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Francona says Manny Out for All-Star Game

I heard this morning that this is not the first time Manny has pulled this. Secondly a team player shows up on time for spring training. I can't believe that Manny is being accused of being a team player. Robinson Cano is on the DL hasn't played in a week he's at least going to show up at the game for the fans that voted for him. You mean to tell me that Manny couldn't do the same thing just showing up and tipping his cap for the fans. If that endangers his knee than he should be on the DL quit making excuses for him and whoever is voting for him mine as well stop because he is a selfish man who only thinks about himself.

posted by jtrluva at 01:09 PM on July 05, 2006

'Love child', mother lambaste Big Unit

I cannot believe some of the things I've heard in here. I may be a Yankee fan but I'm a human being first. Johnson is being a jerkoff. I don't care if we don't have all the facts. Some of the women bashing comments in here are blowing my mind. I have a son from a relationship when I was younger. His sperm donor is a piece of crap. I have watched my son be upset by empty promises on his part. Promises to be there and be a part of his life. Seeing your child happy is more important then any child support. Seeing your child loved by both parents is more important then any amount of money. I get a whole $200 a month WHEN he has a job. But I also pay more then that in daycare and counseling and sports. I have tried to give him a way out I have asked him to sign his rights over to my husband. My feeling is if he's not responsible enough to raise him or sign him over to someone who is. And if he's not willing to he damn well better pay for him. My husband and I have been doing the hard working in raising a responsible son. If I ever heard him speak the way most of you are I would be so disgusted and disappointed in him. As I'm sure your mothers would be.

posted by jtrluva at 12:53 PM on March 30, 2006

Canada 8, United States 6

I never said Jeter was dogging it but do I think he will play as hard as he would in the october no. He is a competitor of course he wants to win. Are any of these players as good now as they will be midseason? qbert72 your feeling is incorrect I'm not saying the WBC should be stopped I just don't think it is a true judge of baseball greatness. I'm actually watching it but I'm not putting too much stock into it regardless of which team wins.

posted by jtrluva at 08:00 AM on March 10, 2006

Canada 8, United States 6

If you want a credible attempt at a international baseball showdown you would not do so when all the athletes are out of shape. This is spring training time people. Pitchers aren't up to snuf. There are mercy rules and pitch counts. Please it's more like little league international baseball showdown.

posted by jtrluva at 02:07 PM on March 09, 2006

Canada 8, United States 6

I wasn't saying that only the USA had good players not playing. But how true is this tournament when the best closer in baseball isn't playing? Where's Barry Bonds in all his juiced up glory. These games aren't taken as serious as some of you would like to think. Bottom line is some of the greatest stars aren't even in it. Not just players what about managers. I'm sorry but each and every one of those players who are pros are worried about getting injured. So they won't play all out. Get this straight Jeter doesn't sacrifice a "potential world series win" for anything. His first and only responsibility is to the Yankees. Yeah this may be fun it may be an honor but it's not a world series win.

posted by jtrluva at 01:13 PM on March 09, 2006

Canada 8, United States 6

Come on is Al Leiter really the best pitcher America can put forwarded? NO. The timing is all wrong for this tournament. How true of a judge are these games when some of the best players don't play?

posted by jtrluva at 12:37 PM on March 09, 2006

Culpepper and Brees likely to become free agents

Don't forget the Raiders need a Quarterback. I can't see them going with Kerry Collins again.

posted by jtrluva at 12:21 PM on February 22, 2006

The Boss has a heart!

I sure to the 13 year old boy it's a feel good story even if it was publicized. Regardless of why it was done it was still a good thing all around. Good on the boys part as well as George's.

posted by jtrluva at 07:51 AM on February 14, 2006

The Boss has a heart!

vbgjr88 he gave the child $1,000 he replaced the money the child unselfishly gave up. Bottom line is he did a great thing. He didn't have to do anything. It wouldn't have created bad press nobody would have heard about the little boy from Arkansas. But of course there are always people that have to look for something negative in great deeds.

posted by jtrluva at 07:30 AM on February 14, 2006

The Boss has a heart!

