January 02, 2004

How about a palate cleanser?
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posted by forksclovetofu to navel gazing at 12:06 PM - 39 comments

Once we get through the NFL Playoffs, I'd like an honest headcount of our bracket to see whose picks were most accurate. Suggested rules: 1) Predictions only for the following week's game... one week at a time so's we all stay alive. 2) Picks are only legit if posted in Lockerroom (duh). 3) Somebody needs to keep track of the weekly tally by player (I'll volunteer). Now again: what's the winner get? I'm suggesting an interview, in lieu of a pony; but that's up to wc, I imagine... Suggestions? Options? Hut? Hut? Hut?

posted by forksclovetofu at 12:10 PM on January 02

Good idea, tofu. Since I will be getting a humongous trophy as my prize, which I'll be sharing with the city of Seattle, I think just bragging rights is good enough.

posted by vito90 at 12:37 PM on January 02

Someone should draw up a nice badge/logo and the winner gets to post it on their user page for one year. In fact, there should be a badge/logo for each of the SpoFi contest/fantasy winners. Anyone here have any artistic talent? Nothing fancy, just SPORTSFILTER FANTASY [insert sport here] CHAMPION [insert year/season here]

posted by grum@work at 01:50 PM on January 02

Are you all looking at the same link I am? On that page all i see are links to mature movies and toon sex ads. I was afraid to look any harder (no pun). And why no NSFW disclaimer? WTF?

posted by scully at 02:53 PM on January 02

Someone should draw up a nice badge/logo and the winner gets to post it on their user page for one year. i'm handy with photoshop and graphics if someone has the server space to store them on. :)

posted by jerseygirl at 03:10 PM on January 02

I didn't look at the link because I recognized the website as being one of, um, questionable material (I'm at work, after all). jg: Depending on the size of the graphics, I think I can host them for you. I have some server space but since it's given to me for free (as a friend) I don't want to abuse it by having 1mb files get downloaded every 10 seconds. If it's just for the user page and only on a couple of them, I have no problem.

posted by grum@work at 03:41 PM on January 02

All of these sound great - bragging rights, and a little badge I can wear so's I feel important for a change. Speaking of which, I'm getting very excited about. I have it on good information that Green Bay is going all the way.

posted by rocketman at 03:58 PM on January 02

Um, the link is to a very corny Mentos commercial spoof. Not really worth working too hard to see. Hardly NSFW, tho'. FTW? Actually, i think the winner should get one piece of JG's undergarments. Soiled or clean at the winners request, of course. C'mon JG, take one for the team! rocket: Holy crap, YOU SPOKE TO JESUS? And all you asked about was the playoffs? Typical...

posted by forksclovetofu at 05:20 PM on January 02

Okay, seriously, here's the official roster thus far from the previous thread: Billsaysthis: Tennessee, Denver, Dallas, Green Bay Vito90: Tennessee, Indy, Dallas, Seattle Goddam: Baltimore, Denver, Dallas, Seattle Jasonspaceman: Tennessee, Indy, Carolina, Green Bay Jerseygirl: Tennessee, Denver, Carolina, Seattle Grum@work: Baltimore, Indy, Dallas, Seattle 86: Tennessee, Denver, Carolina, Green Bay BcB2k2: Baltimore, Denver, Carolina, Green Bay Smithers: Baltimore, Indy, Carolina, Green Bay Corpse: Baltimore, Denver, Carolina, Seattle Rocketman: Baltimore, Indy, Dallas, Green Bay Wfrazerjr: Baltimore, Indy, Carolina, Green Bay Ufez Jones: : Tennessee, Indy, Dallas, Green Bay Bryant: Baltimore, Indy, Carolina, Green Bay NoMich: Tennessee, Indy, Dallas, Green Bay Forksclovetofu: Tennessee, Indy, Dallas, Green Bay JeffMShaw: Tennessee, Indy, Carolina, Seattle trox: Tennessee, Indy, Carolina, Green Bay If you want in, post before kickoff. We'll take latecomers but it's gonna be awful hard to make up games. For the record, the winners are currently Tennessee over Baltimore by 10-8, Indy over Denver by 12-6, Carolina over Dallas by 10-8, Green Bay over Seattle by 12-6. Pull up a chair boys, 'cause I'm ready for some football.

