July 03, 2006

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 4: Nobody knows what's going on this year, except the diehard fans from Australia and Kentucky. Make your coin flips inside.

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Crazy weekend for me, so I only saw one game, but it was the best. Hamilton's defence somehow lets Calgary storm down half the field in a matter of single-digit seconds, setting up the game-winning Sandro DeAngelis field goal. In other games, the Argonauts continue to set themselves up for a late-season surge upon Damon Allen's eventual return, and Winnipeg threw up the WTF. TAB. ENTER. of the week, shelling Edmonton within thirty-six points of its life. Let's skip the rest of the bad writing and move directly onto the numbers:

ResultCalgary by 1B.C. by 7Winnipeg by 36
Margin of Error1 to 15 to 925 to 47
The top of the leaderboard is now almost entirely occupied by the "never seen a CFL game in my life" crowd. I'm beginning to think there's something to that strategy. The rest of us are doing pretty terribly so far.
SpoFiteHAM @ CGYS TOR @ BCS EDM @ WPGS PointsTotal Points
owlhouseCalgary B.C. 212
MrFrisbyCalgary B.C.9Winnipeg 411
The_Black_Hand 09
gspmCalgary Winnipeg 28
WeedyMcSmokeyCalgary B.C. 28
FolkwaysCalgary 17
Ying Yang MafiaCalgary 17
DrJohnEvans B.C. 15
chicobangs 04
spitztengleCalgary B.C. 24
apoch B.C. Winnipeg 22
hb74147 02
Back to four games this week, all of which follow the tried-and-true CFL plotlines. WEEK 4 Hamilton @ Montreal (Thursday, July 6) Hamilton tries looks to avoid falling into a deep, deep hole, while Montreal seeks to establish dominance over the volatile East division. I'm pretty sure this is a re-run. B.C. @ Edmonton (Friday, July 7) B.C. is coming off a convincing win over a highly-rated Toronto team, while Edmonton is coming off a devastating loss against an underdog Winnipeg team. So I have no idea what's going to happen in this game. No, really. Winnipeg @ Toronto (Saturday, July 8) Toronto could silence its critics with a vengence win over Winnipeg here, but then all the local columnists around here would have to find real jobs. Calgary @ Saskatchewan (Saturday, July 8) Probably the most compelling matchup of the week: both teams have been alternately brilliant and awful, and are both working to establish some sort of consistency. A total coin toss. Good luck! Har.

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An 0-fer. A freaking 0-fer. Whisky Tango Foxtrot indeed. Alright, that does it. I am literally flipping a coin this week. I have a toonie, and it's not earning its keep in this house. Time to make that change make a change in my fortune(s). Montreal by 11. BC by 2. Toronto by 7. Saskatchewan by 9.

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chico, I think you 0-fer'd only because you forgot to post your picks. You might have been bang-on in your head, or maybe on the sticky note next to your keyboard.

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Oh, good. I thought I was just being shite. (I was actually in rural Virginia all week, with only sporadic net access, so I've lost track of time here. To quote the great philosopher, literary iconoclast and political theorist Emily Litella: Never mind.)

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Montreal by 6 BC by 10 Toronto by 3 Calgary by 7

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Montreal by 8 BC by 11 Toronto by 7 Sask. by 3

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Hamilton by 2 (TiCats are too good not to squeak out a win soon) Edmonton by 5 (I'm gonna say that both offenses will be on fire this week and we'll see a high scoring affair +70 pts.) Winnipeg by 4 (the Bombers will continue this unanticipated winning streak) Calgary by 9 (can y'all believe they changed the name of Taylor Field???)

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This can't last. Montreal by 10 Edmonton by 17 (That's for Carrie over Erin) Toronto by 3 Saskatchewan by 15

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Montreal by 10. Edmonton by 4 (I'm going with owlhouse on this one). Toronto by 6. Calgary by 7.

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Montreal by 11 Edmonton by 7 Toronto by 13 Calgary by 5

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Montreal by 14 B.C. by 10 Toronto by 7 Saskatchewan by 3 Before I became a NFL fan, the other guys in the office used to get real pissed when I would win the NFL pool. "How the hell did you know Detroit would beat Chicago? What, did you figure they were due for a win?" "I had no idea, I don't even watch football." "What! You mean you didn't watch a single game this weekend?" "Not a one." "Get the fuck back upstairs to your office asshole." If it makes you guys feel any better, I actually watched 3 quarters of a game last weekend. B.C was up by 26 points when I had to turn it off because it was video game time.

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Montreal by 10 B.C. by 5 Toronto by... argh! 7 Calgary by 6 Just a note: I'm going to be out of town for a few days, so I won't be able to get next week's standings up until about halfway through the week. If you need to post your picks early on, you can do so in this thread.

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Montreal by 7 B.C. by 10 Friggin' Winnipeg by 3 Saskatchewan by 6

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Montreal by 15 Edmonton by 6 Winnipeg by 11 Calgary by 8

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Scheduling conflict: Do I watch the CFL game tonight or Devils vs Sabres?

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Do I watch the CFL game tonight or Devils vs Sabres? Do you already know the outcome of both games?

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I guess I did know the outcomes afterall, the winners anyway. I did watch the 4th quarter of the CFL game, very entertaining finish.

posted by MrFrisby at 09:55 PM on July 06, 2006

Results for Week 4: Montreal by 6 (48 pts.) Edmonton by 7 (47 pts.) Winnipeg by 7 (41 pts) Calgary by 17 (89 pts.)

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If I had to pick one winner in the CFL this week, after the fact, it'd have to be Mother Nature ... whew ... did she ever pelt us with a nasty little batch of rain and hail on Friday night in Edmonton!!!

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