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SI's MLB Fan Value Index.

The only appeal to going to any ball park is a winning team!

posted by INOALOSER at 07:38 PM on September 13, 2006

Red Sox 3B Lowell on Fidel Castro: "I hope he does die."

Mike Lowell is batting .235 for the last 30 days, and .125 for August (I know only 2 days). Did Castro have anything to do with that! Let's play some baseball.

posted by INOALOSER at 01:42 PM on August 03, 2006

Did Roger Clemens deserve a trade back to the Red Sox?

If the feeling is that certain players "deserve" to be traded to certain teams, than wouldn't it follow that Pedro Martinez deserves to be traded to Tampa Bay? He could then look at Don Zimmer every day!

posted by INOALOSER at 04:45 PM on August 01, 2006

But Does He Pitch or Catch?

Let's see, a columnist writes a column disagreeing with a comment that Guillen made. Another reporter asks Guillen his opinion of that column getting the exact reaction he wanted so that he could write a column. Everyone got what they wanted and now we're complaining about it. Barrett's suspension is over the first game of the White Sox series with the Cubs. There will be plenty more comments where that one came from!

posted by INOALOSER at 11:22 AM on June 22, 2006

But Does He Pitch or Catch?

Does anybody read Marrioti? Maybe you would form a different opinion.

posted by INOALOSER at 08:06 AM on June 22, 2006

When Ozzie tells you to plunk, you plunk...or get plunked

I just checked MLB stats, if I read it correctly, the most at bats by any National League pitcher so far is 38. There are a whole bunch of pitchers that have been in a number of games and as of yet have not been to the plate.

posted by INOALOSER at 08:06 PM on June 15, 2006

When Ozzie tells you to plunk, you plunk...or get plunked

redsoxgray, I don't know if that would be true. You would have to know how many pitchers actually were hit by pitches this season.

posted by INOALOSER at 07:55 PM on June 15, 2006

When Ozzie tells you to plunk, you plunk...or get plunked

If the top 6 of the top 10 are National League teams, doesn't that mean that the pitcher batting doesn't prevent being thrown at?

posted by INOALOSER at 05:38 PM on June 15, 2006

Lawyer said Grimsley was asked to wear wire in Bonds' probe

Selig must go!! Has anyone seen him lately?

posted by INOALOSER at 01:11 PM on June 09, 2006

Hey fake fans: Make like Damon and leave

You don't have to pass a test to get in, you only need to have a ticket. You don't have to like who your sitting next to. Everyone has different reasons for being at a particular game. In the end its just entertainment!

posted by INOALOSER at 02:50 PM on June 02, 2006

Barry Bonds to get an Asterisk in Record Book *

The article is stupid and bad satire. As long as anyone plays or is allowed to play baseball, that is their record. If we put footnotes on every player we dislike or like, the record book would be full of asterisks. Just play ball!!

posted by INOALOSER at 11:15 AM on May 25, 2006

White Sox and Cubs brawl.

timdawg, I heard that the World Series is going to be played by the two teams with the highest attendance from now on! Maybe the Cubs marketing department can find you 23 more worthy players by then.

posted by INOALOSER at 02:41 PM on May 22, 2006

White Sox and Cubs brawl.

In the past couple of weeks Barret has tried to pick a fight with half of the league. Too bad he didn't show any of that fight when the Cubs were recently in San Francisco!

posted by INOALOSER at 07:45 AM on May 21, 2006

Garner, Springer suspended for "beaning" Bonds

Its always a matter of who gets hit and who throws the pitch. If Clemens or Shilling hit Bonds everyone would be talking about how a pitcher has to throw inside to be successful, and that's why those two are so great! Let Bonds take off his armor and then maybe we could really see how brave he really is!

posted by INOALOSER at 05:34 PM on May 19, 2006

Lackey, Kendall ejected as A's brawl past Angels

"malice aforethought", believe me, I am impressed!

posted by INOALOSER at 03:26 PM on May 05, 2006