December 16, 2002

SportsFilter: Year One
After this month, we will be a year old. So let's begin a tradition of sharing our end of the year reflections and unofficial SpoFi awards. I'll start. We in America have always heard that Soccer/Footie is the most popular sport in the world, but we've mostly scoffed at that notion. "Um, soccer is for little girls and their SUV moms," we say. Or "Soccer cannot compare to American football or baseball or basketball or hockey or auto racing." But SportsFilter has proven that Soccer/Footie fans are indeed the most passionate about their sport.

So here's to the SportsFilter's soccer/footie fans: you have shamed us consistently in the year of 2002 with your active threads and damn fantasy league. May you footie fanatics continue to make everyone else look bad by using our site as a playground for your obsession.

posted by jacknose to navel gazing at 02:34 PM - 15 comments

We like to call it football... That other sport with the weird shaped ball is called helmet football.

posted by StarFucker at 03:09 PM on December 16, 2002

Shut up, SF. ;-) Thanks for the very nice mention. It's been very fun to be a part of this community blog, esp. to find like-minded soccer buffs and Liverpool fans (that one's for you, SF). So Happy First Birthday, and may we have many more. Most important, thanks to the Pantheon for starting and maintaining it all!

posted by worldcup2002 at 03:43 PM on December 16, 2002

I'm just waiting for baseball to start again since SF has informed me that there is no way I'll catch him in the Spofi fantasy premiership league. I'll talk about just about any sport, so you non-soccer fans, start posting links! Many thanks to those who created and use their valuable time to maintain this place. I've actually found myself spending as much, if not more, time here than Metafilter.

posted by trox at 05:23 PM on December 16, 2002

One year later, and jacknose still can't post a valid link. I kid b/c I care. Or something like that.

posted by Ufez Jones at 11:59 PM on December 16, 2002

And b/c his Pacers are playing my Mavs in about 17 hours. Grrrr.

posted by Ufez Jones at 11:59 PM on December 16, 2002

Metafilter? What the hell is that? Since i can't sign up at Metafilter cause whoever owns that site just wants to make cash and won't let me unless i pay him!! Screw that guy! I'm hanging out here!

posted by StarFucker at 08:02 AM on December 17, 2002

I officially do not like Ufez Jones anymore. Mavs win.

posted by jacknose at 08:40 AM on December 18, 2002

i for one, welcome our new footie fanatic overlords. can i say that here?

posted by lescour at 11:11 PM on December 18, 2002

what the hell is footie?

posted by StarFucker at 08:44 AM on December 19, 2002

*cries* on second thought.... *laughs maniacally*

posted by Ufez Jones at 09:53 AM on December 19, 2002

No matter how 2002 finishes, my highlight of the year was listening to the Canadian national anthem being sung by people in the crowd as time ran down in the gold medal men's hockey game. SpoFi gave me another site to visit when I don't want to do real work at the office. Seriously, it's been a blast chatting about soccer/football (thanks for explaining the endless tournaments that club teams play in), hockey and baseball. I find myself visiting here more often than that Other Site.

posted by grum@work at 02:54 PM on December 19, 2002

We need more articles!

posted by corpse at 03:41 PM on December 19, 2002

Speaking of sporting highlights of the year! Thanks Sportsfilter for giving me something else to "waste" my time.

posted by trox at 03:53 PM on December 19, 2002

i'm not really sure what a footie is, starfucker. but for your entertainment, here is a fantasy footie (sfw) site.

posted by lescour at 09:58 PM on December 19, 2002

trox, No shit! I love watching the the World Cup as much as any American does (just kidding, a little troll there), but the commentary, links, and amounts of incredible football knowledge that were thrown around here was amazing. Favorite Spofi Poster: I'd like to give credit to JerseyGirl for being the only big female member (not in a physical way, sugar) willing to post regularly at this sausage-fest. Least Favorite Spofi Poster: Succa. Hands down, but only because he's on his way to proving me wrong about my hockey predictions two years in a row. Keep kissing the Queen Mum's butt and sending your NHL franchises down here, you Upper Mexican. Spofi Where Are They Now?: Owillis. Hey, where are you?

posted by Samsonov14 at 03:27 PM on December 24, 2002

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