July 25, 2006

Is this a viable FPP?: Or just another in what could be a never-ending series of rather predictable preseason-ranking-articles? Somebody could just find a league-wide scouting report and post that, so we don't have to go through this will all 32 teams. Or is that just being nitpicky?

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The link seems to be broken for me -- just a blank USA Today page. So I'd say, no.

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I don't see the harm in it. If we start getting multiple preview threads about one team, we can encourage people to keep it all in one thread, but even 32 separate NFL threads in the next month isn't going to crash the server or gum up the front page. It's one a day. No biggie. But yeah, a working and appropriately detailed preview link might be a prerequisite.

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I don't think it is. Optimistic young reciever looks forward to the season - what is the story here? I considered bitching about it on the thread but there's nothing more annoying that a "this thread sucks" post...

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No, not a real good link. Hopefully the first of very few.

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Well...I think it's worth recognizing that, while there is crossover interest generated by some FPPs, such that a football(US) FPP could conceivably be of wider interest than just football(US) fans, preseason stuff really will have no appeal at all except to fans of that sport. So what, huh? Well, I'm not saying shut it down, but maybe think about what it would look like if there were a preseason FPP for every team in major league baseball, NFL football, college football, college men's basketball, college women's basketball, NBA basketball, WNBA basketball...damn, and I haven't got out of North America yet! Not, mind you, that this is happening, so...I guess I'd say it's a viable FPP, but not an excellent FPP.

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I reckon there won't be threads for all those things -- not even close -- but even if there was, all those teams you listed aren't having their previews listed on the same day anyway. That's over the course of an entire year. (And the college previews are, at most, one thread per division anyway. We don't have 50 Duke fans, and 50 other Syracuse fans, and 50 more Hofstra fans, etc. on here where that's going to happen. And how many MLB preview threads did we have in March? Was it even as many as ten?) Most of these threads won't be gems, but that's more because some teams & athletes have more fans on here than others. That's only natural. If it becomes too much of a problem, we can start herding multiple teams into one preview thread. (We routinely do this anyway, and while there's some crosstalk, it works fairly well.) If there are enough Arizona Cardinals fans to generate even one thread a month about them, I'd be surprised. I think we're alright. (Now, if we could just get rid of these Red Wing fans, we'd be golden.)

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I liken this to my Burnside NHL free agent post. I threw it in the locker room because it wasn't exactly breaking news, but it was a fun topic to discuss. Sometimes I just want to hear my fellow spofites opinon on possible trades/draft picks/free agent signings.

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I'd like to see this issue be addressed. I've seen members espouse the opinion that any and all trade/Free agent/DFA/relegation/"Hot Stove-type" news be confined to one sport specific thread, and I've also seen others post individual transactions. I usually post each transaction seperately to encourage discussion about a given player/team/blog. Sometimes the thread is full of comments, other times I'm pretty much talking to myself. I don't think that their is a wrong way to do it, but I think it would be nice for the PANTHEON to weigh in with its opinion. Perhaps one thread for all such discussion should be sidebarred, where it would be handy?

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lilnemo, I wouldn't group this FPP with news of a trade or free agent signing - because there is absolutely no *news* in the link. I have no problem with, say, an "Elmer Dessens for Odalis Perez" thread, even though it's not that noteworthy, at least something *happened*.

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lilnemo, I wouldn't group this FPP with news of a trade or free agent signing - because there is absolutely no *news* in the link. I got that. What I'm asking is whether the pantheon should lead a pre-emptive strike against such posts by providing a thread to discuss such dealings rather than have dozens of these priceless little scamps running around. For Example: NFL/MLB/NHL/NBA Off-Season Transactions. Trading Deadline transactions. Drafts etc. That way users (new or otherwise) wouldn't have to post such ham-handed FPPs just to have an excuse to talk about such negotiations.

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Perhaps our own little "Transaction Wire?"

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We need a cleanup in Aisle "Faith Day" if possible. Close the thread, delete the thread, start punching people in the balls, something. Getting way too MeFi up in this MoFo, you dig? And mjk said he wants to beat Cody up. The appearance of Message Board Muscles is never a good thing.

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start punching people in the balls And mjk said he wants to beat Cody up. The appearance of Message Board Muscles is never a good thing. You can't request violence and then condem it, jg. Pick a side. Either it's groin shots for everyone, or we keep it non-violent.

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Cock punch for everyone! *straightens cup*

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Pantheon can nut-punch. Figuratively, literally, whatev. I wasn't saying I was to be the puncher of nuts.

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I wasn't saying I was to be the puncher of nuts. Your words say no but your fist says "yes yes yes!"

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Captain O'Hagan: Bulletproof cup, huh? I invented this gag, Rabbit. Only in my day, the rookie got naked. Captain O'Hagan: And we also used blanks. You're a sick motherfucker, Mac. Mac: Thanks, Chief!

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Whats a lideracola?

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And mjk said he wants to beat Cody up. The appearance of Message Board Muscles is never a good thing. Careful, jersey, you'll be accused of talking behind somebody's back, just like back in junior high. Meet me at the 7-11 after school...if you dare!

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Yeah? Oh yeah? See you in the farts forum, chum!

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Yeah - I regret getting into that Faith Day shit. Bad move. I'm all for deleting my idiocy, but something tells me I chould be reminded of it occassionally.

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Evil shenanigans!

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violence and religion; together again, and again, and again, and.....

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I don't know -- The Faith Day thread kind of became worth it to me when the "farts forum" retort got busted out. As off topic and pointless as the whole argument was, I'm still laughing about that one. Hahaha, farts forum.

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As off topic and pointless as the whole argument was, I make a spoof on a credit card commercial and some one just had to twist it. I guess they don't really want to let it die. Why bring it up if you don't want to go through it again?

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