February 06, 2003

Okay, I thought it was about time I drop a note into one of these threads (EPL Update) to let you guys know that someone outside the central core is watching. Instead, Iíve posted in the Locker Room because I donít want to highjack the thread and I donít have a thing to add to the discussion. Initially, this post just started out as a thank you note for the solid links and the good discussion, but about a paragraph in, I decided to make it something more. Itís kind of an odd request, so hopefully you all are cool with it. Here we go (inside).

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I'm an American soccer fan and I'm think the MLS sucks (no history, lack of talent, the presentation, yada yada yada). The Premier League and the whole of Europe is where it's at for football. I try to watch as many games as I can (about one a week on the YES network or Fox Sports) and gather all of the info I can from around the web, especially here at Sports(all of them)Filter. Because of the weekly reports I've easily tripled my knowledge of the EPL, it's rivalries, it's players and the inner workings that make leagues unique. Plus, it makes playing my FIFA console games even more fun because I can toss out the occasional nickname or point to flagrant roster errors in the EA game. Thanks for that.
However, I'm still faced with one problem when it comes the EPL. I don't have a favorite team. As with any sport, the primary drive of interest in that sport is having a vested interest in one team. I love (American) football for example, but have never fully appreciated the college game because I do not have a vested interest in any one school. I root for good games, appreciate the quality of play, but much like the EPL, I can't get even more into it because I lack the emotional attachment that having a favorite team provides.
So here is my task for you, the loyal SpoFi football posters: Find me a favorite team. I donít expect unanimity, but actually Iím hoping for the exact opposite. Iím going to base this as some sort of contest where you, the already loyal supporter of your club vie for my allegiance. Call it a contest of will or wit, but Iíll base my lifetime support of one EPL club solely on who provides me the most compelling response. From the day of decision forward I will root for that club for the remainder of my days and hopefully finally have a more vigorous interest in the league and itís games. Perhaps, down the line Iíll even have something more meaningful to add to these threads.
So, sum it up for me. Make it funny or factual. Make of it what you will, but make me a case that I should root for a specific team. And please donít screw with me, because for the most part Iím at your mercy here. I already root for enough crappy teams in other sports. I need hope. Thanks folks.
PS: Three own goals in ten minutes!?!? Good God, can they be relegated for that right now?

posted by 86 at 09:14 AM on February 06, 2003

Can I tag along? I can never figure out who to root for except against Man. U because of their NY Yankee ties. And even then I'm having trouble mustering up real vitrol.

posted by yerfatma at 09:17 AM on February 06, 2003

The power of the Free Agent Fan comes to bear.

posted by vito90 at 09:21 AM on February 06, 2003

I'd say root for Newcastle, but I'm too flippin' ignorant anyways to say why. But yerfatma, here's some jokes to help increase the hatred of Man U. Q: What's the difference between Alex Ferguson and God? A: God doesn't think he's Alex Ferguson. Q: How many Man United fans does it take to change a light bulb? A: 560,001. That is 1 to change it, 60,000 to say they've been changing it for years and 500,000 to buy the replica kit. and in fairness to wc2k2 and SF: Gerard Houllier: "Our new Winger cost five million. I call him our wonder player" Sir Alex Ferguson: "Why's that?" Gerard Houllier: "Everytime he plays I wonder why I bothered to buy him!" courtesy of this site.

posted by Ufez Jones at 10:45 AM on February 06, 2003

86 and yerfatma: Rooting against Man U is always a good start. You have already passed the first test to being a real soccer fan. Now, I must humbly ask that you put your full support behind Liverpool, the Masters of Merseyside, the Reds, the Pool. Although being a fan of the team was a lot easier in the 80s and 90s, I still strongly encourage you to give them a try. They have been champions many times over in domestic and Euro competitions and, while their current form leaves something to be desired, are capable to flowing attacking soccer with some of the most exciting and talented strikers in the game, including Owen, Baros and Diouf. Do visit the team's official site and learn of their history: their beginnings, their rise to glorious heights, descent to tragedy at Heysel and their eventual resurgence. As recently as 2000-01, Liverpool won the UEFA Cup, the League (Worthington) Cup, FA Cup and finished third in the Premiership (qualifying for the Champions League). They also managed to finish second in the Premiership last season. Learn about their celebrated players (Dalglish, Rush, Keegan, and more) and managers (Shankly, Paisley and Dalglish should be indelibly burned in your memory). I have been a fan since I was a wee lad, lo these twenty and more years. Through these many years, I've walked through the valleys of grief and flown over the peaks of joy with my beloved Reds. Join me as I continue this lifelong pilgrimage. [Postscript: As a SpoFi and Liverpool fan, you will also get the benefit of StarFucker's various and colorful rants. It was through SpoFi that I found this fellow fan. I'm still not sure if it was a blessing or a curse. But it's not boring.]

