 PM on October 20, 2006

God I suck. Using the yearly averages I'm 5-6.

posted by apoch at 06:03 AM on October 22, 2006

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