November 07, 2004

CFL Playoffs Predictions, Division Finals.: Toronto goes to Montréal, and surprising Saskatchewan hits the west coast. Results from last round, too.

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Semi-final results: jasonbondshow: 2-0 DrJohnEvans: 2-0 (although he was waaay off on the scores) gspm: 1-0 (one of the games was indeed snowy—you're on a roll!) chicobangs: 1-0 billsaysthis: 1-1 grum@work: 1-1 Stan Fields: 0-2

posted by DrJohnEvans at 06:50 PM on November 07, 2004

And its very likely that the only way any of my predictions for next week will be correct is if I predict that weather won't be a factor in either game.

posted by Stan Fields at 10:43 PM on November 07, 2004

Montreal over Toronto: Calvillo's a hell of a QB, and even though I haven't seen them play in a couple of months, I can't see them losing to the Argos. I'd love to be wrong. Saskatchewan over Edmonton: I'm only going with the analysis, as I've seen a total of one Riders game and no Eskies games this year, but those kids apparently have some pluck. Also, Edmonton has been consistently winning games like this for decades, and so going against them makes no sense whatsoever, which is why I'll do it. You know, I hate being so uninformed.

posted by chicobangs at 02:12 AM on November 08, 2004

Montreal and BC are so far superior it's not even funny. Though I just genuinely like this Toronto team. Great D and special teams. Just can't possibly put the points on the board as quickly and consistently as Montreal.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 10:16 AM on November 08, 2004

You know, I hate being so uninformed. Then I really, really hate to be the one to tell you that Saskatchewan already beat Edmonton in the division semis. :) They're playing B.C. in the finals this weekend. I think Saskatchewan is going to be the only upset we're going to see these playoffs. Montréal is too primed for this. Toronto's only chance is to keep it close and hope for a special-teams break. The Alouettes won't keep it close, though. Montréal over Toronto. Saskatchewan's hot, really hot. But the Lions have Casey Printers. If he plays the majority of the game, it's going to be B.C. over Saskatchewan. If Dave Dickenson comes in... cross your fingers.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 10:59 AM on November 08, 2004

No, you don't. :) I stand corrected, and also I stand by my prediction. I've been in NYC 4 years now, and I've definitely become a dumb american. Bloody hell.

posted by chicobangs at 12:39 PM on November 08, 2004

Toronto over Montreal B.C. over Saskatchewan This will make for a great little family feud as my grandfather, uncle, aunt and cousins live in B.C., while my mom, dad, sis and me live in Toronto (area).

posted by grum@work at 12:43 PM on November 08, 2004

I don't see any signifigant upsets. BC will have no problems with Sask. (no matter who plays as QB). The Eskimos were the better team on Sunday, but couldn't finish to save their lives. It won't even be close. BC 32 Sask. 14 Montreal will take care of the Argos, but Allen will at least make it interesting. Montreal 28 Argos. 24

posted by camcanuck at 01:03 PM on November 08, 2004

I'll say the home teams win. Hopefully in games that are less of a defensive battle than the Edm-Sask game - though the desperate punt after the reception on the last play of the game was pretty cool. Didn't work out, but GO CFL!

posted by gspm at 01:22 PM on November 08, 2004

Totally, Montreal over Toronto. BC over Skatch in a blowout. Anyone going to the Grey Cup this year?

posted by Succa at 03:35 PM on November 08, 2004

My local in Queens has already committed to showing it. Lotta lonely alcoholic hockey fans in these parts these days.

posted by chicobangs at 04:53 PM on November 08, 2004

Apparently Printers is going to start so I think it'll be B.C. and Toronto moving on.

posted by Stan Fields at 07:13 PM on November 08, 2004

ARRRRRRGOOOOOOOOOS! That was the first CFL game (non-Grey Cup) that I've watched in about 10 years. I can't remember why I stopped watching... (and by watched, I mean saw more than 30 minutes of it and it was one of the two primary "switch-back" stations on the TV remote)

posted by grum@work at 09:24 AM on November 15, 2004

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