posted by worldcup2002 at 11:10 AM on February 06, 2003

Another Liverpool fan would be quite boring though. We need someone to support a new team (so long as it's not Man U). Maybe somebody random....have we got a Tottenham supporter around here? Can we get a listing of all the current SpoFiers and their teams? I promise from here on out to get back into my Magpies and begin the trash talking (especially as I see that they're in third right now). I will, however, brace myself for the inevitable (and traditional) choke.

posted by Ufez Jones at 11:30 AM on February 06, 2003

Excuse my ignorance to this as I new to the EPL, but why is Man. United so hated?

posted by jasonspaceman at 11:58 AM on February 06, 2003

Hey 86...you are going about this all wrong mate! You don't become a fan by asking people who you should like... You say you watch the games already...well, watch more of them. Learn the names of players and managers on teams. Notice which players are talented and make you want to see the replays over and over. Learn about the thugs like Roy Keane and Dennis Wise... Pretty soon, after watching many games you will yourself develop a stronger feeling towards 1 or more teams in the Premiership. You can then narrow it down further...only then will you be interested in the history of the team, the transfers they make...the starting lineups, etc. You can't really make up for years lost by having the history explained to you. You have to make your own history. I have been a Liverpool fan for about 3 years now. I naturally grew into this. I watched Michael Owen play and thought he was the most exciting player out there. When Liverpool were on, i made sure i didn't miss the games after that. For this reason, i do not share the same hatred for teams like Everton or Manchester United as do all other Liverpool fans. I don't know the history between them. My history is short, and from what i have seen, Liverpool should strive to beat Arsenal more and be much happier with wins against them. I think you get the idea. I know its going to be difficult to choose and it may take some time. But don't worry if you choose Manchester City in the next month only to learn that you would rather root for Chelsea now. Its okay to change in the early stages. You are still learning about the teams and players.

posted by StarFucker at 12:01 PM on February 06, 2003

jasonspaceman: Well, they've got all the money, all the trophies, all the glory, and all the fans worldwide. It's just not fair.

posted by BigCalm at 12:06 PM on February 06, 2003

Jason, from the little knowledge I have of the EPL, I believe it has something to do with Man U being the Yankees of their league. Maybe someone else can offer more. And keep those team support suggestions coming. All I've determined so far is that I hate Man U with a passion. I hate them. Screw them. They suck. Boooo Man U. Hope City slaughters them! Boooo! (Sorry, just practicing).

posted by 86 at 12:06 PM on February 06, 2003

Support Wimbledon AFC.

posted by BigCalm at 12:11 PM on February 06, 2003

worldcup2002, you actually are trying to convince someone to pull for liverpool after all your (and StarFucker's) public bitchin' and moanin' about the pain of it all? Besides, there are too many Reds fans around here anyway. I'd lobby for Arsenal, but they are at the top of their game and it's too easy to pull for the champions (I'd caught them when they were nowhere near their current form). Go gunners! With that in mind, here are some possibilities: Everton - cross-town rivals of Liverpool who have in the past few years been very disappointing. They are playing quite well this year (and US international Brian McBride has had something to do with that since he joined them on loan). Blackburn Rovers - Second year in EPL after being promoted from 1st division. Not a threat to win it all now, but they seem to been on the rise a bit. local angle, Brad Friedel is their keeper. Tottenham Hotspur - they have a really cool name and are natural rivals to Arsenal. Local angle, Kasey Keller is their keeper. West Ham United - Only if you are a Bengals fan. There's my list, anyone want to add something for other teams? Everyone has to have their own angle on why they pull for the team they do.

