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So much for Pujol's run at the HR and RBI records

If everyone had not put so much pressure on Pujols to erase Bonds record. Redeem the sport. Give the game a nice clean, humble face he may still be playing. One of his best hits was on the media regarding Bonds. You still have to see and hit the ball, steroids cannot help with that. I am so with dyams. Let's embrace our drug driven era(always has been) of sports, (pain-killers etc) and enjoy the entertainment. Do you really want to go back to 40 homers leading the league. Mark Mc and his creotine put Baseball back on the map. As for the kids, parents watch your children. No drinkingor drugs that has always been the right way to raise them. We act as though this is the Curt Flood issue. Now that was important....And what about Selig? That maybe the real integrity of baseball question...

posted by Sputnik at 03:24 PM on June 05, 2006

Cuban: For the first time in my life, I'm speechless

Mark Cuban, for those who love a great cigar Cubans are still the best... And Mark is just like one of those genuiune Cubans, a breathe of fresh air. Avery is like his mini me in spirit. I favor the Mavs. However, if Shaq continues to play the way he has and if Payton and Walker can maintain their Pat Riley induced team oriented attitude and if Posey can defend, the Heat will be hard to beat. Home court will make a difference in this one because of the inexperience on both sides. Mavs in 6 their backcourt is too fast and tough. Howard will do as good as job as anybody defending and posting Wade. It will be a road victory that determines the winner. Mark Cuban keep blowing that great air, its fresh, surprisingly sensible and very entertaining...He was probably breathless.

posted by Sputnik at 08:49 AM on June 05, 2006

Who cares about 714. . .will Albert hit 80?

Write on SummersEve! Barry Bonds has never failed a drug test. Is that fact escaping everyone. I am really wondering why his accomplishments makes him so vulnerable. Cannot we not believe in greatness anymore? Ty Cobb was a butthole superior but was still a great player. Aaron is one of the greatest hitters of all time, has displayed admirable character yet he was still attacked in various ways and circles on his chase to 714. Maybe (714) is the curse of the Bambino, Baseball and America. Babe was reportedly Black also...(Ty Cobb called him the n word often) said he was passing. This whole questioning of Barry Bonds the attack on Aaron causes me to wonder if there is not something deeper here that needs our attention. Our own character as human beings and the continue denial of the racial issues that still exist in baseball and America. Bonds is playing a game period and he has proven to be the best of his era streroids are not. No one else besides Ruth has done what he has done. Some people consider hot dogs steroids have you seen the ingrediants. I would not let my kids eat them.

posted by Sputnik at 10:46 AM on May 22, 2006

On Meeting a Legend.

Great article. Birth, old age, sickness and death are the sufferings of life that every living organism and human being has to face. I met Ali once in the 90's and I have to say that he was shaking, but very much alive. And when I called him champ, he flashed a victorious smile and raised his hand. His will to live and to be a champion of the people and peace is awe inspiring. Coming face to face with our own mortality can be a wake up call to strive to be immortal. Ali's immortality is set not only because of his boxing prowess but also because of his undefeatable spirit and desire to help and inspire all people. Which is why he is out there I believe. I would hope to be so great that people would want to stand in line and shake my hand toward the end of my life. Realizing he is just a man inspires me to think and be all that I can. Death is only a breath away, which can be the impetus to inspire us to be a champion in life starting this very day.

posted by Sputnik at 05:00 PM on May 11, 2006

"I hate Kobe Bryant's rotten and derivative soul."

First, I was not the one who said he is an inside presence away, that was someone else. Okay, Buss signs the checks. An aging Shaq tell gives you an ultimatum, tells you he wants more money during a preseason game in front of all the team(great for chemistry) and fans. And you are defending him. The only player that stayed with Jordan was Pippin and Rodman. Neither of those players wanted to shoot. Jordan averaged 30+ points in every game he ever played. Phil Jackson had to make him pass to the shooting guards at least he had them and he did begrudgingly. Tim thomas hits a three pointer at the buzzer, he misses that shot Laker win 4-2. It is interesting how Kwame and Smush got better on their own, but Steve Nash made the more talented Diaw etc. better. Kobe's assist were up and would have been higher had they made shots. No one disputes Chauncey Billups. I guess you don't hate him. Yes, he mailed in the 4th quarter from Tucson as he watched his teamates settle for just making it to the playoffs. Weedy your are great, this time I did not mean to be personal (funny maybe) His greatness is already cemented. By the way, Shaq stills has to win in order for the trade to have been bad for the Lakers. By the way ask Penny Hardaway and Orlando how great a teammate Shaq was. It is easy to love the giant. I am going with the heart. Oh it was not a blown call, even Nash said he slipped(poor smush gets no credit) it was a game winning shot Kobe,Kobe,Kobe. Magic I guess he was surrounded by mediocre talent also. Hate is not good. Peace. A little too long.

posted by Sputnik at 03:02 PM on May 09, 2006

"I hate Kobe Bryant's rotten and derivative soul."

