September 19, 2002

SportsFilter Fantasy Hockey, anyone? Join if you like, information is: League ID#: 36746, Password: spofi

posted by corpse to navel gazing at 01:33 PM - 28 comments

Also, please give suggestions for the scoring catagories, scoring type, and draft type. I tend to favor Rotisserie but I'll go with whatever everyone likes.

posted by corpse at 01:35 PM on September 19, 2002

yay! been waiting for months for that good ole' hockey season... maybe now we'll get some hockey news on the front page. Anyway, I've signed up and whatever format it will be is fine by me.

posted by mkn at 01:54 PM on September 20, 2002

Damn, and I have already the maximum number of teams at Yahoo already! Just like me to miss the boat like this!

posted by jasonbondshow at 11:43 AM on September 22, 2002

Okay, I've got my team in there. So what are the stat categories (I propose G, A, +/-, wins, shutouts, saves) and when is the draft day? What's the latest I have to create my draft list?

posted by grum@work at 11:18 PM on September 22, 2002

And why the heck is Mario Lemieux listed as 215th in the pre-season rankings?

posted by grum@work at 11:24 PM on September 22, 2002

I took all of your suggestions grum for the stats. I also set a live draft for Tuesday, October 8 at 12:30 pm EDT. There weren't many slots left and that's the latest I could get. I could set it to autodraft once everyone has their prerankings ready. Just let me know.

posted by corpse at 08:11 AM on September 23, 2002

We need to get at least 4 more teams. And if we do go with a live draft, 12:30 on a Tuesday is less than ideal. I could probably manage it, but I'm not so sure about other people.

posted by mkn at 09:51 AM on September 23, 2002

There are no late times left on yahoo. All of them are during that week during the morning or early am. I'm all for an automatic draft, just as long as every lets me know when they are ready for it to run, i'll change the draft status to active. And yes, we do need some more teams.

posted by corpse at 10:02 AM on September 23, 2002

I'd be up for the automatic draft. Let's leave that date for the auto draft and it'll give me a week or two to finish my rankings. And how is the scoring done for the categories? I've never been in a rotisserie-type league before.

posted by grum@work at 10:25 AM on September 23, 2002

The stats accumulate all year. Say if you are leading in Goals and there are 4 teams in your leauge, you get 4 points. Autodraft it is, I'll set it for ready status on the 8th.

posted by corpse at 03:13 PM on September 23, 2002

I think I'll join...but I don't have time today to check out the links and info.

posted by msacheson at 06:34 PM on September 23, 2002

heh, TedLindsay'sStitches is me (I keep forgetting to set up a new Yahoo ID)

posted by tj at 10:39 PM on September 23, 2002

I'll consider joining. I'm not versed on most of the players outside the superstars.

posted by shackbar at 03:48 AM on September 24, 2002

I'm not either. Hell, neither was I when I signed up for fantasy baseball. Now I certainly will know who Josh Phelps and Santana Johan are.

posted by corpse at 07:03 AM on September 24, 2002

I'm in on that action. Go Pigdogs!

posted by Succa at 05:45 PM on September 24, 2002

After Succa calling Montreal's dismantling of the Bruins in the playoffs (and my subsequent internet shaming), I can't think of an excuse not to play. Go Smell! I also vote for autodraft. BTW, what's the minimum # of teams we need to keep our league? My NFL league got nixed because it didn't have enough players.

posted by Samsonov14 at 08:17 PM on September 24, 2002

9 teams should be enough for a good leauge

posted by corpse at 09:04 AM on September 25, 2002

corpse: Johan Santana is his name. I think a friendly sports pool (no money) is the best way to learn about the game in more detail. I was never that much of an indepth baseball fan until I joined a baseball pool in high school (and eventually Scoresheet baseball). Following players that weren't on my local team, learning more about the statistics and reading all the box scores intently made me the rabid fan I am today. That said, I'm more versed in baseball than I am in hockey now.

posted by grum@work at 10:25 AM on September 25, 2002

whoops, you're right. I'm so used to ready player's last names first.

posted by corpse at 10:32 AM on September 25, 2002

reading not ready

posted by corpse at 10:33 AM on September 25, 2002

And Samsonov, expect the same this year for the Broons unless they get a goalie...but kudos for coming up with the name "New Jersey Smell". Say, I think that'd make a fine MLB team some day.

posted by Succa at 01:26 PM on September 25, 2002

Succa, thanks for the kudos. It's like they say: write what you know. I live in Jersey City now, and every year in early spring, it smells like the entire population between Newark and Fort Lee simultaneously shits themselves. I long for the halcyon days of living in sweet, sweet Boston. And as far as the Bruins go, you're right. Terrible goaltending. In an attempt to restore my sports pride, I'd like to make a nerdish internet bet with you about whether the Bruins or Sens will have more points this season. The Bruins look pretty good on offense, improved a bit on D, and are scary awful in net. They'lll still be better than the Senators. Email me at the address in my profile.

posted by Samsonov14 at 10:30 PM on September 25, 2002

Sams14, you've got mail. I think the Bruins look alright on paper except in goal, but the Sens underachieved last year in a major way during the season. If Jason Spezza makes the team this year, fuhgeddaboutit!

posted by Succa at 11:11 PM on September 25, 2002

Coo, this is damned confusing.. My knowledge of hockey is based on the NHL series from 97 on the SNES to 2002 on the PC. Always a penguin for some reason.. This should be fun..

posted by Mossy at 04:49 PM on September 26, 2002

As of this writing, we have 13 teams. I am registered as "potvin_s*cks". (Props to the first poster who can correctly identify my team affiliation...shouldn't be too hard) I don't see any details in the 'league overview' about the draft, rules, what stats count for what, etc. (Am I not seeing something?) All I have to go on for that is the scuttlebutt from this thread. I agree with autodraft and the stats as proposed above by grum and corpse (G, A, +/-, wins, shutouts, saves). Let's lace 'em up!

posted by msacheson at 06:46 PM on September 27, 2002

I've prepared my pre-draft list (109 players listed, and 16 "blacklisted") but it still says Draft Status: not ready at my login for the league. Does it say this for everyone until the actual draft?

posted by grum@work at 07:19 PM on September 30, 2002

It will say that until I set the status for ready, which I will in a few days. Let's say this coming friday morning.

posted by corpse at 07:45 AM on October 01, 2002

Thanks, corpse, I'm looking forward to it!

posted by msacheson at 12:51 PM on October 01, 2002

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