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McGwire Admits Using Steroids

Does this also mean that Todd McFarlane is *officially* an dumbass?

posted by Punkrockrat at 02:20 AM on January 12, 2010

KHL Brawl clears benches, ends game after 4 minutes.

What really surprised me about the videos I saw was the size of the arenas/crowds. How can the KHL teams afford to pay the salaries they do? This rink looked no bigger than an minor league hockey rink - and the crowd about the same.

And Jagr - his first year in the KHL his teammate dies on the bench next to him, and the next year he's in a benchclear. Damn.

posted by Punkrockrat at 12:03 AM on January 11, 2010

Report: Arenas, Teammate Pulled Guns on Each Other in Locker Room

I was reading about this earlier today. If this is true, both of these guys should be given lifetime bans from the sport. This is completely ridiculous. Guns. In the locker room. And teammates pulling them on one another. WTF?!?

posted by Punkrockrat at 12:37 PM on January 01, 2010

I fight because it's my job, not because I like it.

Darn - i meant HOCKEY fighting. Admins, help me out?

posted by Punkrockrat at 10:23 PM on January 07, 2009

Lecavalier signs 11-year, $85-million extension with Lightning

11 Years is ridiculous.

posted by Punkrockrat at 07:33 AM on July 14, 2008

On-Field Tryout Earns Stewart WVU Head Spot

The Mountaineers last night were amazing. I loved the game and especially liked how the character and emotion of our team really brought all of the fans, alumni and other supporters together with such an awesome win. After the crazy few weeks we've had, it was fantastic to see our team rise above and really show what kind of players and team they are. They single-handedly ended the controversy over our coach, delivered a fantastic win for the program and now we have a coach who, judging from his emotions last night, truly loves our team, school and state. I'm excited for the future of our team and *really* looking forward to next year. Thanks Mountaineers! Hail, West Virginia, Hail!

posted by Punkrockrat at 01:13 PM on January 03, 2008

Rodriguez leaves West Virginia

>> What Big East School recently has had a coach that has been there more than 10 years. >> I believe the last one was Pitts Johnny Majors. How long ago was that? That would be Don Nehlen, at WVU. >> So I take it you're still working for the first company that ever hired you, and you never >> sought a job opportunity with better pay and prestige? And that if your friends or family >>members ever did the same, you'd call them out with equal vehemence? I completely see and understand the point you are making and even agree with it to a certain extent. But this is College Football we're talking about. Perhaps I am simply expecting too much, but when it comes to college football there is a certain amount of history, prestige, alliance and a *heck of a lot more personal feelings* involved than my 9-5 job. There are a lot more things expected from a college football coach than simply "coaching the team". >> If Rodriguez's teams suddenly stopped winning for whatever reason, and the program >> went south, do you really think WVU would hesitate to fire him if they felt that was >> the best move for their program as a whole? I'm not sure about that one. Don Nehlen was around for quite some time, and some folks would argue past his prime. He got us to lots of good games, but he still was around past a ton of disappointments. He stuck around WVU for much, much longer than many college coaches get to stay at other teams. I think that says at least something about the "decision-makers" or whatever at WVU. Of course, I'm biased and i'm WVU alumni who is angry. I'm sure I'll get over this one by next season. But this whole situation still stings very hard and leaves a bad, bad taste.

posted by Punkrockrat at 12:19 PM on December 17, 2007

Rodriguez leaves West Virginia

>> How much more could you expect of him Well, for one, I expected him to live up to the terms of the contract he signed last year. I expected him to live up to his word, and to his repeated promises to stay in West Virginia. That's what I expected. That's what the students, alumni and people of West Virginia expected. We expected him to live up to the promises he made to us last year when the governor of WV as well as the University went to great lengths to keep him as coach after he flirted with Alabama. >> college coaches don't get lifetime gigs like JoePa and Bobby Bowden any more. Oh come on. JoePa and Bowden were not given "lifetime gigs" by anyone. They *choose* to stay where they are. At least they have some sense of loyalty and pride in the institutions they coach at and because of that, they are rewarded with the same respect. >>and how much higher could he take the Mountaineers? Well, a National Championship for one. I fully expect the Mountaineers to compete for a chance to be in the big game next year. Second, he could have stuck around and got our team more respect. Win more games. Bring more prestige to the team and the school. Whatever. He made a choice based on money and prestige for himself. And now he's gone. It just sucks that loyalty doesn't mean shit to many people anymore. I hope WV can at least make a good high-profile decision in their coaching search.

posted by Punkrockrat at 08:50 AM on December 17, 2007

Rodriguez leaves West Virginia

As a WV alumni and fan, I can't tell you how much this angers me.

posted by Punkrockrat at 05:48 PM on December 16, 2007

Coudal Partners


posted by Punkrockrat at 09:03 PM on November 06, 2007

Bills Shocked by Mularkey's Resignation

As a person who lives in a Buffalo and a *former* season ticket holder, I got a theory on the Bills problems (which frankly, are not just limited to this past season.) My theory; Old man Ralph Wilson is just bat-shit crazy. I think the down-town started during the playoff a few years back when the Wade Phillips "decided" to play Rob Johnson, instead of Flutie (when Flutie got us there in the first place.) To make a long story short, I think that Ralph Wilson tryies to make way more hands-on decisions than he really should. Being the owner, whatever he says goes. I think Mularky decided to leave, rather than follow order from an old man that will make Mularkie's career more disasterous than it has been the last few years. Come on: Marv Levy? What the hell is he going to to to help the team? He's over 80! EIGHTY!.

posted by Punkrockrat at 02:25 PM on January 14, 2006

Leon Spinks is down, not out.