35 points a game, stalwart defender, Perennial allstar, 3 rings. MVP of the Allstar game. Carried an admittedly young and underdevelopoed Laker to team to the playoffs, no one expected that. 81 points in one game. Transformed his game in the playoffs, so that the NBA nation could have a 7 game series, Lakers a shot away from moving on and becoming only the 6th #7th seed to ever win the first round. And basketball wise he is must see TV. As a Laker fan, there are not too many trees, just too many haters. Hate clouds your judgement more than the crazy pills or the weed. Stop smokin and start thinkin, clearly that is. Or post something else when you come down. But while you are up there, ask the martians if Kobe is the best player on the planet. By the way if Shaq does not win anything other than a couple rounds in the playoffs. The Buss(not Kobe) that blew him out of town, saved those millions and spared the Laker fans the annoyance of the big Moody(Shaq) and the big injured most of the season. "I will get healed on company time because I got hurt on company time." Will be once again regarded not only as one the best and one of the winningest owners ever. But also one with tremedous savvy and vision. Yes I love Kobe the basketballer. I don't know the man, do you?

posted by Sputnik at 02:03 PM on May 09, 2006

"I hate Kobe Bryant's rotten and derivative soul."

Kobe is the best player on the planet. He has been villified by the media and haters no matter what he does. Let me just say as a baller and champion(3xs) and competitor I love him. He is the epitome of clutch. He made his players better or did Nash(0-9 games decided by 3 pts or less) make Kwame and the Lakers better too. Give it a break his character is being judged on lies and inuendo(media). Watch the player, the winner, the kid developing into a man. Actually better than Jordan at this stage. That is why you miss him. Because he is the real deal. No hype or marketing. My question ? Who is the next Kobe? Finally, based upon team play and leadership criteria. Let's give that MVP to Chauncey Billups,a great floor general, clutch, can play defense and leads the best TEAM in the NBA. Now we are talking basketball.

posted by Sputnik at 12:41 PM on May 09, 2006

Your 2006 NBA MVP is?

Let's see Smush Parker, kwame Brown, Chris Mims, Lamar Odom, Luke Walton, Brian Cooke. I can't imagine any of the other MVP candidates making these players better and leading them to the playoffs. Kobe is not only the best player in the NBA, he is the most valuable player on a winning team. No disrespect to the others.. What has Shaq won without Kobe? The only contender is Billups who leads the best team in the NBA, he's clutch and whenever he say's boo, Nash becomes ghost just like the others and he exerts his will on the team and game. Cleveland is 4th or so in the East, the lakers 7th in the West. All Kobe has is Odom who is playing his best ball ever after 3/4 of a season with Bryant, he's looking Scottie Pipinish. Remember Nash left his buddies in Dallas and they are winning (more) with Jason Terry. Let's give the GM's and coaches in Phoenix,Dallas,Detroit, and Cleveland(?) the credit they deserve and Kobe Bryant the MVP...

posted by Sputnik at 05:40 AM on April 13, 2006

Back to Basketball... who's the MVP?

Kobe has not only led a group of players who would not start anywhere else in the NBA to the playoffs while giving Lamar the attention and space he needed to play to his potential. He has done whatever has needed to be done to make his team a winner. Lead the league in scoring, interviews, booing, more skills than anyone, defensive stalwart, breaking records regularly and finally let's not forget that he brought clutch back to the Lakers, no Kobe no rings. He's paid his dues...

posted by Sputnik at 11:17 AM on April 12, 2006

The Boss has a heart!

Champions are ones who possess great hearts. This act could be indicative of why and how Steinbrenner keeps winning. The money is big, ultimately it is the heart that makes a consistent winner.

posted by Sputnik at 12:18 PM on February 14, 2006