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BetOnSports Bettors Seek Return of Money

I'll give 5 to 1 that we can't get a thread where every post has correct use of "there," "they're," and "their." Not to mention incomplete sentences and bad grammar. Ha.

posted by nickl at 09:54 AM on August 11, 2006

Bryant Gumbel Torches Olympics

Figure skaters are athletes - it obviously takes athletic ability to do what they do. However, any contest that requires judges to completely decide the outcome is just that, a contest - not a sport. This would also include the half pipe in snowboarding, gymnastics, etc. I'm still not sure about events that combine judging with hard stats - moguls skiing, ski jumping, etc. Lastly, what moron added style points to ski jumping. Why don't they just see who goes the farthest? I don't care if the guy flaps his arms and blows gas to stay aloft.

posted by nickl at 09:40 AM on February 17, 2006