Wow what an amazingly unselfish child. Kudos to him.

posted by jtrluva at 07:16 AM on February 14, 2006

There is more than one way to eliminate the Yankees.

Venice I hope you weren't meaning to say that I'm a bandwagon fan. The Yanks will always be my favorite team even if they were in last place. If I was a bandwagon fan I'd be a sox fan right after the dramatic way they won it all in 2004.

posted by jtrluva at 02:30 PM on February 10, 2006

There is more than one way to eliminate the Yankees.

Venice-Thank you but it's not Paul O'neils fly it's Derek Jeter's lol. I love living here I love most Redsox fans too. We have a ton of fun giving each other crap. As for the Lakers I don't watch baketball. I watch football though and no I don't like the patriots. I think maybe I was just raised to be a shit starter.

posted by jtrluva at 11:45 AM on February 10, 2006

There is more than one way to eliminate the Yankees.

All true New Englanders hate the Yankees, why should the kids be any different? I was born and raised in NH as were my parents we all love the Yankees. Thanks for letting me know that I'm not a true New Englander because I don't like your baseball team. I didn't know that was a requirement. I have seen loads of Yankee fans maybe it's because of arrogant red sox fans such as you that people become Yankee fans around here.

posted by jtrluva at 07:41 AM on February 10, 2006

Game's Third team Upstaged Steelers, Seahawks

don-peyote the problem is we should be talking about the game for how it was played not for the crappy officiating and what would have beens or could have beens. It's one thing if the refs want to be nit picky but they need to be that way with both teams. Other then that you end up will the majority of FOOTBALL fans complaining. Then you have people calling each other names and getting pissed off. Hello people the NFL is who we should be pissed at.

posted by jtrluva at 09:27 AM on February 07, 2006

Game's Third team Upstaged Steelers, Seahawks

I understand the Steeler fans not wanting to say there were bad calls. Who wants to admit that when your team just won the superbowl. I also understand the Seattle fans being really pissed about the game. They have every right to be pissed. No one can say if the outcome of the game would have been different without the calls. Everyone can have their own opinions but that's what they are just opinions. No one can look into the future and see that the outcome would be different. I have watched my team the 49ers be destroyed with the salary cap. I still watched every game of their pathetic season. But after this superbowl I'm happy they sucked. If it would have been them in this superbowl in place of either team I would have felt cheated as a fan. Winning a superbowl that will always be questioned or getting a severe screwing. The NFL really needs to shape up. I consider myself a pretty dedicated fan to watch the last 32 gamees of the 49ers has been difficult and frustrating. However after this superbowl I need to rethink my time spent watching this game.

posted by jtrluva at 09:15 AM on February 07, 2006

Steelers Won Super Bowl XL

This is exactly my point the pats raiders game is still talked about to this day still leaves a shadow over that superbowl. History or not it's something that will always be remembered. All the arguing in the world isn't going to change that fact that most unbiased people will remember a ton of really bad calls as the deciding factor in this superbowl.

posted by jtrluva at 02:20 PM on February 06, 2006

Steelers Won Super Bowl XL

Why is it that they called offensive pass interference for the "Push off" yet the defensive players hands were all over the receiver what happened to that call? If I'm not mistaken that was more than five yards from the line of scrimmage. What about the horse collar that was missed. Face it there were too many calls that went the wrong way. I can't wait to see how this game will be shown in years to come. If they cut out all the bad calls it will be a very sort film. However I do feel bad for steeler fans because this game will always have an asterik next to it in the minds of everyone whose not a steelers fan and that isn't fair to them. It's not like the players or the fans botched this game so badly.

posted by jtrluva at 02:06 PM on February 06, 2006

Steelers Won Super Bowl XL

I can't believe how horrible the officiating was. It seems lately as though the outcome of games is known before the teams even take the field. Every time the Seahawks gained momentum the refs handed it back to the steelers. By the way I like the 49ers so I had no stake in this game. The inteception from Hasselback was thrown after not one but two missed offside penalties. Number 53 was in the back field before the ball was snapped then a bullshit holding call. To add insult to injury Hasselback gets flagged for making the tackle. Are you kidding me?

