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Getting Tough with the '72 Dolphins

I'm sure Belichick is the only coach that has ever cheated. (not) He just got caught. Even if you know the signals; you still have to execute. The Patriots are a fine tuned machine. Knowing the other teams signals does'nt make : Brady's arm any better, Moss run faster, or opposing defenses miss tackles. Execution is key.

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The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Is there a screening process in place for youth sport coaches?

posted by fourthreeforty at 11:19 AM on October 31, 2007

A story for the ages or the aged- the oldest player in college football debuts this September.

Where's this school located? I still have gas in the tank. I still run a 4.3/40 (that was a summer ago.... so lets say 4.4/40) I turn 38 9/22. I wanna play; I will major in general studies. Do you think they will redshirt me?

posted by fourthreeforty at 01:11 PM on August 23, 2007

Michael Vick Admits to Dogfighting, Will Plead Guilty

It's really sad how Vick let the race card play-out. The n.a.a.c.p showed it's support; so this idiot could turn around and plea out. No class. Shame on you Mr. Vick. All of this racial tension because a grown man made a dumb-ass decision; really sad.

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Good for Bonds, as I have noted before; steriods or not Bonds still has the swing and the eye to make contact 755 times. I don't care what steriod you're on; if don't have the swing and the eye you're not going to may contact. Across the board people do things to get the edge, some become superstars and some don't.

posted by fourthreeforty at 11:26 AM on August 05, 2007

Dogfighting, point-shaving, blood doping. It couldn't get any worse, could it?

I'll be happy for Bond's. Juiced or not, he still has the eye and the swing to make contact 754 times. The level of competition is so high in professional sports; you can't fault a guy getting the edge. ( remember these guys feed their families playing sports it's more than a game for them) I guarantee you he's not the only one (if he juices at all). Yet, no one else is in position to break the record. Give Bonds his due, and move on. Just because you juice does'nt mean you're going to make the hall-of-fame, be an all-star, or even make off the bench; you still have to have a significant level of talent and ability to play the game.

posted by fourthreeforty at 12:56 AM on July 27, 2007

Technical foul called on referee

Et tu Donaghy? Basketball is out of order. Football is out of order. Baseball is out of order. The whole damn World of Sports is out of order!

posted by fourthreeforty at 08:44 PM on July 20, 2007

Falcons QB Michael Vick Indicted on Federal Charges;

Can we all just get along! This has nothing to do with black athletes or white athelets, Dahmer or Manson. Vick made a dumb ass decision period. Guilty or not; this will effect the income and image of the Falcons and the NFL. It's all about the MONEY people. How the hell do you own property and not have a clue whats happening on it ? If that is the case, he should serve time just for being that ignorant. If you call yourself a professional then be that on all levels. BACK TO THE MONEY. If innocent; does anyone really believe that Falcon fans and players are going to rally around a QB that just does'nt seem to have what it takes to get them to the next level? (Not) How many animal activist are Falcon fans? How many tickets will sell just to see Vick play now? Watch those number 7 jerseys start to pile up. How many parents are going to actually run out and get litte jimmy (or susie) a Vick jersey now? BOTTOM LINE you f... with the image of the league, you f... with the image of my team, that f.... with the money; so f... you Michael Vick.

posted by fourthreeforty at 11:15 AM on July 18, 2007

Poll: Rooting for Bonds Divided by Race

I'm on the fence when it comes to the steriods conversation. On ever level of professional competition people "do things" to get the edge on their competition; it's the world we live in (like it or not). In Bonds case, steriods or not, he still has the skill to look down a baseball moving 90 plus miles per hour and make contact 751 times. Steriods did'nt give him his eye or swing (more power.....yeah). How many people given steriods could acutally go and do the same? In the world of competition people do what they must to rise above the rest. If the spotlight was turned so we could see all that goes on; maybe the stoning of Barry Bonds would stop. Who came up with that dumb a.. poll anyway; why was it important to identify race in the voting? Everybody cheats! Some get caught some don't. How many times in sports has a defining moment been in question? It's the drama that is life; live with it. (Jordan clearly pushed off.....) put an asterik next that.

posted by fourthreeforty at 10:07 AM on July 17, 2007

NFL folds Europe league, to focus on regular-season games abroad

There was just an incident involving tb. (Leaving Tokyo I believe) It's so far fetched.