Leon Spinks seems to be making the best out of his situation, but it's sad that so many old boxers find themselves in situations like this later in their lives...

posted by Punkrockrat at 07:38 PM on December 26, 2005

Deion drops the Neon.

This is an interesting article about Deion... Personally, I find the guy annoying as hell (especially as a TV announcer.) However, there is no doubt that he knows the game and had the experience. I think he could relate to a good number of players in a much different way than most of the coaches in the NFL and even college these days. It would be interesting to see what he can at least do in a coaching role. However, he should start at the bottom and work/earn his way up again. Many players have learned that the transition from player to coach is much, much harder than they ever realized.

posted by Punkrockrat at 07:22 PM on December 26, 2005

Maurice Clarett tells ESPN

I'm not sure what to think of this, and who can tell what Maurice Clarett's football playing future holds. In my opinion, I would think he would be forever branded a loudmouth for talking about this. I would think stuff like this goes on all the time, and is just not talked about very openly. The biggest surprise for me is the actual $$ figures being thrown around. Thats a lot money to have in your pocket as a college kid. I went to WVU, and saw things once in a while that was pretty obvious. I remember on a few occasions coming to class in the morning and seeing a good number of football players sitting in the back of the room who were never normally in class. One of the coaches or staff were there to check on their attendance. 5 mins after leaving the room, more than half of them got up and left. And of course, there were times when I would see players driving around in cars that there was no *way* they could possibly afford. On the same note, I knew plenty of players, a few in the NFL now, who were dirt broke while at school too. So what do I know? I think just the fact that he was accepting these things, (money, cars, fake jobs) etc. Knowing 1: that it is wrong 2: getting caught could have a disasterous effect on his school's football program, shows his total lack of character and judgement. Who knows about his future. if he really does have the talent, all it takes is a really late round draft pick and a chance to prove it and back on the board. Speaking of Ohio State, whatever happen to Andy Katzenmoyer?

posted by Punkrockrat at 11:40 AM on November 10, 2004

Do you miss hockey?

I'm not missing it yet. There is still plenty of college football, NFL and of course the World Series for now. Plus, the longer it goes the healther my boy Mario gets and he can start dominating on the NHL again when it comes back...

posted by Punkrockrat at 08:36 PM on October 25, 2004

Get a call from Lee Corso

This is one pretty annoying web-application! However, I really thought this was also ingenious, cool and hilarious. Well, untill my Mountaineers lost to Virginia Tech....

posted by Punkrockrat at 04:50 PM on October 11, 2004

Athens isn't done yet.

One of the reasons I made the post was because I wondered if anyone knew about it at all (at least from a US- Centric view). Looking at the site, I thought some of the events looked a bit interesting. I'll probably take some time to look through the site a bit more.

posted by Punkrockrat at 07:47 PM on September 19, 2004

World Cup of Hockey Fantasy Pool!

I'm in...

posted by Punkrockrat at 06:26 PM on August 30, 2004

What?!? Allen Iverson, in a positive light?

Good point, dzot. Agreed ;)

posted by Punkrockrat at 10:23 AM on August 30, 2004

Cable Could Keep NBC's Olympic Torch Burning

Granted, as an Olympics addict i may be going through a bit of withdrawal a few hours after the closing ceremonies, but a channel that follows these sports would be very cool. It would be nice to be able to keep up with these sports besides the usual page 2 stories.

posted by Punkrockrat at 11:30 PM on August 29, 2004

Warner chosen over Manning

Peyton wasn't that great his first year in the NFL, but he's paying off dividends now. I think he's bound to get his Ring one of these years. I'm sure Eli will blossom into a pretty good quarterback soon enough as well. The difference between he and his brother was that Eli caused such a stink at the draft. First impressions linger for a long time. With that said, I think this is Eli's first real lesson in the NFL and he has a few more coming a lot worse than this I bet.

posted by Punkrockrat at 10:05 PM on August 29, 2004

Will he ever learn?

This was just a matter of time for ole' Randy. I remember when he left Marshall for the NFL someone once said that it's OK if he doesn't finish his degree.... he can always get it via a coorespondance course from jail...

posted by Punkrockrat at 09:35 PM on September 24, 2002

Well, we missed our chance.

Hey! Hold the phones! It's back up! According to ESPN: "the high bidder -- who said he was a college student -- emailed Cusack to apologize and said he didn't mean to place the bid. So the team remains up for sale."

posted by Punkrockrat at 06:30 PM on June 28, 2002

Well, we missed our chance.

Well, you can always see what's new with the Buffalo Sabres. According to reports in our town this evening, Billionare Paul Allen has made a cash offer that essentally kicks even more sand in the face of Buffalo sports fans.

posted by Punkrockrat at 10:55 PM on June 27, 2002