posted by forksclovetofu at 05:37 PM on January 02

How about no, you crazy Dutch bastard.

posted by jerseygirl at 05:40 PM on January 02

I'll have you know I look NOTHING like Ed O'Neill.

posted by forksclovetofu at 05:45 PM on January 02

Tennessee, Indy, Carolina, Green Bay

posted by danostuporstar at 08:50 PM on January 02

Baltimore, Indianapolis, Dallas, Green Bay

posted by pivo at 10:16 PM on January 02

msacheson: Baltimore, Indy, Carolina, Green Bay

posted by msacheson at 12:49 AM on January 03

My picks in the other thread (just under the gun) for the whole playoffs. Hincandenza: Tennessee, Indy, Carolina, Seattle

posted by hincandenza at 03:36 PM on January 03


posted by forksclovetofu at 06:36 PM on January 03

So what, should we score this like NCAA tournies- 1 pt in the 1st round, 2 in the 2nd, 4 in the Conf Champ, and 8 for the big game? I'm already 1-1 today, and looking to go 2-0 provided this mauling by the Panthers holds up. I'm reflecting that tomorrow will not help me (serious second thoughts on picking the Seahawks, doubts about the Colts prevailing against Denver), but we'll see.

posted by hincandenza at 08:26 PM on January 03

I'm thinking one point for any and all in any round. Keeps it open and winnable for virtually anyone up until the end. Likely to have a tie or two, but we can clear that up come Superbowl time by making the score part of the call. Oh, and this is indeed a Mauling going on here. Remind me why I picked Dallas again? Oh, that's right: because I haven't seen them play all year. Not the smartest way to bet.

posted by forksclovetofu at 09:01 PM on January 03

mmmm, mauled dallas.

posted by danostuporstar at 09:28 PM on January 03

Oh man, my mistake. I thought we were picking which team was going to LOSE! In which case, I'm a solid 2-for-2! Haha! Choke on that one, losers! *sobs*

posted by grum@work at 09:52 PM on January 03

Anybody catch Eddie George with the manly face plant of Ray Lewis? Perhaps there is a Goddess...

posted by vito90 at 10:07 PM on January 03

2-2 so far! good work fellas! Jasonspaceman: Tennessee, Indy, Carolina, Green Bay Jerseygirl: Tennessee, Denver, Carolina, Seattle 86: Tennessee, Denver, Carolina, Green Bay JeffMShaw: Tennessee, Indy, Carolina, Seattle trox: Tennessee, Indy, Carolina, Green Bay Hincandenza: Tennessee, Indy, Carolina, Seattle

posted by jerseygirl at 12:07 AM on January 04

Oh c'mon! How can you fault me for not picking the Panthers? They, for the first time this season, decided they were going to kick ass right from the get go. Bah, this whole thing is rigged! P.S. - thank god that some professional team from Nawth Cackalacky wants to win.

posted by NoMich at 12:16 AM on January 04

Well fuck- I *had* that game picked, the Seahawks were looking like they could pull it off. If only Hasselback, who was playing out of his mind, had made that one 2nd down pass to Jackson a play before, he doesn't have to throw the desperation pass on 3rd that gets picked off. Before that pass was caught, I knew it was going for INT before I saw the defender come onto the screen. I'm just surprised in a game like that, with sudden death OT, Seattle doesn't have someone hanging back for just this scenario, to knock down an INT run. Ugh- I was *so* going 4-0 in the playoffs... :(

posted by hincandenza at 03:34 PM on January 04

Oh-for-three! Oh-for-three! Oh-for-three! If I'm an Indy fan, I'd be really worried now...

