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Key to Hockey Goalie Success Discovered

if scientists say that you only need to look at certain spots then let one of the scientisits that came up with this thorey or whatever you want to call it get into goalie pads and get in net during a nhl game and see how good they can do

posted by ShaunWhite2791 at 02:35 PM on October 29, 2006

Penguins sold, but still don't know whether to pack bags

I hope the new arena is built because I love the penguins even thogh they arent that good but i still injoy watching them and going to there games

posted by ShaunWhite2791 at 01:52 PM on July 29, 2006

Great hockey, yes, but is anyone watching?

I Have never even heard of OLN..........So what Dies That show about the leauge..............

posted by ShaunWhite2791 at 02:12 PM on May 23, 2006

Vinatieri Signs with the Colts

I think that was a stupid move by both teams..........vanderjagt is he not 1 of the most accurate kickers in the game if not the best.........then vinatieri......the pats would not have won those superbowls with out him and if they get in that situation again this coming year maybe not in the superbowl but mayb the afc champ. game and they miss a 46-yard fg that if they made they would have won there going to be pissed that they got ride of him

posted by ShaunWhite2791 at 08:47 PM on March 21, 2006

'I Won't Retire Until I've Tarnished Every Record In The Book'

I don't like bonds but even if he did use roids that doesnt imporve on him being a contact hitter.......yea it helps him with the power but if he didnt have contact he would never be where he is at now.......if he breaks the record for the most Home runs then he will have the record in the books using roids or not using roids........

posted by ShaunWhite2791 at 08:45 PM on March 04, 2006