posted by jtrluva at 07:58 AM on February 06, 2006

Heavy NFL players twice as likely to die before 50

don-peyote- That is a difficult question. I wouldn't want to hold him back from his dream but I also wouldn't want himi to be unhealthy to acheive it either. But when it comes down to it I really can't stop him if he wants to gain the weight he will. I suppose where he is still young I could try to encourage a position change. It's just hard because he likes to hit people but he doesn't have tremendous speed.

posted by jtrluva at 07:21 AM on February 01, 2006

Heavy NFL players twice as likely to die before 50

Oops I meant to type lineman.

posted by jtrluva at 03:10 PM on January 31, 2006

T.O. visits Denver for face to face with Shanahan -

I'm not talking from a behavior point of view just the talent between the two would be crazy.

posted by jtrluva at 03:07 PM on January 31, 2006

Heavy NFL players twice as likely to die before 50

My son is 10 years old and he's playing football they have him as a linebacker. He's really good at the game and dreams of being a pro. At this stage he is still quite young but I will flip if he tries to bulk himself up like that.

posted by jtrluva at 02:51 PM on January 31, 2006

T.O. visits Denver for face to face with Shanahan -

I think it would be amazing to see him as a raider between to and Randy moss. That would be a great receiving group.

posted by jtrluva at 02:30 PM on January 31, 2006

The Essence of Offense

It is frightning that people would actually be stupid enough to believe (let alone bid) on somethin like that.

posted by jtrluva at 01:04 PM on January 30, 2006

The Ten Most Hated Athletes

How about Varitek. I can't stand him because he's not man enough to take off his mask after he throws a punch. Also he wears that stupid C on his jersey. Talk about an ass. You don't see Jeter out there going look at me I have a C on my jersey. I'm the captain.

posted by jtrluva at 02:46 PM on January 26, 2006

Seattle SuperSeahawks

What a bus that can only go one yard at a time? I think the bird would be ok.

posted by jtrluva at 01:18 PM on January 23, 2006

A-Rod to play for US? Does anybody care anymore!

Wake up Joe. Not everyone agrees with you because you don't even make sense. Let's look at the facts here Arod didn't want to insult his country OR his ancestry. Which means he knows his nationality. Wow that makes him such a jerk doesn't it.

posted by jtrluva at 01:17 PM on January 06, 2006

A-Rod to play for US? Does anybody care anymore!

Dyams don't let them get to you. People only make these negative comments about Arod because they're jealous he's not on their team. They can talk all the trash that they want it doesn't change the fact that he is one of the best to ever play the game.

posted by jtrluva at 12:56 PM on January 06, 2006

Johnny Damon to sign with Yanks.

Well I haven't heard the anger being aimed at the front office in this post. All of it seems to be aimed at the Yankees and Damon. They have even trash talked his wife. According to the comments of this post he's washed up. This coming from fans that loved him last year. Loved him until yesterday when they thought he'd be back. None of these concerns have been flying around when they thought he would remain a sox. I haven't felt any love for him here. All of this and he hasn't even put on the pin stripes yet. He may get a bit of love in may but not much. A tiny bit.

posted by jtrluva at 11:20 AM on December 21, 2005

Johnny Damon to sign with Yanks.

Let me guess this is all the Yankees fault right. No wait it's Damon's right because he's greedy. None of the blame for this situation will sit on the shoulders of the Red sox front office. Really if they wanted him back why would they be unwilling to spend 3 mill more a year? Why make it known that you are going after other center fielders instead of actively going after your own home town hero. I could see if the Yankees gave him a enormous salary but they didn't out bid the red sox by much. As for all this trash talking from the fan faithful all of a sudden he's not a good player. No one would have talked like this if he stayed in Boston. Don't get me wrong I'm not happy with this deal. I would have much rather they signed someone to a 1 year deal. As for the yank fans cheering for someone the booed last season that goes both ways how are the sox fans going to boo their beloved idiot.

