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This seems really strange: All the links to comments for the June 14 posts lead to thread 3306 (the last one for the day). Is it just me? Is this the new cruelty?

posted by deadcowdan to bugs at 06:57 AM on June 15, 2004 - 15 comments

Could this be the year?: The best record in all of Major League Baseball belongs to the Housecats. Meow. Not many gave them much chance this year. Is it the magic touch of Ivan Rodriguez? What's gonna happen when they play a good team? (At posting time, they are behind 3-0 in the 6th to Minn.)

posted by deadcowdan to baseball at 01:32 PM on April 08, 2004 - 19 comments

FIFA head calls foul over international scouting and recruiting. : Sepp Blatter condemns as "neo-colonialist" the habit of rich Euro clubs going to developing countries and recuiting their most promising players. Is this indeed a problem? If so, shouldn't FIFA be the organization doing something about it, instead of blaming the for-profit clubs? And if he's right, what about US hockey's, baseball's and basketball's similar behavior? Original opinion piece in the Financial Times (, if you have access.

posted by deadcowdan to soccer at 09:18 AM on December 17, 2003 - 9 comments

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Lions Stun Bears With Record 4th Quarter

It was a good game. I was just waiting for the Lions to come up with a way to self-immolate, but they were unable to pull it off. They're not looking bad on offense, but judging by the game yesterday, they really need to get their act together on defense and special teams. Too many stupid penalties, including the inexcusable one at the end (which didn't really affect anything)—offsides on the kickoff. They've really got to work on that.

posted by deadcowdan at 08:48 AM on October 01, 2007

MLB Suspends Umpire Winters for Remainder of Season

""He wanted to get Milton boiling for some reason. Milton, he held his cool." If that's him holding his cool, I'd sure hate to see him flip out.

posted by deadcowdan at 09:04 PM on September 26, 2007

When franchises go bad.

Yeah, I can't see how the Raiders made this list and the Lions did not. The Lions have won a total of 1 playoff game during my lifetime (39 years). They are 55-105 for the last ten seasons. Their total club record is 479-540. The last time they had something resembling resounding success was in 1957, when they won the NFL championship. Very few pro sports teams can even come close to this record of futility.

posted by deadcowdan at 05:02 PM on January 19, 2007

Beaver Falls Student Humiliated By Teacher

NoMich, check this out.

posted by deadcowdan at 05:50 PM on January 24, 2006

Takanohana vs. Wakanohana: This Time It's Personal

Today's Japan, that ran basho highlights each night. I'd kill to watch these matches There is nothing like watching this stuff live (the highlights just don't give you the sense of tension and drama generated by the pre-bout ceremony, which gets longer and longer as the rank of the sumotori gets higher and higher).

posted by deadcowdan at 01:54 PM on June 20, 2005

Takanohana vs. Wakanohana: This Time It's Personal

Yeah, this may not look like much to Americans, who are after all regularly treated to public feuds like Kobe/Shaq and Russell Crowe/Rest of World, but this is pretty unusual in sumo. But then, the two of them seemed more tabloid-prone than the average sumotori. And in any case, these two pale in contrast to my man Chiyonofuji . And I would pay good money to see Eli and Peyton get into a slapfest over Archie's body. Couldn't happen to a nicer family.

posted by deadcowdan at 08:20 AM on June 20, 2005

Ginobili Metio 27 Puntos y Los Spurs Aplastaron a Los Pistons

Just how far back from the basket do you have to be to make a 22-point shot????

posted by deadcowdan at 07:51 AM on June 13, 2005

Let's Examine Our Members

I'd say that just using a delay between signup and being able to post would take care of the most egregious cases. Those who want to pop in, create a quickie account and type "YANKKEEE HATRZ SUX LOLOL!!!!!" in a thread would probably not bother if they had to wait a week, or even a day, before posting. Hell, they probably wouldn't remember they had signed up by the time they were able to post. We would still see the occasional new member whose written skills were less than one might wish for, but most likely the new member would be at least trying to contribute. Most of the problem posters are, at least in my experience, are just stopping in for a moment to throw a crap-bomb, and then moving on.