posted by trox at 12:12 PM on February 06, 2003

Trox -- FYI, I read in the paper the other day that McBride's contract is up and he's back in the states getting ready to start the MLS season with the Columbus Crew. I guess he wasn't offered an extension. And from what I can tell we have: WC2k2 and SF = Liverpool Myself = Newcastle BigCalm = Wimbledon Fat Buddha = Aston Villa (right?) Who else are we missing? Have we no Chelsea, Arsenal, etc. supporters? Anyone want to spring for Sunderland? I need an arch-nemesis.

posted by Ufez Jones at 12:35 PM on February 06, 2003

Ufez, I believe Trox follows Arsenal. Just in case you wanted to add him to the list.

posted by 86 at 01:09 PM on February 06, 2003

Ufez Jones, you are a very funny man, but don't give up the day job. If 86 becomes a Man U fan he will be universally hated by all right thinking football fans and rightly so. Every tosser who never gets to a game supports them so they can glory in it, but ultimately it can mean nothing because they have no real emotional investment in it. They are like spoilt children who want what they want and they want it now, sickening. The other night I travelled 200 miles (round trip)to sit and freeze my balls off watching my team (Birmingham) lose to Man U. It was almost inevitable that we would lose but still I and others go to watch them week in week out. I got home at 2 am, and the following day suffered the taunts of Man U fans, who have never actually been to a game, and unlike my American pals have plenty of choice as to whether they go or support a local team instead. Now, among the footballing cogniscenti, who do you think is more deserving of respect, us or them? I hate to admit it but that fucker starfucker is right, just keep watching and develop an affinity with one team. Or support the Blues, 127 years and we have won nothing of significance, are stuck 4th from bottom but sell out every game. Alex Ferguson himself praised us the fans the other night as being proper fans. And imagine the joy when we finally do win something, it tastes better when it has been earned through hard tears. We also have the best anthem, "Keep Right On To The End Of The Road" which when sung lustily by 50000 bevvied up blokes makes yer knees fair buckle. Of course you could always give up on life altogether and end up supporting the Villa.

posted by Fat Buddha at 01:21 PM on February 06, 2003

Forgot to mention this advice on how to avoid being a naff football fan

posted by Fat Buddha at 01:42 PM on February 06, 2003

"I hate to admit it but that fucker starfucker is right..." Why do people hate to agree with me?!

posted by StarFucker at 01:58 PM on February 06, 2003

Good links FB. Kind of the reason I suggested Wimbledon AFC (rather than my own club Aston Villa) - they need the support, and who knows, in 10 years time they might make it to Division 3... Or York City, struggling with bankruptcy. If anyone needs new supporters, they do. How about Swindon Supermarine? I went to see them before christmas, and at that stage they had played 18 games and got 2 points (I believe they've won a couple now). Let's face it, they can't get any worse Premiership suggestions: Leeds (heavily in debt and hamorrhaeging (sp?) their best players), Baggies (no money, great supporters), West Ham (if Alan Green says they're going to stay up, I believe it too), Aston Villa (we're still the only premiership club not to fill our ground).

posted by BigCalm at 02:07 PM on February 06, 2003

West Ham are doomed mate, as are Sunderland and the poor old Baggies. I was at Cwmbran stadium last night and there happened to be a game on, I don't know who Cwmbran were playing but the opposition coach had come from Swansea, there was not a single spectator. That has to be a record.

posted by Fat Buddha at 02:19 PM on February 06, 2003

When I first started following the EPL, I naturally paid the most attention to Man Utd. But after a few years, I realized that cheering for them just isn't much fun, so I tossed a dart at a map and I hit the Northern part of London. I had the choice of either Arsenal or Tottenham. So for the past 3 years, I have cheered for the Spurs. Having a team to cheer for sure makes it a lot easier when you live in Minneapolis and don't even have the local support for an MLS team.

posted by emoeby at 02:27 PM on February 06, 2003

Someone on a Blues message board has suggested a good compromise: simply support whoever happens to be playing the Villa that day. Don't be for anyone, just be against Villa. Makes perfect sense.