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NFL folds Europe league, to focus on regular-season games abroad

I think the whole NFL abroad idea is stupid; it would remove the feel of home field advantage, games that could impact the playoff picture end up being played in Tokyo? Not to mention the extra exposure to whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Can you imagine Peyton Manning stuck in transition with Tb; with the playoffs starting. Better yet, the Patriots entire squad quarantined with some new flu virus.

posted by fourthreeforty at 06:02 PM on June 30, 2007

Spurs 4

Just a drop in the bucket; tommytrump. (4.3 - 40 has the cake). Ya see, I was up late one night and there was this oriental gentlemen on T.V. talking about how I could make 1 million dollars in less than a month; (wow) so I bought the disc. The rest is history. You too, can live in the lap of luxury by follow the easy 3 step program. (Hahahahah)

posted by fourthreeforty at 02:29 PM on June 15, 2007

Spurs 4

Yes, I am here, and after losing a ridiculous amount of money to boot, you may have your way with me (sniff). Ginobli should be M.V.P. Is his contract up we could use him. The Cavs played like a team in the finals for the first time. Yet, they did manage to bring some defense; but it was never as close as the score reflected.( THE CAVS ARE STILL A GOOD TEAM, DON'T TAKE THAT FROM THEM) San Ant would have issued that spanking to who ever showed up to play this year; they were machine like. I'LL HAVE SOME GREY POUPON WITH MY CROW PLEASE. (next year the saga continues). So................How about those Indians?

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Cavaliers 0

I've been eating crow for along time now cheering for Cleveland teams. The Cavs are on the brink of ending the drought; so I think I'll take some gravy with my crow. Next season win, lose or draw; I'll be right back on the saddle. Until then, Black_Hand pass the gravy please. TOMMYTRUMP, I'VE ALREADY DROPPED "5K" ON THE CAVS TO WIN THE SERIES! I got it to burn. Let it roll. Come strong or don't come at all. Shhhhh! Don't tell my wife. I luv you guys; this site always makes my day. Be safe all. Have a pleasant day and a even better tomorrow. (I just made that up. Really I did.)

posted by fourthreeforty at 08:07 AM on June 06, 2007

Cavaliers 0

I'm just asking for the credit due the Cavs without all the excuses; Billups finger was hurting, the Pistons just had an off series, there's no way they should have lost, if coulda woulda. You all know it, like I know it; four straight was very impressive. This Cavs team that most refuse to give it's due; played the same amount of regular season games as the Pistons and Spurs etc....., and have done the things necessary to go to the finals i.e....score more points than the other team and be ahead on the scoreboard when time runs out. I'm a fan for life, I live and die with Cleveland teams. If the Cavs go down in five; I'll take on the chin. (Or) I'll talk about how: Lebron had a cold, the refs sided with Duncan, there's no way the Spurs should have won, the basket at the Cavs end of the court looked alitte warped (give me a break). Even Duncan himself gave Cleveland the credit for the two regular seasons wins; and noted that this team has grown up. Duncan also said, that they will have to give attention to the whole squad not just Lebron.

posted by fourthreeforty at 07:49 PM on June 05, 2007

Cavaliers 0

My point was proven when the Cavs spanked the Pistons four straight. All the non-believers, who after the fact try to say the Pistons are the better team, show me. Try this stat: Cavs 4 - Pistons 2. The all powerful, "better team" up and down Pistons. If it were just one game during the regular season; ok the Cavs got "lucky". But, four straight from being two down in the"playoffs"; the time of the season when "the great teams up and down RISE UP to claim victory. No Hoss, you show me. Give credit, lick your wounds, move on. Tune in Thursday @9:00 p.m. est to watch the saga continue.

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Cavaliers 0

Obviously, there was a way for Detroit to lose the series. The Pistons under estimated the rest of the cavaliers; so Gibson hits 31 pts. All season teams thought to double Lebron was the answer; and they paid the price. The Cavs have alot of talent; it's just young talent or players that did'nt fit the scheme on the previous teams they were with. Like Z, when the Spurs tried to slow Lebron with dubbs, Z hit 23 pts while two other Cavs hit high double digits. The Pistons are not a better team up and down the line; show me stats and I'll show you the inconsistencies. Also, before anyone starts dropping names; players names don't matter when you're down on the scoreboard.

posted by fourthreeforty at 03:14 PM on June 05, 2007

LeBron James is on another level now

The dynasty starts with a championship series over San Ant. The game analysis were saying the same thing.

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LeBron James is on another level now

You are watching it happen in real-time my friend.

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LeBron James is on another level now

Cavs 4- Spurs 2, Lebron M.V.P, the dynasty begins.

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LeBron James is on another level now

Michael Jordan, Magic, Bird, etc..... they all had a way with the ref; it's all part of the game. Stop making excuses for the Pistons getting spanked four games straight.

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LeBron James is on another level now

Lebron can't do it alone, so Gibson steps up. Good teams show up when it counts; don't blame the refs or say the Pistons are just playing bad ball, give credit (Recognize) the Cavs have arrived. If the Spurs are a completely different team in the playoff; they better be brand new come the finals. Here come those Cavaliers; young, bright eyed, talented, hungry, ready!