posted by jtrluva at 10:57 AM on December 21, 2005

For Red Sox, Ramirez problem

I never pretended to be an informed sox fan. I watch all their games because I'm interested to see what happens in the division for the Yankees. I said I watch the games. Never said that I was routing for them to win. I would have thought my screen name made it obvious I was a yankee fan.

posted by jtrluva at 01:53 PM on December 08, 2005

Sox ship Renteria to Braves

Does anybody know the details of the trade. Did the sox have to pick up part of Renteria's contract?

posted by jtrluva at 12:55 PM on December 08, 2005

Sox ship Renteria to Braves

daddisam this is what I was talking about unfortunately it isn't wishful think by the new york media. General manager Brian Cashman recently heard from Arn Tellem, who represents Garciaparra, about the idea of the Yankees signing the 32-year-old free agent. "I've heard from Arn in the past about him," Cashman said. "I'm talking to everybody about anybody on the free agent market that may fit." According to one person with knowledge of the situation, Tellem has been shopping Garciaparra around as a multi-position player, including an outfielder.

posted by jtrluva at 12:42 PM on December 08, 2005

Sox ship Renteria to Braves

He is a free agent and he still has his home there. But I agree the bridges have been burnt there as he has twice tried to become a Yankee. He wanted to play second the same year they got Arod for 3rd. Now he wants to be their center fielder. They weren't interested then and I'd be real surprised if they were now.

posted by jtrluva at 11:20 AM on December 08, 2005

Sox ship Renteria to Braves

Maybe they will go after Nomar. His Agent has been calling Cashman to see if the Yankees are interested in Nomar for center field.

posted by jtrluva at 10:54 AM on December 08, 2005

For Red Sox, Ramirez problem

I wasn't saying anything about dogging it to first base on a ground ball. What I was referring to is the way he stands at the plate when he thinks he has a homerun that ends up staying in the park. Then he ends up on first where if he was running out of the box he'd have a double or a triple. As for David ortiz maybe the media doesn't beat him up because he doesn't have the speed to begin with. Manny has the speed but doesn't use it SOME times. However dogging it on a possible ground ball is also wrong you never know what can happen what if the ball is thrown slightly off line. But I guess the attitude hey I'm out anyway why try is an acceptable one to you. Yep I'm a hater. I would be outraged if this was a Yankee player. Not to mention I never said that he sucked. I said he could be outstanding. I see where I can be called a hater.

posted by jtrluva at 08:04 AM on December 08, 2005

For Red Sox, Ramirez problem

Yukon you can't even tell me that Manny puts an effort into baserunning or your not watching the games not me. Even the Red sox announcers complain about his base running. You can assume that I don't watch the games all you want however your incorrect I watch baseball from start to finish and the only two teams I watch faithfully are the Yankees and the red sox.

posted by jtrluva at 02:49 PM on December 07, 2005

For Red Sox, Ramirez problem

I would take Arod over Manny any day because he is a power hitter an awesome defender and he runs out his hits you never see him stand and admire his hit and then end up on first base. Manny is getting a shit load of money to play a game and he's complaining about playing in Boston because he wants a private life yet he calls constant attention to himself. Such as his episode of climbing into the green monster during a game. Also I don't watch those sport shows like I said it's on my local news channels. But even if I turn off the news I would still here it from most of the red sox fans.

posted by jtrluva at 02:30 PM on December 07, 2005

For Red Sox, Ramirez problem

That could be part of it however I still hate the lack of effort (mostly base running)I see in him during games. He has an arrogant way about him that gets on my nerves. I would hate it in any player.

posted by jtrluva at 12:50 PM on December 07, 2005

For Red Sox, Ramirez problem

Oops New England

posted by jtrluva at 11:28 AM on December 07, 2005

For Red Sox, Ramirez problem

I forgot the cutoff play that was classic. When I say manny needs to shut his mouth and play it's because I live in New Engalnd and all you hear is Manny doesn't want to play in Boston this and that. Waa Either shut up and play or leave. I'm tired of it be on the local news channels endlessly. Then they can't trade him so he stays and it's a love fest. It's like watching daytime drama.

