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Covering the Bases After a Player's Death

you'd think their work product generated billions of dollars of revenue or something! WORK? Give me a break. These a$$holes wouldn't know work if it hit them in the nuts. $166,250 a year pension for how many years of putzing around playing a game a few months a year? How would these dirt bags like to have worked for 37 years at a real job only to have the company fold? Screw ALL these overpaid athletes.

posted by joromu at 08:25 PM on October 13, 2006

Football fans accused of hanging sheep from goalpost

South Sevier football coach Travis McAllister said the sheep slaying fired up his players. "It's part of the rivalry," the coach said. "It gives our kids an incentive to play harder." McAllister admitted to a few chuckles upon hearing about the prank. Maybe this ''coach'' would have a few more chuckles if it were one of his kids strung up there.

posted by joromu at 08:00 PM on October 13, 2006

Football fans accused of hanging sheep from goalpost

"The sheep came from a farm north of Richfield, Mason said, and was killed in a field there. The teenagers did not have permission to be on the farm or to take the sheep." Too bad the farmer didn't catch them and put a couple of shotgun blasts in them. Then mommmy and daddy could defend their little a$$holes.

posted by joromu at 07:53 PM on October 13, 2006

Canes ship stud D-man prospect Jack Johnson to the Kings.

he was told outright (by the kid himself or his father) that Jack Johnson would never play for the Canes. Tell him McDonald's is hiring. At least it's a REAL job.

posted by joromu at 08:44 PM on September 30, 2006

ESPN Puts Sports Reporter on Waivers

He cashed those checks for years, a better offer came a long, and he took it. Why not? Athletes do it all the time.

posted by joromu at 07:54 PM on September 26, 2006

IOC Shuffles 2008 Competition Schedule to Suit NBC

Olympics or not, the bottom line is $$$$. These dorks would sell their mother and kids if the price was right. It's that mentality that the American public has to be catered to that has a large part of the world resenting the US. When the networks pour billions of $$ into something they control it on all levels.

posted by joromu at 12:17 PM on September 26, 2006

NFL Fans, Your Silence is Appreciated

Play the games in a domed studio with only the TV technicians in attendance. Broadcast the TV games with no audio. Should work great on radio broadcasts.

posted by joromu at 07:52 PM on September 24, 2006

What now?

New York fans are the most passionate sports fans in the world. It's painfully obvious that you haven't heard about the moronic European soccer fans.

posted by joromu at 07:42 PM on September 24, 2006

The Curse of the Orlando Magic

Injuries have kept Hill out of 73 percent of the team's games. If this guy was in the real world do you think he could miss 73% of his working obligation and still be paid $93 for 7 years? Get a job, Grant.

posted by joromu at 10:22 AM on September 23, 2006

Orioles Fans Walk Out In Protest:

Peter Angelos is an ass. That might very well be. But he is a very rich ass supported by the working stiffs who pay inflated prices to see a losing team.

posted by joromu at 10:17 AM on September 23, 2006

A-Rod Agonistes

I will admit this story is a bit more interesting than the other 2.5 billion written about him this year by reporters suffering from a severe lack of imagination and creativity A lack of creativity and imagination is a prerequisite for being a reporter.

posted by joromu at 07:10 PM on September 20, 2006

The Worst Hockey Logos of All Time

Relax people. The changing of logos is strictly for marketing. People just HAVE to have that new logo. Expect to see a change from time to time. It brings in the $$$. They should change some of the team names starting with the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, Carolina Hurricanes, Columbus Bluejackets, etc.

posted by joromu at 07:31 PM on September 19, 2006

Pac-10 suspends officials for 1 game

Maybe when a player screws up royaly with a stupid play they should be suspended. Would help prevent point shaving and beating the point spread. If the call went Oklahoma's way they would be glad to take it. Stop the whining and play the game.

posted by joromu at 07:25 PM on September 19, 2006

NHL Sticks: Now With 50% More Curve!

They should make the goal the same dimensions as a soccer goal, and remove the goalie during shootouts.

posted by joromu at 07:37 PM on September 15, 2006

Device Captures Physics of Rodeo Bulls.