posted by deadcowdan at 09:52 AM on April 18, 2005


Disclaimer: I do not follow baseball very closely, I definitely don't follow individual players' stats, and I have no opinion on Mr. Bonds' worthiness as MVP, so you can disregard what I'm saying here (which I'm sure you're going to do anyway). That said, this award is inherently subjective. Most Valuable Player: how do you define that? If it were simply stats, we wouldn't need voters to begin with, we could just set up some complicated equation to make the determination. But of course, that's inherently subjective as well, as those who follow the BCS could tell you. Those who set it up must make determinations as to what stats to use and how much weight to give to them. Most Valuable Player, to me, would be influenced, but hardly determined, by numbers. It wouldn't be surprising to me that those who voted someone other than Bonds did so because they consider his intangibles (leadership, ability to fire up teammates) to be lacking, and also because he's got this steroids thing hanging over his head. You can disagree with their conclusions, but saying their voting privileges should be yanked is unwarranted. Or perhaps you want a system that removes the votes and goes solely on stats? How would you set that up?

posted by deadcowdan at 09:38 AM on November 16, 2004

$36.7 million a day

$36.7 million??? That's all? I dare say that employers lose more productivity to employees using the restroom during working hours, and just try and stop that. Go ahead. I dare you.

posted by deadcowdan at 09:00 AM on September 22, 2004


When Kobe *leads* a team to a few championships, yeah, I think this is the biggest difference between Mr. Jordan and Mr. Bryant. In all the series that the Bulls won during the '90s, when things were not going the Bulls' way, Jordan just Took Over. He in effect grabbed his team by the scruff of the neck, and said, "This is how you do it, boys." (Allen Iverson tries to do this as well, but it doesn't work quite the same way.) It didn't always result in a victory, but if it didn't, it was hard to blame him. Kobe is obviously a good ball player, but he's done little to show me that he can move up from the Club of Really Good Players into the Pantheon of Greatness. I suppose it could be because the Lakers have long had other outstanding players who would resent any overt grab by Kobe of the "leader" mantle, but his lack of ability to fire up his teammates, and his regularly questionable decisions on the floor, lead me to believe that he will never dominate a team (let alone the league) the way Jordan did. That said, a big and heartfelt "yay!" to the Pistons. This is the definitive group of overachievers, who showed the country some of the best team play I have ever seen.

posted by deadcowdan at 10:17 AM on June 16, 2004

This seems to be true of the other days on the front page as well - all links to threads for the day point to the same one, the last one for the day.

posted by deadcowdan at 07:00 AM on June 15, 2004

This from a boxing non-fan: Why would you consider being left-handed an unfair advantage? Shouldn't a well-trained boxer be able to deal with lefties as easily as righties?

posted by deadcowdan at 09:31 AM on May 17, 2004

You may commence looking for another reason to crawl up my ass. Knock yourself out, Jeff. Let me know if you find any corn. Game, set and match to rcade. Last post. Thought about trying to "crawl up your ass," but I couldn't get around the stick. I'm sorry, sir, but the match is over. Perhaps at the next tournament?

posted by deadcowdan at 09:21 PM on April 26, 2004

I'm seriously creeped out, because just yesterday my mind was wandering as it often does, and out of nowhere the thought "I wonder how that guy from the Cards who enlisted in the army is doing" came to me. At the time of his enlistment, he seemed a little out there to me, but he obviously put his money where his mouth was, and props to him for that. I feel for his family. I just hope the Cards don't cynically turn this into a jingoistic circus. I don't know the Cards organization, but I hope they handle this with more dignity than is often the case when patriotism and sports intersect.

posted by deadcowdan at 11:11 AM on April 23, 2004