August 11, 2006

BetOnSports Bettors Seek Return of Money: Back in the day when I was still a degenerate gambler (clean of gambling 30 years this September) I don't think I would have stood a chance of stopping if online gambling was available. That said, since this company is based in Costa Rica, I don't see how the Fed's can make them give the money back or confiscate it like they're threatening to. If I was one of their customers I'd just write it off as a bitter learning experience.

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Yeah thats all their fault [Online Bettors], Most Sports Betting is illegal (in the US) but we [Americans] cant do anything about that so if your a sports bettor and you lost all that money, IT'S YOUR FAULT [Online Bettors] I cant believe they were actually forced to Shut Down by a US judge their not doing anything illegal in Costa Rica, are they?

posted by your-money9388 at 12:40 AM on August 11, 2006

Regardless of where they're located, if they're offering the service to American bettors, my understanding is that the United States government can take action against them, based on trade and other agreements that we have with (in this case) the Costa Rican government. Also, because some of the principal owners and executives lived in the United States, they're liable for violations of federal law, even though the business itself has a Costa Rican address.

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Are people who don't use punctuation marks stupid? Are people who attempt to create sentences without complete thoughts stupid? However, I digress, from what I've read the company plans to reimburse all deposits to their customers, even if they have to liquidate a sister company to do so. It would seem the biggest crisis here is that the American government hasn't figured out a way to tax the winnings yet, and as a result, they don't want anyone to have any fun. There is nothing wrong or degenerate about gambling so long as it's within reason. It's like anything in life, know your limit, and play within it! Too much drinking can hurt you, too much of just about anything can hurt you. Moderation is the key to enjoying life. By the way, I really like the Blue Jays tonight, the line is -112, anyone have an opinion on that?

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I'll give 5 to 1 that we can't get a thread where every post has correct use of "there," "they're," and "their." Not to mention incomplete sentences and bad grammar. Ha.

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The Poker site I gamble on has a Dutch address. Presumably the USA has trade agreements with the windmillers, but I still get my money.

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Ah due declah, they is some reel dum a$$e$ on dis heah cite. Lern howe to spel an punctu eight, pleeze.

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because the house always wins That is why, I prefer the services of my local neighborhood bookie, at least when he drives by in his new caddy, I can see what I am paying for...

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Weedy, you're in Toronto, correct? I don't see what influence American trade agreements would have on your wagering anyway. I have no problem collecting either, the site I use is in England. Neteller transfers right into my account with no issues from the bank, if I choose that option.

posted by tommybiden at 12:11 PM on August 11, 2006

Weedy, you're in Toronto, correct? I don't see what influence American trade agreements would have on your wagering anyway. Yep. Cuba might be the only exception to the idea that USA trade agreements don't influence me. In fact, US domestic politics affect me just as much.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 01:40 PM on August 11, 2006

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