I ALWAYS root for the bull. The riders have all the protection, flak jackets, helmets, face masks, clowns and whatever is done to the bulls BEFORE the rider gets on. It should be banned. What a joke. LMFAO

posted by joromu at 04:28 PM on September 05, 2006

Marbury vs. Madison Avenue

Jordan's complete lack of social awareness about the impact of selling ridiculously priced sneakers has always pissed me off. I find it ironic that Jordan, a black man, has made millions of dollars hawking products made by slaves.

posted by joromu at 08:51 PM on September 02, 2006

Weekend warriors to play forever?

Saving this blood to use for the child who donated it is fine. As far as an athlete is concerned, if they are injured and cannot play, they should get a job.

posted by joromu at 09:24 AM on August 31, 2006

Time to restore 61 as the gold standard in baseball

Even more impressive was his ability to take advantage of Yankee Stadium's 295-ft. right field line while swinging a 42-ounce bat. All baseball parks should have the same outfield dimensions as other sports have the same dimensions of the entire playing surface.

posted by joromu at 09:27 AM on August 29, 2006

Dallas Teams Offer Fabulous Parting Gifts

"When I signed the contract, I pictured myself going down there and winning the Stanley Cup," said former Stars winger Bill Guerin, who will be paid $4.4 million after a buyout this summer. "When you compare that feeling to this one [being bought out], you feel horrible." Then DON'T take the money, Billy boy.

posted by joromu at 02:58 PM on August 28, 2006

Excerpt from Chad: I Can't Be Stopped.

Sounds like just lot of hype to sell the book and himself. Remember, sports is part of the entertainment industry and these entertainers need publicity to be known by the public. They all want to be known, somehow.

posted by joromu at 02:53 PM on August 28, 2006

Hockey history

Cats and dudes? Cool, mo fo.

posted by joromu at 01:17 PM on August 25, 2006

Community Service Artest Style

Artest=typical overpaid bozo. All that money and NO JOB. It was my broken home, it was because I make too much money, it was blah, blah, blah. PO ME.

posted by joromu at 09:10 PM on August 17, 2006

It's never too arly to teach them...

Aren't sports a great way to bring up our young people? Give athletes a pat on the rear end no matter how horrendous the crime. If I were the parents of those innocent victims these douche bags would not have a day's peace for the rest of their lives. All you bleeding hearts would be singing a different tune if your children were the victims.

posted by joromu at 09:04 PM on August 17, 2006

New Cardinal Field Tagged Latest "Wonder of the World"

Now all they need is a team.

posted by joromu at 04:03 PM on August 17, 2006

Vikings' Robinson Arrested; Season May Be In Jeopardy

I'll bet all you bleeding hearts who feel sorry for this looser and say he deserves another chance and all of you who fall for the garbage that alcoholism is a ''disease'' would be singing a different tune if you lost someone to a drunk. Alcoholism is brought on by a weak person who cannot control his behavior, someone who cannot face reality. Disease MY A$$. With these athletes it's always the same story, it is the pressure, etc. They should try working their a$$e$ off at 2 or 3 jobs and still have a struggle. This a$$hole should be kicked to the curb.

posted by joromu at 03:50 PM on August 17, 2006

Evander Holyfield

These clowns make the WWE look legitimate.

posted by joromu at 01:43 PM on August 12, 2006

BetOnSports Bettors Seek Return of Money

Ah due declah, they is some reel dum a$$e$ on dis heah cite. Lern howe to spel an punctu eight, pleeze.

posted by joromu at 10:27 AM on August 11, 2006

Little League controversy

Little League, I thought they said Pony League. Either way, that manager showed a brilliant mind for the game and should be voted Manager of the Year and probably will be hearing from the majors any day now. Maybe if this kid did came through and brought in the runner the manager should be fired.

posted by joromu at 10:11 AM on August 11, 2006

NCAA to warn then penalize schools for academic failures

STUDENT ahtletes? LMAO These bozos are there to be developed for the pros. College sports are a developmental league for the pros. A student (LMAO) athlete is doing good if he can sign his name with a capital X.

posted by joromu at 10:47 AM on August 07, 2006

Most influential players in NBA History

Don't forget the magnificent Isaiah Thomas. PURE GENIUS!!! Look what he did for the Knicks.

posted by joromu at 10:49 AM on August 03, 2006

Red Sox 3B Lowell on Fidel Castro: "I hope he does die."

