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April 08, 2004

Could this be the year?: The best record in all of Major League Baseball belongs to the Housecats. Meow. Not many gave them much chance this year. Is it the magic touch of Ivan Rodriguez? What's gonna happen when they play a good team? (At posting time, they are behind 3-0 in the 6th to Minn.)

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December 17, 2003

FIFA head calls foul over international scouting and recruiting. : Sepp Blatter condemns as "neo-colonialist" the habit of rich Euro clubs going to developing countries and recuiting their most promising players. Is this indeed a problem? If so, shouldn't FIFA be the organization doing something about it, instead of blaming the for-profit clubs? And if he's right, what about US hockey's, baseball's and basketball's similar behavior? Original opinion piece in the Financial Times (, if you have access.

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