posted by Fat Buddha at 03:00 PM on February 06, 2003

If you want to support a team that has passionate supporters who are also welcoming to anyone who has the slightest interest in football, who don't HATE other people just because they support another football team, who have a great sense of humour - which, believe me is often neccessary - and who are managed by an ex Manchester United player, I say you can't go wrong - trust me - by supporting Birmingham City! I have only being going to see them regularly as I've now got a season ticket,in the last couple of years and the hairs on the back of my neck STILL stand up when the players come onto the pitch!

posted by BLUETITCH at 03:07 PM on February 06, 2003

McBride's loan spell was set to run through mid-March originally and he started against Leeds on 2/1. Hopefully, he can find a more permanent spot somewhere in the EPL.

posted by trox at 03:31 PM on February 06, 2003

I was at Cwmbran stadium last night . . . Screw this-- I can't be a football fan: no Welsh spellchecker. Do they have "Wheel of Fortune" in Wales? If so, does the audience stone to death any panelist who dares utter the words, "Eyyyyyyd wyke to bwy a vwl?"

posted by yerfatma at 03:50 PM on February 06, 2003

I actually support Starfucker's suggestion. But, you know, you really should support Liverpool. and trox: All the bitchin' and moanin' goes with being a true fan. It comes with being there through the good and bad times. Knowing your team can do better than a bloody "hoofathon". Supporting a team who're currently champs is easy. (Ask Man U fans.) We'll see how loyal you are when Arsenal gets trashed by Liverpool 5-0, and are wallowing somewhere just above the relegation zone. (Oh, it'll happen. Read Nick Hornsby's "Fever Pitch".) When you develop an ulcer and start pissing blood just from listening to your team being knocked out of the FA Cup by a lower division team, then you know you're a true fan. When you break out in tears in front of your friends when Owen breaks away and scores an angled shot across Seaman to win the FA Cup, then you're a true fan. It's insanity. But it's the best, most loving kind.

posted by worldcup2002 at 08:57 PM on February 06, 2003

I feel like I am missing out on something really great here. Anyone recommend any decent cable packages to catch some EPL matches? I have a Guatemalan buddy who likes to watch as well. The only football matches around here, worth watching, is the not quite professional local club.

posted by jasonspaceman at 07:13 AM on February 07, 2003

I don't have a team to root for either. I've just been playing this fantasy thing by the seat of my pants, trying to pick by the numbers. I can't even get any of the games. So I've decided to root for the Arsenal. Thierry Henry is the only person on my fantasy team scoring anymore.

posted by corpse at 08:12 AM on February 07, 2003

(Oh, it'll happen. Read Nick Hornsby's "Fever Pitch".) I read it and understood. Like I said earlier, I started following Arsenal when they weren't nearly as good as they are now. I went to Highbury and was hooked (even though they were in now way threatening to win anything, but not close to being relegated either). Had I gone to Anfield on that trip instead, I'd likely be a Liverpool fan.

posted by trox at 08:38 AM on February 07, 2003

Jasonspaceman... There is a package or two i think. There is one for MLS, which i am going to get only because i feel a need to support soccer here! There is also one for the Premiership, but i think it really depends on your cable/satellite provider.. Here is a link... www.indemand.com

posted by StarFucker at 09:11 AM on February 07, 2003

trox: It's not too late to switch. ;-)

posted by worldcup2002 at 09:40 AM on February 07, 2003

Although late to this discussion, I feel I must explain my motivation for favoring Man U, as this thread made clear.
In 93 (at the age of 15) I received the 92-93 Man U season highlights video. I had never seen much football on tv and was enthralled by the glorius action of the EPL. Except for World Cup 94, that video was the sole appeaser of my football jones (at least on tv) for several years. I must have seen it over 100 times before I was ever able to find a steady source of EPL games. As the images on this video are burned into my head, and they still have several of the same players, I will hold Man U dear to my heart for a while longer yet.

posted by pfuller at 09:42 AM on February 07, 2003

pfuller...that is a great example of how one becomes a fan of a team... Thank you!