The Cubans in Florida can give all the chin music they want but if they feel that strongly about it why don't they go and unseat Castro? There are sure enough of them in Florida. Let the rich ones finance the operation and maybe Lowell can donate some of his millions to the cause. When Cuba is free again they can move back to their homeland. Only then will south Florida be given back the the US.

posted by joromu at 10:41 AM on August 03, 2006

The Fortuanate 50

Imagine, making all this money without a job.

posted by joromu at 02:09 PM on July 29, 2006

Tour de Fake?

I'm just glad that we don't hear anything about dope in football, basketball, baseball, etc. Maybe these cyclists should look up to these clean living fellas.

posted by joromu at 12:48 PM on July 27, 2006

Commentary on Zidane's gesture by Dany Laferrière

Hey psmealey, you want to see some spontaneous man-to-man, woman-to-woman or child-to-child violent ouburst, come to the South Bronx, Fort Apache, etc. You'll see the REAL violent outburst. See how much you ENJOY that.

posted by joromu at 01:34 PM on July 21, 2006

Mr. Congeniality, Shea Hillenbrand

They should send Hillenbrand's, and other athletes like him, sorry ass out into the real world and have him get a job. He would coming crawling back to play his little game after putting in a 50, 60 hour week at a real job.

posted by joromu at 09:52 AM on July 20, 2006

Her Pride Was Really Hurt

We are on the brink of World War III and the big worry is whether a golfer makes the cut or not. What simpletons.

posted by joromu at 10:35 AM on July 16, 2006

All-Star Shakeups

All Star games in ALL sports=BOOOOOOORING

posted by joromu at 10:23 PM on July 07, 2006

The Rocket is back

Clemens is just another one hanging on for big bucks and glory. Like many of them he's probably just can't face living in the real world without someone answering his every whim and having yes people around him all the time. But whose the real loser? Watch all the people putting down their hard earned money to see someone whose hanging around for millions more.

posted by joromu at 01:09 PM on June 22, 2006

"the Pearl Jam of sports"

Baseball, basketball, football and hockey will soon be overshadowed by the next two major sports in the nation. It will be a close race between paintball and mud bog racing.

posted by joromu at 09:06 PM on June 12, 2006

Will Soccer Ever Make a Lasting Impression?

If you like it support it. If you don't like it, don't support it. Wat the hell is the big problem?

posted by joromu at 09:28 AM on June 09, 2006

Rollie the goalie has an owie

I was hoping to see the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim win the Stanley Cup then see the Bad News Bears win the World Series.

posted by joromu at 03:13 PM on June 06, 2006

Root for the Home Team (for $3,000 a Night)

At least Hughes admits that he has never worked a day in his life. How many athletes will admit to that?

posted by joromu at 03:07 PM on June 06, 2006

Will Wie make history?

I hope that Wie or any other female golfer wins on the men's tour. I hope that they someday will play at Augusta and win there. Then they can tell Hootie Johnson, and all the other bozos who are still living in the 15th Century, to shove their drivers up their collective a$$e$, SIDEWAYS.

posted by joromu at 08:42 PM on June 03, 2006


Calm down. All this bull$hit keeps baseball in the headlines. Any publicity, good OR bad, is welcome. It gives all who don't have anything else going on in their lives something to blab about. Bla, bla, bla. Bonds is laughing all the way to the bank. While the working people are dragging their a$$e$ to work in the morning, Bonds is lying in bed watching cartoons.

posted by joromu at 08:31 PM on May 29, 2006

Two Tribes Go to War

Classy Cleveland? When the Jake opened they were oh so proud of the long string of sellouts. Only reason all the sellouts took place is that the team was buying up all the unsold tickets themselves. Phoooooony!!!!

posted by joromu at 01:47 PM on May 29, 2006

"The King" Thinks women should not be in Racing

As for winning. How many male drivers have gone on race after race and year after year without a win? I think too many of these bozos have been going through too many hours of left turns only and their brains are plastered to the right side of their heads.

posted by joromu at 10:27 AM on May 26, 2006

"The King" Thinks women should not be in Racing

He's right from his point of view and upbringing. Do you feel the wame way about people who were brought up in a racist household? Therefore you agree with them being racist? Would that be good enought for you?

posted by joromu at 10:22 AM on May 26, 2006

White Sox and Cubs brawl.