posted by jtrluva at 11:27 AM on December 07, 2005

For Red Sox, Ramirez problem

I think that Manny is lacking class. I think it's great entertainment the way he admires balls he thinks are home runs that actually stay in the park. Then he ends up with a real long single. He has the ability to be outstanding if he would shut his mouth and play hard.

posted by jtrluva at 09:33 AM on December 07, 2005

Red Sox play petty over championship ball

Why is it that because the sox haven't won in 86 years they want it more. I'm unsure but how many World Series has Doug won? These athletes work their whole life to get to and win a World Series. The length of time he was in Boston doesn't matter. He was there he was a part of it. If this is how they act when they win I hope it's another 86 years before they get another.

posted by jtrluva at 01:19 PM on December 02, 2005

Phillies replace Wagner with Gordon

Philly fans don't have much to complain about. Tom Gordon is a good pitcher. I wish he was still with the Yankees. I would complain however about the length of the contract at his age but it's not like he's a chump.

posted by jtrluva at 09:39 AM on December 02, 2005

Red Sox play petty over championship ball

I can't wait for the season to start so we can stop discussing non issues. Honestly who really cares who gets the damn ball. Do we know where the ball from this years world series is? Do we care?

posted by jtrluva at 07:55 AM on December 02, 2005

Moving Jeter or A-Rod to center

Gordon really wants to close. He also wants a 3 year contract and at his age that could be risky. The yanks have said they aren't willing to give him 3 years so who knows. My guess is all things considered even (contract years and money) he will go to the team that gives him the option to close.

posted by jtrluva at 02:58 PM on December 01, 2005

Moving Jeter or A-Rod to center

I will be sad to see Gordon go as well however if Farnsworth works out he's young enough to take over for Mariano when he retires. (shudder) I hope that day never comes but all good things must come to an end sooner or later. Hopefully it's much later but in the mean time Mo can start grooming him.

posted by jtrluva at 01:35 PM on December 01, 2005

Moving Jeter or A-Rod to center

That is wonderful news dyams his fastball hits 100 and he's still young.

posted by jtrluva at 12:42 PM on December 01, 2005

Moving Jeter or A-Rod to center

I agree that Bubba will bat 9th. Why would any team give Damon a contract like that. His arm is as poor as Bernie Williams. Scott Boras tried this same crap with Varitek last year didn't he?

posted by jtrluva at 11:19 AM on December 01, 2005

Moving Jeter or A-Rod to center

Old news in a slow news time that's all this ends up being. Once again the media is making the news I mean why even write an article after the facts to discredited it have already come out. I mean the quotes from Cashman and Torre are in this article. The only thing he's right about is they should have planned better. But there was never a chance they were going to move Jeter, Arod or Rivera. It doesn't matter though if they would trade Cano or Wang (Which I think would be stupid.) People would say they keep trading away their young players or something else. Come on with the lineup they have do you think Crosby has to hit. The guy is young and he has speed. Not to mention he hit .333 in the final three weeks of the season when he actually started 11 of 16 games. How can people talk about poor hitting from a young kid who is only called off the bench. No he's not my first choice but the media is turning it into a crisis situation when it's really not the big a deal.

posted by jtrluva at 10:42 AM on December 01, 2005

Hot Stove According to Ryno

What have they done this year??? I'm not talking about what has happened 50 years ago. They appear to be sitting back while other teams are acting like the Yankees usually do. All I'm saying is what reason have they given you THIS offseason to complain. The redsox have the second highest payroll in baseball yet no one complains about that. Yet that is the first thing people shout about when it comes to the yankees. I could care less about how much their payroll is. At least it gives everyone reason to bitch.

posted by jtrluva at 12:12 PM on November 29, 2005

Hot Stove According to Ryno

And it has always been like this. Why else would one team dominate as they have over the past 80 years. You have the Yankees and their farm system, the rest of the American League. The Yankees haven't even made a move other then keeping Matsui and people are still whining. Let's not look at the other payrolls that are rapidly catching up. Mets, Redsox. When the yankees make some blockbuster deal then you can bitch and moan. At least wait until they do something.