posted by StarFucker at 09:52 AM on February 07, 2003

pfuller ... it was a lie! Propaganda, all of it! Camera tricks! Computer wizardry! The truth shall set you free!

posted by worldcup2002 at 09:54 AM on February 07, 2003

Hahahahha, good stuff. I have to say that after a day of reading, surfing, watching and reading some more, I've just about decided. I'm not going to give away the ending just yet, but I wanted to thank you all for your help and let you know that my decision will be announced shortly. Thanks folks!

posted by 86 at 10:00 AM on February 07, 2003

I'd suggest you pick the mighty Birmingham City, but you say you've had enough of supporting crappy teams. I suppose if you wanted to support a team who were going to win things then you should pick Arsenal or Man Utd (spit!). But all real football fans hate a glory hunter.

posted by squealy at 10:00 AM on February 07, 2003

Already?! Thats too soon kimosabe! Your taste buds have not developed yet! You have to give it time...like Paul Masson once said, "We will sell no wine, before its time..." The appropriate motto here is something like..."I will support no team, until i know at least the starting lineup..." or something like that...

posted by StarFucker at 10:15 AM on February 07, 2003

Of course you are right StarFucker, but I'll try to explain so things so you can understand how and why I have arrived at my decision. 1) I need this. I need a team. As I explained in my initial post, I've tried to let this play out naturally during my on again, off again interest in the EPL over the last decade. And I've gotten nothing. I just can't get close enough to the action to let those emotions grow. I'm hoping to foster some now by just picking a team and I'll move on from there. 2) I have a lot of time on my hands. So yesterday I spent virtually the entire day building a solid knowledge of a number of teams that you all suggested. Rest assured that this included looking over the rosters, reading up on histories, taking more than one trivia quiz (I failed, but whatever), going on virtual tours of stadiums, scanning team message boards, comparing kits, learning songs and praticing with the teams on my X-box. I'm doing what I can and at the very least, I will live up to that motto. More to come in a day or two.

posted by 86 at 10:26 AM on February 07, 2003

pfuller ... it was a lie! Propaganda, all of it! Camera tricks! Computer wizardry! The truth shall set you free!
Aha, I knew Cantona couldn't have really done some of those things. ;)

posted by pfuller at 10:34 AM on February 07, 2003

86: It's Liverpool, isn't it? C'mon, you can resist. Everybody's doing it.

posted by worldcup2002 at 11:38 AM on February 07, 2003

Hey, since y'all came out of the woodwork in support of your teams, wouldn't it be cool to show your esprit de corps (that's French for "hairy chest") by adding one link to the EPL weekly report, just about your team's match that week, and add your two cents regarding their performance (or hairstyles, anthems, mask-wearing, I don't care)? Also, where were some of you when I started the Fantasy League? You guys must play next season! Sorry for hijacking. It seemed like an appropriate time and place.

posted by worldcup2002 at 12:07 PM on February 07, 2003

I like the idea, except for the fact that I often don't see the weekend games until Tues or Wed and I usually try to avoid any information about the games until after I have watched them (sometimes causing minor SpoFi and Fantasy League withdrawal symptoms). So, unless I catch the Man U games on Sat or Sun I probably won't help much.

posted by pfuller at 12:19 PM on February 07, 2003

We don't want your stinky Man U links anyways ;)

posted by Ufez Jones at 12:31 PM on February 07, 2003

I want to hear from 86, jasonspaceman, Ufez, yerfatma, vito90, emoeby, BLUETITCH and squealy (Fat B, you've found two barmy Birmingham fellow fans!): Will you bring a link to the weekly EPL report? Will you play the SpoFi fantasy league next season?

posted by worldcup2002 at 01:00 PM on February 07, 2003

Um, sure, wc2k2, w/r/t the weekly link. It may be weak though. But it'll be toon-army-riffic, none the less. Fantasy? Maybe.

posted by Ufez Jones at 01:32 PM on February 07, 2003

These message boards could also give you some insight 86... go see what type of fans you'll be cheering with.

posted by trox at 02:01 PM on February 07, 2003

Oi ! Worldcup2002, you don't have to be barmy to support the Blues you know!

