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Detroit Tigers Reach World You-Can't-Be-Serious

Speaking of placing bets, my money is on the Texas Rangers winnig it all next year. Think about it: New york Yankees- fire Buck Showalter- win WS next season Arizona Diamondbacks-fire Buck Showalter- win WS next season Texas Rangers- fire Buck Showalter- anyone see a pattern?

posted by SoonerLes at 10:59 PM on October 15, 2006

Bomar gone at OU

Bomar was really going places. Over last season he really got comfortable and started putting points on the board. Oklahoma was a pre-season favorite, but Bomar put an end to that. He knew he was doing wrong but word is he was a cocky bastard and I guess he didn't think he would get in trouble. Now he has OU under a microscope and it doesn't look like he is going to play football anywhere this year, maybe ever. I hope he doesn't play ever again. He's just a big stupid dumbass. I hope he's good at selling cars because that seems to be the best thing he does, since he's not slingin a football anymore. Anyways, although Thompson had a tough time with TCU last year I think he will be much better this go round. He finally has a full year of playing under his belt, even if it was at receiver. He knows the program well, he just needs to find his groove. With a team like they have this year he won't have trouble posting wins this season. But an early game with Oregon, in Eugene, will test him quick. If he can wrap that up with a W the only other game that should affect them is the Texas game. A W there and Oklahoma is in a BCS bowl game. I still think they have a pretty good shot at their eighth title if Thompson can get comfortable taking snaps.

posted by SoonerLes at 12:09 AM on August 04, 2006

Mad About Ricky

If Ricky can't stay off the weed, those goofy canucks may get to keep him for a while. Do the Argos institute a drug test? I mean, what happens when he can't stay off the weed there? Millions of dollars a year in the NFL and he can't kick the habit? I just don't get Ricky Williams. Another thing that baffles me, betting on a sport will get you a lifetime ban but drug use won't end your career. Look at Darryl Strawberry. Played for years and probably doesn't remember any of it. And, Since Barry Bonds found his way in this one, am I the only one that thinks Bonds is hurting his team. If he doesn't hit a homer he just jogs to first, he takes to many pitches, pitches that can be turned into hits, and he isn't available to play every day. There are plenty of players in the giants farm system that could outplay Barry, and be more consistent. Bonds just needs to quit now. He isn't going to get better. He is hurting the team and I'm surprised he has played as much as he has.

posted by SoonerLes at 04:17 AM on May 31, 2006

Clemens to Astros?

I'd like to see the Rocket take the mound for the Rangers. A very talented lineup, they need a leader on the mound. The Ranger's front office just doesn't try to aquire GOOD pitchers. They hoped Milwood would help but he can't seem to keep the ball in the park. The Rangers are the only team I have ever seen that can score 10 runs in a game and still come up with a loss. They have great run support but no pitching. If Randy Johnson and Curt Shilling can single handedly win a World Series with Arizona, I think Clemens can take the Rangers to the playoffs. The Rangers need talent on the mound and I'm surprised they haven't pursued him more than they have. He would still be in Texas and the Rangers have had good seasons this year and last. They just need someone to give them that push late in the season. Clemens would be a great addition to the Rangers.

posted by SoonerLes at 03:52 AM on May 31, 2006

Barry Bonds to get an Asterisk in Record Book *

Roger Maris, Hank Aaron and the Babe all excelled because of raw talent. Steroids or growth hormones or whatever else these jockstraps are using these days weren't even thought of at the time. Barry Bonds has used steroids. His numbers should not even be in record books, but I guess every record set since the 80's probably has a trace of steroid use in it. Another thing, all though I despise Bud Selig, all the blame for the steroid problem in baseball can't totally lye with him. I first heard about steroid use in baseball in the late 80's. What about the commisioners then? Peter Ueberoth (84-88), Bart Giamatti (88-89) and Francis Vincent (89-92) all steered baseball in the direction its going today. Instead of trying to solve the steroid issue they were busy banning Pete Rose for placig a few bets, and making sure the ban stayed intact. But good ol' Mr. Selig decides to tell everyone that he wasn't aware of steroid use in the sport. We need to get a commisioner that doesn't have his head up his ass, and institute mandatory drug testing. Millions of Americans are required to go through one or more random drug tests because of their jobs. Despite the fact that the players union doesn't like a mandatory drug screening, I think it should be required for all sports. Public schools require you pass one, as does the NCAA. Pro athletes should think of it as part of the job and I think if Pete Rose can be banned for life for betting I think any player found to have used steroids or any of the other banned substances should damn sure be banned for life. They need to ease up on Rose and crack down on the real problem. Until then baseball will remain shrouded in controversy.

posted by SoonerLes at 05:54 AM on May 27, 2006

Records may fall, but the Babe endures

Barry Bonds isn't even a pimple on Babe Ruth's ass. The Babe revolutionized the game and his legacy will live forever. Bonds' legacy will always be shrouded by the steroid problem. Simply put, he is a cheater. He shouldn't be praised for his accomplishments, even if he hits a 1,000 home runs. He needs to take his whiney ass home and never step foot in a major league park again. Babe Ruth will always be remembered for his tremendous bat, no matter how many players pass his 714 homer mark. Hank Aaron broke the record never hitting 50 or more homeruns in a season. He did it with talent, not roids. Cheaters never win and Bonds will never recieve the support he thinks he deserves.

posted by SoonerLes at 04:30 PM on May 06, 2006

Royals fan sells loyalty on eBay

I've been a 49ers fan for about 20 years. We've had our highs of course. The 80's were great for all us 9er fans. ('81, '84, '88 and '89) The 90's saw one championship ('94) but the new millenium has been cruel to this once great dynasty. Just like to say thanks to Denise DeBartolo for running the team in the ground. I'll always be pulling for them but I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that we're gonna have a top five pick in the draft from now on.

posted by SoonerLes at 10:50 AM on May 05, 2006