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Hawk attacks 13-year-old at Fenway Park

I saw the heron at Lincoln Financial Field in Phillie when he got Koy Detmer.

posted by 1959Giants at 04:09 PM on April 04, 2008

Sampras defeats Federer in straight sets.

I didn't see the matches as some of you have but I'm willing to bet you'd see a much different result if Federer could meet Sampras in the next 4 Grand Slams. Roger had to be holding back a bit in the interest of an exhibition series with a revered former player. When Federer wins the French - and a Grand Slam with it - we can talk about him over Laver. Did Laver ever have to play such a dominant clay courter as Nadal at the French?

posted by 1959Giants at 11:07 AM on November 26, 2007

The Vick Indictment

Thanks for starting this post as a workaround to the administrator closing the last Vick thread. I was getting tired of scrolling all the way through that one anyway. Bishop, why don't you get the jump on this one and tell us that this whole Vick thing is just another example of persecution of innocent blsck men?

posted by 1959Giants at 04:23 PM on July 18, 2007

Poll: Rooting for Bonds Divided by Race

It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. I seriously doubt that. People will naturally align along any differentiating features that are readily discernible, i.e., race, gender, etc.. No surprise there, it's called human nature, has always existed and always will.

posted by 1959Giants at 07:55 AM on July 17, 2007

Muscle-rub blamed for athlete's death

Corporate lawyers usually insist on adequate warnings on products that often result in ridicule for all the "may cause ...." scenarios that they cover. This results in a general lack of credibility by the public and they disregard the warnings. A fundamental tenet of toxicology is that everything is lethal at some dose (including water) or "the dose makes the poison". The specific chemical, the route of exposure and length of exposure all factor into this and product warnings usually are conservative when taking this into account. Very unfortunate for the victim in this case but the only general lesson I can see from this is the time-worn (yet true) expression, "everything in moderation".

posted by 1959Giants at 04:39 PM on June 12, 2007

Why Cyclists Really Shave Their Legs

I'm suspicious that MGDADDYO might have been sitting on the bike backwards to get his left testicle caught in the rear derailer which is on the right side of the bike. EVERYBODY knows you shouldn't ride backwards, it requires shaving your back. Which is hard to reach.

posted by 1959Giants at 04:06 PM on May 19, 2007

Dale Jr. docked 100 points and his crew chief suspended six races

Well said TBH. The trend seems to be for open wheel racers wanting to come to NASCAR, and they often struggle to succeed when they do, not the other way around. But they seem to be OK with trying to keep up with all those rednecks that don't understand what real racing is all about.

posted by 1959Giants at 05:08 PM on May 16, 2007

Ravens quarterback Steve McNair charged in DUI case

If they let Steve get away with this, what will he do next - jaywalk? C'mon and be serious, on the scale of crimes committed by professional athletes, I gotta put this one at the very low end of the scale. Much bigger fish to fry out there.

posted by 1959Giants at 08:13 PM on May 11, 2007

The Advanced Tennis Reasearch Project

Since hybrid playing surfaces are being discussed around here, I would love to see something set up wherein Federer hit tennis balls in the direction of a catcher and major league hitters would have to try to hit them. I bet Federer would shut down a lot of big leaguers. If the proposal allows use of the service box as the strike zone, the 130 - 150 mph fastballs are hard for tennis pros to hit with a tennis racket, let alone a baseball bat. And with current technology they don't need an ump guessing if they were strikes or balls.

posted by 1959Giants at 01:19 PM on May 03, 2007

Federer and Nadal to go toe-to-toe

I'd like to have them play a match on grass, rest a day, and then play a match on clay. Highest total games wins. Wait a minute, they did that last year at the French Open and Wimbledon. Both went 4 sets and Federer won the overall by 42 - 36. I'll take Federer in Holden's tri-set proposal also. He's not #1 in the world by such a large margin by accident.

posted by 1959Giants at 11:52 AM on May 03, 2007

Federer and Nadal to go toe-to-toe

In spite of the results of this match, I think Federer has a better chance of winning the French Open (albeit a slight chance) than Nadal has of winning Wimbledon.

posted by 1959Giants at 09:06 PM on May 02, 2007

Federer and Nadal to go toe-to-toe

A novelty that will prove no more than having Billie Jean King play Bobby Riggs.

posted by 1959Giants at 11:34 AM on May 02, 2007

Study shows racial bias by NBA referees

Perhaps there is a bias against white players if, in fact, black players are committing 10% more fouls and they are only being called 2.5 - 4.5% of the time. Not unreasonable to consider that players from urban America could have a more aggressive playing style than European or South American whites. How does the study account for this possibility? And on and on and on....

posted by 1959Giants at 11:32 AM on May 02, 2007

New car no fun for most drivers.

I say let's give the COT a chance to work out the bugs. The same teams whining about the COT also whined about aero push ruining racing which help lead to the COT. I guess whining is an integral part of the sport.

posted by 1959Giants at 08:01 PM on April 29, 2007

NASCAR facing uncertain future as it searches for its identity

I don't know exactly when NASCAR transitioned from racing real stock cars of Chevy, Ford, Dodge, etc. but I do know that the cars they have been racing since the 90's have as many parts in common with your Chevy, Ford, or Dodge as your lawnmower does so it's a bit of a joke to associate with a make/model of car. They just put up money to stick their name on the car like the sponsors do. NASCAR wants to do whatever it can to keep the races close (including "debris on the track" yellow flags with 20 laps to go) for fan interest and those all-important sponsorship $$$. So enjoy it for what it is and if you want to see the good old fashioned racing, there's always your local Saturday night track.

posted by 1959Giants at 07:48 PM on April 16, 2007