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A Rod's sloppy defense hurting Yankees

As a Yanks fan, the bottom line that everyone is over looking is that Arod is a head case. Told the entire public during spring training that he is in therapy. His wife is a shrink. The guys got issues. He will come out of thsis slump and will carry us the rest of the way, but to assume moving him from 3rd and DH is pathetic guys. Got forbid move him to short. Thats Jeters turf, and AROD does not diserve to play short. He can handle third just fine. He is the most gifted player in the game and stays healthy every season. He will always have Arod type numbers at the end of the season but it means nothing when he cant come through on a consistent basis in clutch situations. He had one great playoff series against the Twins for the Yanks but then shit the bed in the 4 game come back by the BoSox and shit the bed last year against the Angels. Everyone played poorly but as the so called best player in the league, it just does not cut it, especially in New York. Arod said he only came to New York to win a World Series. "No Shit Arod. join the club". This guy only cares about himself. If you read any Yanks article it is always about him. He talks and talks and talks. Notice every comment Jeter makes to reporters is usually one sentence. Same as Posada, Bernie, and Mo. Those guys are winners and there is a reason. They go out there and play. They hit, they field, they compete. The problem is that AROD wants what Jeter has so bad that he cant handle it. AROD could not hold Jeters jock strap. 4 world series, World Series MVP in 1999, two last straight Gold Gloves in 04 and 05. Plays in the field that will go down in history,(Oakland relay to home, catch in the stands that AROD could not get to) Clutch HR's in the World series in extra innings. Jeter is the man in New York, period. AROD will never compare in the minds of the fans. Jeter goes down as one of the greatest Yankees to every put on the pinstripes. AROD could go down as the same over the next 8 seasons in NY if he delivers a World Series as well as break Hank Aarons HR record if he stays healthy. The guy is as talented and capable as it gets. It is all mental.

posted by Eddie66 at 01:06 PM on July 24, 2006

NHL 2006 Trade Deadline 3PM Thursday

The Rangers are going the distance just as long as Henrik stays sharp and Jagr keeps lighting the lamp

posted by Eddie66 at 09:03 AM on March 08, 2006

Timing of Wiretap Backs Gretzky

Honestly, even if Wayne bet on Football who cares...he is Wayner. He should be able to bet on coyotes game for crying out loud. He is hockey. And besides, we are talking about Football, if you don't bet on it, it is not exciting enough to watch.

posted by Eddie66 at 04:45 PM on February 13, 2006

Mike Tyson not suitable for NHL hockey

I don't think it made any sense to make a big deal out of it. I bet if he had a picture of Mike Tyson and Piston Honda from Nintendo Punch Out no one would say anything negative.

posted by Eddie66 at 08:25 AM on February 01, 2006