This kind of thing is also greared to boost the attendance the next time they meet. No matter where they are in the standings the bozos will flock to take it all in.

posted by joromu at 12:49 PM on May 22, 2006

White Sox and Cubs brawl.

Irishmic you are 100% right. Couldn't have said it better myself.

posted by joromu at 12:46 PM on May 22, 2006

1000 wins for Joe Torre

Remember what a brilliant manager Casey Stengel was with the Yankees. When he took over the Mets he was a loser. Think the personnel had anything to do with it? I think you can win with good personnel and a bad manager but with a good manager and lousy players you can't win.

posted by joromu at 05:27 PM on May 08, 2006

In a league of its own

NoMitch, you are correct saying that if the Economist did a little research they would have know the NFL had a lockout not a strike. If YOU had done a tiny bit of research you would know that Tagliabue is NFL commissioner NOT the NFL commissioner and YOU would not have made this glaring error.

posted by joromu at 01:55 PM on May 08, 2006

Wie Makes Cut in South Korea

I think the pro tours should be separated by gender, race, religion, height, weight, left hand and right hand players. Maybe we could have classifications for alcoholics, dope addicts, etc. She made the cut, good for her. I hope she plays the masters and WINS it. Let Hootie Johnson go suck on a hot tailpipe.

posted by joromu at 08:58 AM on May 06, 2006

Wie Makes Cut in South Korea

I hope Hootie is around to see Wie win the Masters. Whatcha gonna say now Hooootie!!!! LMAO

posted by joromu at 03:59 PM on May 05, 2006

Wie Makes Cut in South Korea

If she beats the men, and I hope she does, I'm sure some of the male golfers will be screaming STEROIDS!!!

posted by joromu at 03:55 PM on May 05, 2006

Lackey, Kendall ejected as A's brawl past Angels

Oh, if only these cream puffs had to face the likes of Bob Gibson, Ryne Duren and others of that era. They would let you know that they were going to hit you and they would. The pitch that Lackey threw in this case amounted to what you see in slow pitch softball. These guys don't have any idea what getting hit is really like. Also, the batters in those days didn't wear helmets or any of the body armor that you see now.

posted by joromu at 03:47 PM on May 03, 2006


A Nugget grabbing nuggets.

posted by joromu at 08:16 PM on May 01, 2006

USC's 2004 BCS Championship Could Be In Jeopardy

Raising ticket prices and more advertising sound good. Also, how about some of the millions made in TV revenue. College sports is a multi-million dollar business. Let the money made in football and basketball supplement the lesser sports when it comes to stipends for athletes.

posted by joromu at 09:11 PM on April 29, 2006

USC's 2004 BCS Championship Could Be In Jeopardy

Let's stop the hipocrasy. Just pay these athletes to represent the school and get rid of this crap about the student athlete. If they want to study and graduate let them, if not just pay them. College basketball and football are developmental leagues for the NBA and the NFL. Many of them leave school before graduating anyway. And in some cases it's a good thing because they probably wouldn't graduate.

posted by joromu at 09:03 PM on April 29, 2006

Steve Howe killed in truck accident:

Would all the sympathizers here feel the same way if this guy injured or killed someone close to them????

posted by joromu at 08:55 PM on April 29, 2006

Steve Howe killed in truck accident:

The only reason this guy is getting sympathy from some people is because he is a former athlete and some people see them as a god. In reality he is a screw-up and although given chance after chance after chance he continued to screw up until he killed himself. It is just thankful that he didn't injure or kill anyone else.

posted by joromu at 02:33 PM on April 29, 2006