posted by jtrluva at 11:13 AM on November 29, 2005


I don't know why Philly is so happy they have lost every game he hasn't played in this year. They probably won't even see the playoff let alone get anywhere without him. I wonder where he will be next year. Hopefully that team will play the Eagles. I would love to see the endzone celebrations for that game.

posted by jtrluva at 02:31 PM on November 23, 2005

Carpenter Derails the D-Train

Clemens with a 1.87 ERA, big deal! He was pitching in the National League. Question where does Carpenter pitch? If I'm not mistaken we are talking about the NL CY Young Award. So then all pitchers era should be that low then right. As they pitch in the same league.

posted by jtrluva at 07:46 AM on November 11, 2005

Theo Epstein walks away

This is great. I had to listen to "Cashman will leave the Yankees non stop until he signed." From countless Red sox fans. What goes around comes around.

posted by jtrluva at 09:09 AM on November 01, 2005

Martz Out For Season

Dusted I feel your pain!

posted by jtrluva at 08:32 AM on October 25, 2005

New Baseball Teams for New York and Boston?

Which is the fault of a myopic ownership, not the salary cap. Everybody plays by the same rules. Some teams sacrifice future results for opportunity now. That (Steve young) decision was made prior to the salary cap. Not to mention it was a joke. What personnel mistakes have the niners made? I agree with your comments on the raiders only thing I'm saying is they have an owner all though he's a jerk he would have spent more on the team if he was allowed. I can't think of personnel mistakes the niners have made recently except constantly having to let people go. Oh and let me guess the patriots organization is so great right try selling that to TY Law and others who have jumped ship after all those wins. Case in point ARod was willing to cut his salary to play for Boston or the Yankees he wanted to go to a team that had a chance to win. That is a huge advantage the patriots have over the 49ers. You may think my comments are biased and false but you cannot tell me that nobody wants to play for them just because of the ownership. Two names for you Al Davis and George Steinbrenner. Please also show me where my comments are biased. My point is the niners used to be great and they still would be if they could spend their money the way they want to. Some owners care more then others. They are willing to spend more and there should never be a rule telling anyone in this country what they can do with their money.

posted by jtrluva at 02:11 PM on October 20, 2005

New Baseball Teams for New York and Boston?

How much previous debt did the patriots have? The 49ers are probably still paying for Steve Young. LOL. It screwed teams with lots of outstanding debt. At this point all the players will go to New England and play for less because they are winning superbowls. Where as the forty 9ers would have to overpay because who wants to go to a team that sucks. The only way they can get great players is to over pay them then the don't have the money for the rest of the players. Or they can continue to suck for the next ten years get the first round draft pick and build through the draft. But oh yeah didn't they have to overpay for Alex Smith already because he didn't want to go to San Fransisco. But I bet Robert Kraft is complaining. I bet he is saying I wish there wasn't a salary cap. Where's all the money go saved on salary caps?

posted by jtrluva at 09:24 AM on October 20, 2005

New Baseball Teams for New York and Boston?

Ok so it's just the pat that have managed to win right. How about the Philedelphia eagles how many times have they been in the post season or the colts, Broncos, Steelers, Atlanta. My point is the salary cap has screwed certain teams. 9ers, Raiders. I see one team that has improved and that would be the Bengals. Sorry but as a fan I think it's unfair to have your team destroyed by a rule. Nobody should have a right to tell the owner of a team or business what they can spend their money on. The same teams are winning all the time now it's just different teams then it was before.

posted by jtrluva at 08:22 AM on October 20, 2005

New Baseball Teams for New York and Boston?

I'm so tired of hearing about a salary cap. Show me the parity in the NFL how many superbowls have the pats won in recent years. I'm at 49ers fan and let me tell you the salary cap took a decent team and destroyed it. They have had to rebuild twice in the short amount of time and they don't have any super stars to speak of. Now with their record as poor as it's been they have kids staying in college longer so they don't have to be drafted by the forty 9ers. Tell me this has been fair to their fans.

posted by jtrluva at 07:49 AM on October 20, 2005