posted by Fat Buddha at 02:06 PM on February 07, 2003

My advice would be to avoid using any message boards that call football, "soccer". :-P Oh and worldcup2002 I already posted a link to your steeeeenky thread. Admittedly it wasn't about Birmingham City, but link it was nonetheless. :-P

posted by squealy at 02:10 PM on February 07, 2003

WC02, one of the reasons I'm doing this whole thing is so I can bring something to the EPL table. I'll happily provide weekly links. As for fantasy, we'll have to wait and see.

posted by 86 at 02:19 PM on February 07, 2003

Solve a riddle for me, would ya? Are both Everton and Birmingham City known as the Blues? Is there a true Blue? Is this done to confuse me?

posted by 86 at 02:24 PM on February 07, 2003

Everton are the Toffees, 86. There is only one Blues and that is us.

posted by Fat Buddha at 02:45 PM on February 07, 2003

Especially when they lose. That's called "having the Blues." Heh heh. Altho, I was impressed by their strong running and no-holds-barred challenges against Man U. They've really only lost close ones, even to the stronger teams. I expect the Blues will stay up, compared to teams like West Ham and Sunderland. I'd much rather see Leeds go down.

posted by worldcup2002 at 02:58 PM on February 07, 2003

Why you pickin' on Leeds?!

posted by StarFucker at 03:03 PM on February 07, 2003

For coddling a bunch of thugs like Woodgate and Bowyer. Their general ineptitude given the sterling (and I'm talking about Pounds sterling) team they had. Proof that money can actually buy failure.

posted by worldcup2002 at 03:49 PM on February 07, 2003

Well i like Bowyer and Woodgate and Kewell and Viduka and Robinson and Milner... It was O'Reilly that i hated last year...what an Arsene Wenger wannabe!

posted by StarFucker at 04:15 PM on February 07, 2003

I have to admit that Iíve kind of cheated you. I didnít accept any of the impassioned pleas that I said I would and though my heart goes out to the likes of Wimbledon AFC, Sunderland and West Ham, Iím not up for the pain of it all. Likewise, I donít want to be a total bandwagon fool, so I pretty much determined that Arsenal and Newcastle were off the list. And you can toss Manchester United in there as well, for the same reason and plenty more. Liverpool has enough fans around here and while WC2002ís post was probably the closest to what I was looking for, the idea of agreeing with Star Fucker all of the time turned me off a bit. (Donít feel too bad about that Fucker, you can throw down the gauntlet on my ignorant ass soon enough.) Aston Villa wasnít an option. Fat Buddha hates them more than any other and I donít want to be on Buddhaís bad side. Plus, as I recall he once made an attempt to learn more about baseball and that seemed a lot like what Iím doing here. Chelseaís a girlís name, so they had no hope from the start. Leeds, from all I can gather, may not be around much longer. Plus, that Ridsdale chap sounds about as pleasant as hemorrhoids. Tottenham was an interesting option, what with their nickname and all, but for anyone over the age of six that seems like a cheap way to do things. Maybe Yerfatma can find a reason to take them on since I know heís looking as well. Manchester City has the unfortunate distinction of being labeled as Man City in tables all over the place and if I ever end up in a place called Man City, Iím dashing for the highway as soon as possible. The Rovers nearly pulled it out. I know their goalie and half of their front line players, but alas it was not to be. So without further time-wasting and before I ruin the suspense by listing all of the clubs Iím not rooting for, I humbly announce the full weight of my support behind Everton FC. Frankly, I donít know where this came from, but that fact alone makes it seem even more right to me. And the more and more I looked into it, the more proper it seemed. Theyíre on a hot streak, but were lousy enough, recently enough that I wonít feel too bad for jumping on the train. Theyíre chasing a Champions League birth and that would be a great way for me to start. Still, somehow their own budget woes make them an underdog of sorts. And donít worry Fucker, I know some of their players even if itís by name and not much more. Iíve seen and remember Said, Radzinski, Watson and Weir among others. McBrideís a natural draw for me, being that Iím from this side of the pond (and a better choice than Joe Max Moore if I do say so myself). Even without all that, the prospects of following Wayne Rooneyís rise over the next few years would likely be plenty. And then there was the last discovery, the nail in the coffin if you willÖ The singing of ďYouíre being sold in the morningĒ just last week to Leeds stars at the end of the mighty Evertonís 2-0 win over those poor saps. I donít know if itís a common tune, but no matter, itís just spiteful enough to make me happy to join their ranks. Thanks for your help! In all honesty itís been a fun ride the last two days. And regardless of whether we are now mortal enemies or not, Iím happy to be aboard the SportsFilter Football Club.

