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Former Major Leaguer Ivan Calderon

Lots of inferences here considering noone really knows anything about it, nice.

posted by oem at 03:00 PM on December 29, 2003

Boy, you Ranger fans really have to stretch for good news if 2 fans getting beaten up by Islander fans makes you happy.

posted by oem at 03:13 PM on December 25, 2003

Now we don our gay apparell...

posted by oem at 06:22 PM on December 22, 2003

Harry Caray's restaurant buys the Bartman ball

People don't eat tonight and some idiots pay $106,000 to destroy a baseball that didn't change the outcome of a game. Fuck, that's twisted.

posted by oem at 06:15 PM on December 20, 2003

We've been all about Nomah and ARod ...

Too late. Baltimore got him. Pike!

posted by oem at 06:05 PM on December 14, 2003

Heck, with $200 Million I'm pretty sure a management of dirty, stinking apes could build a team that'll make the playoffs. These moves aren't impressive; they're just willing to pick up salaries that other people can't afford. When the Yankees run out of M.L prospects to deal, they just go to the free-agency pool to buy their way to another team that is a disappointment if they don't win the World Series. In all honesty, it's really tough to say that Brian Cashman/Joe Torre are fantastic at their jobs because they are working on a whole other level than almost everyone else at this point. The resources at their disposal make it almost impossible to make a bad deal. Given the sheer number of star players they can put on one team, even if a trade is a flop, they still make the the playoffs with the rest of their stars. It's not rocket science. It's having a big pocketbook.

posted by oem at 07:28 AM on December 12, 2003

With all due respect to Pudge, is he worth more to the Marlins than Mike Lowell? Look at the comparative numbers, he'd be making $2M more per year than Lowell would. Lowell hit 32 home runs, drove in 105 RBI while missing 32 games. Rodriguez hit 16 home runs, drove in 85 RBI and had a really great post-season, his first one. Personally, I find it very difficult to blame the Marlins on this one. We find ways to criticize the Yankees, Red Sox, etc, for being too spend-crazy, yet we're also criticizing the teams that try to be somewhat fiscally responsible? The Marlins had a huge list of potential free-agents this year and, unlike George, don't have an endless supply of money with which to bring everyone back. If they offer Rodriguez what he wants, maybe they couldn't have signed Lowell, or couldn't sign Encarnacion and Looper. General managers with budgets have to make some tough decisions sometimes. Javy Lopez is available as well, methinks that he's going to go for less than $10M per season. Perhaps he might be a viable option for The Marlins.

posted by oem at 09:21 AM on December 08, 2003

The trade rumor that won't die.

A-Rod would be a plum player, but if they get rid of Manny (a bat as good as A-Rod) and Nomar (a glove nearly as good as A-Rod, plus a darn good hitter still), then what are they really gaining? They still haven't improved 2b, etc. If Manny goes straight up for A-Rod, there will be some return, be it pitching, hitting, defense, etc. for Nomar. They most likely could draw either a hitter like Anderson or a second basemen like Kennedy and a pitcher out of Anaheim. I think that this might end up getting way too complex, however, as it seems that the Red Sox need 2-3 deals to get everything straightened out and all their positions filled. Also, is there any hope of Todd Walker coming back or has he already signed elsewhere? I like him a lot.

posted by oem at 07:23 PM on December 06, 2003

Yankees trade for Vazquez

This is the angriest I have ever been as a Yankees fan. Hmm, I'm assuming you've never sat through an Expos game in its entirety. I've sat in the Big O to watch two games last year that he was on the mound and I watch most Expos games which are on the tele. Vazquez has nasty, absolutely nasty stuff. He's a big strikeout pitcher and might be one of the top 10 starters in the league right now (of course, he'd never get recognized for it because he plays in Montreal). He's way, way further along in his maturity than Weaver was and should be able to handle the big lights well. As well, you have to remember that Johnson has an injury-riddled past. There have been a lot of great hitters out there who just couldn't stay in for a full season and I certainly get the feeling he's going to be one of those frustrating coulda-beens.

posted by oem at 09:27 PM on December 04, 2003