posted by grum@work at 03:41 PM on January 04

Ugh- I was *so* going 4-0 in the playoffs... :( you and me both, hal. you and me both.

posted by jerseygirl at 03:50 PM on January 04

That was the only INT/turnover of the Seahawks that day, too. Jeebus... they were going to pull this one off, if only Hasselback makes that 2nd down pass! Augh! This stings- not a Seahawks fan, though I live here, but it woulda been nice to see 'em make it past the first week, and to lose in just dagger-like fashion... Only Jasonspaceman & trox or 86 can go 4-0 this first weekend, though I'm certainly rooting for trox, so I can be 3-0 myself. However, I think grum just jinxed Indianapolis!

posted by hincandenza at 03:51 PM on January 04

Well, looks like Indy is cruising; though I'm not expecting any surprises here, it's not over yet. Someone should tally up all the scores after today, and repost them on Thursday or Friday for next weekend's set, where we can make our next predictions.

posted by hincandenza at 04:33 PM on January 04


posted by vito90 at 04:34 PM on January 04

Vito, I feel ya bud. Right now I'm wondering how I ever took Denver in this game, though there's plenty of time left if the Broncos can wake up.

posted by billsaysthis at 04:36 PM on January 04

soy una perdedora.

posted by goddam at 04:48 PM on January 04

goddam: goddamn. You are now the sole No-Prize winner. I missed BOTH games in lieu of a day on the beach... thought that Green Bay was playing tonight at 7:30. Whoops. Got home in time for the start of the third in Indy. Boy, this is reminiscent of the Dallas/Carolina game. What a drubbing. I'll tally this all up and repost, as Hal suggested... probably by tonight. /still no life

posted by forksclovetofu at 05:36 PM on January 04

Looks like Trox and Jasonspaceman. Good work guys. hey goddam, do me a favor. if the patriots happy to actually get to the super bowl this year, pick the opponent. ;)

posted by jerseygirl at 06:12 PM on January 04

have i been disqualified for some reason? i know JG mite hate me b/c i insulted World Cup, but what did i ever do to Hal?

posted by danostuporstar at 06:39 PM on January 04

Good lord, that was a painful Sea Chickens loss. Not because they deserved to win (they didn't); not just because of the sudden, gut-wrenching manner in which they lost; not even the Tilt-a-Whirl-esque emotional ride the game put fans through (rallying to tie, leaving Favre too much time, barely surviving an attempted Longwell field goal at the end of regulation.

What got me the most were the missed opportunities that were characteristic of the team this year. I will always point to Koren Robinson dropping a sure TD early in the game as the "it didn't have to get to overtime" moment. The 'Hawks were full of those moments this year; they got jobbed in the Baltimore game, sure, but it never had to get to that point if they didn't have the dropsies. That's what gets me the most.

That, and they RUINED my coulda-been 4-4 weekend. Grr.

posted by jeffmshaw at 06:42 PM on January 04

what? oh. no dano! i was skimming and going by the bolds. You didn't bold, so I must have overlooked you. i dont hate you and i dont remember you insulting wc either! 4-4. congrats!

posted by jerseygirl at 07:48 PM on January 04

Yah, dano- I looked only at the first list made, plus my own, and thought the later list after the first two games by JG included the late posters like myself, you, msacheson, etc. Congrats to you, trox, and jasonspaceman! JG, I think to make it up to him, you should include a bikini pic in your profile...* * Sorry, I just realized I'd never made the JG-bikini-pic joke myself, and was feeling left out.

posted by hincandenza at 09:28 PM on January 04

next week's picks are going to be tougher.

posted by jasonspaceman at 09:31 PM on January 04

oh hal. i had you on a pedestal. next week, i am going with the patriots.

posted by jerseygirl at 09:43 PM on January 04

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