posted by 86 at 04:26 PM on February 07, 2003


posted by StarFucker at 04:30 PM on February 07, 2003

Scouse git.

posted by Fat Buddha at 04:41 PM on February 07, 2003

HA! Well, Everton is not a bad choice... Though i wish you took your time choosing, and i don't mean because i wanted you to choose Liverpool or anything. I would have said the same thing if you said Liverpool today. Good Luck, I hope Everton do well. I like Radzinski alot! That fucker is fast! And he's got a great shot!

posted by StarFucker at 04:47 PM on February 07, 2003

Holy Jesus, who knew I was gonna have to learn a new language?

posted by 86 at 05:04 PM on February 07, 2003

You'll get plenty of confusion and a right walloping, since Everton and Liverpool are city neighbors. And using StarFucker for an excuse to not pick Liverpool is not an excuse at all. I hardly ever agree with him on things Liverpool (we fight a lot about Heskey, Murphy and Carragher and Kirkland. But mostly Heskey) but we do suffer together, in our own way. And we shall celebrate together when Liverpool kick Everton's ass all the way back across the park. You were so close, 86, and yet so far.

posted by worldcup2002 at 05:19 PM on February 07, 2003

This may be of some use 86. Have you noticed Moyes looks like a cod?

posted by Fat Buddha at 05:34 PM on February 07, 2003

Another one to our side! Ah, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

posted by StarFucker at 06:01 PM on February 07, 2003

Wait a minute! 86 was using ME as an excuse not to pick Liverpool!?!? I am confused!

posted by StarFucker at 06:02 PM on February 07, 2003

He didn't want to be associated with you Mr Fucker old cock, no rational person would, no offence and all that.

posted by Fat Buddha at 06:30 PM on February 07, 2003

That's right mate. Pick the fecking Nazis

posted by squealy at 06:38 PM on February 07, 2003

Oi! 86, have a look here. Bleedin 'ell I am beginning to feel like a bloody philanthropist. A fish. David Moyes.

posted by Fat Buddha at 06:44 PM on February 07, 2003

Thats a very good point, young Squealy, those racism suspicions which have always surrounded the club have never quite gone away have they. I posted years ago on on View from The Tilton that they were also a sectarian club, someone, Monk probabaly, said prove it. I couldn't, despite the best efforts of google. It was interesting though that I found lots of stuff denying it, not many clubs or fans feel the need to deny they are sectarian bastards. I wonder what Colin Powell would make of it. Football, 86, it aint as simple as it looks..class, sectarian and shooting war by other means.

posted by Fat Buddha at 06:51 PM on February 07, 2003

HEy, I posted a while back something about the whole sectarian thing, the Celtic-Liverpool connection, how Liverpool was really started by Celts who'd found their way to England, and they also had a large black population, blah blah. Too lazy to search SpoFi. Somebody else do ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz ... ... snort ... wha ... Moyes is a fish! Hahahahaha.

posted by worldcup2002 at 10:46 PM on February 07, 2003

have a link, scousers.

posted by BigCalm at 05:46 AM on February 08, 2003

Oh dear, 86, it looks like you have jinxed the fish.

posted by Fat Buddha at 10:56 AM on February 08, 2003

Whew, yeah, 86, maybe you should, erm, stay with Everton. Yeah, erm, good choice. Yeah.

posted by worldcup2002 at 07:06 PM on February 08, 2003

I think you should root for the Ballers from New York, known as the J-E-T-S, they have a keeper named Pennington, I think he's gonna be a good one.

posted by vito90 at 09:43 PM on February 08, 2003

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