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LeBron James is on another level now

First of all, players flop all over the league it's part of the game; so give Lebron all the credit due him (even for alittle play acting and getting to the line). Danny Ainge made a career out of flopping. Secondly, Nov. 3 in San. Ant. Cavs 88 - Spurs 81. Jan. 2 in Cleve. ( I saw this in person) Cavs 82 - Spurs 78.(Hmmm) I must say, the Cavs looked very much out matched in both games. Also, being the more experienced and "better" team; I'm sure the Spurs must realize"that beating the teams that you should beat" is the difference of being the one seed in the playoffs and winning a division title that they should have clearly won. But wait, they are not the better team says those two spankings, they did'nt win the division title and they were the 3 seed in the all powerful west. Honestly, since the Lakers of past all the west has been is a run away train that crashes and the survivors go to the finals.

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LeBron James is on another level now

The Spurs could do nothing with the Cavs during the regular season. Where was their bench while Lebron was hitting 35 pts? But, the Spurs did do well against Detroit. I guess the Spurs should hope for a Detroit comeback. (Not!)

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LeBron James is on another level now

Today on espn, it was said the Lebrons' performance was better than Michael Jordans 63 point playoff game; which Chicago lost. The Cavaliers have arrived, (Recognize). The Pistons have just as much experience and talent as the Spurs and the Cavs are handling the business. I have watched this team grow(floor seats ever other home game) and they are ready. One more bona fide scorer would make this team unstoppable.

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Kobe Bryant Demands Trade

Kobe comes to Cleveland. NBA finals tickets on sale for the next four years.

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Ravens quarterback Steve McNair charged in DUI case

I'm not sure how the law reads in other states; but in Ohio it's called wrongful entrustment. If you knowingly give a person, who's driver license is invalid and or impaired, permission to use your vehicle the owner of the vehicle is responsible for whatever happens while the other individual is driving. (Insurance companies are a mutha) This allows insurance companies to recoop loses in the event of an accident if the driver dies or is just plan broke; they sue the owner of the vehicle.

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Cavaliers complete sweep of Wizards

I'm g sorry if o I offended or c irritated you a "jerseygirl" v; in the furture I will be more discreet with my elation for my s home teams success!!!! I've suffered thru tons of losing season (sniff) and all the cleveland jokes (sniff) and it just felt good to get that out. SORRY!!!!!

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Panthers release Keyshawn Johnson

No Keyshawn in Cleveland. We have Jurevicius. Keyshawn cried in Tampa when Jurevicius got more balls. Keyshawn cried in New York when Cherbet got more balls, he's a big ass baby.

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Cavaliers complete sweep of Wizards

GO CAVS!!!!!!!

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GO CAVS!!!!!!

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First Round Predictions.

GO CAVS!!!!!!!!!!!

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Urlacher fined $100,000 for Super Bowl hat

We must remember; it's all about the money. Companies pay alot money to be official NFL sponsors, so when players wear or drink a non-sponsor product at an NFL event, it pisses-off the companies that pay. I agree with the fine; the NFL is a business like it or not. If I were "Commissioner" the fines would be greater; so little pea-on companies with short money could'nt get national exposure so cheap. Without this rule you would find adias, reebok, nike, puma, pepsi, coke, gatorade, budweiser, coors, lipton tea, cheerios...........hats and tee shirts on every sideline.

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Winning Isn't Everything

I love the wild round. The team that endures to the end; is the team that deserves to win. If your season is 162 games; you need to try to show up of all 162 games. Any given day the better teams wins. If you feel you're playing a lesser team then beat them. Otherwise, lick your wounds and show up next season. Some teams take advantage of their opportunites and some don't. (Such is sports).

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Bledsoe retires

I'm not a Bledsoe fan;but in his defense the surrounding casts he worked with early in his career were very sub-par on both sides of the ball . It was late in his career with the Pat's when the core and surrounding players became a strong group. By that time he had taken alot hits, and had alot balls dropped attemping to engineer come from behind victories . When a quarterback throws 70 times in one game completes 45 and you only score 26 points there is something wrong. Where was the running? Can we really believe Bledsoe threw 25 bad passes? Or did the recievers drop 10? My point is, Bledsoe threw alot in his career because he was all the Pat's had for a good stretch. When you drop back alot with a sub-par line you get sacked; with wideouts that can't get open you get sacked even more. Bledsoe tried for years to put the Pat's on his shoulders; just when the core got stronger the coaches were done with him; he was used up. All the hits he took, the load he put on his arm, the media bashing meant absolutely nothing. The system and surrounding casts a quarterback has to works with can make or break his career. Never once during the bad times did Bledsoe want out. So, if there is Hall-of-Fame for sticking it out lets give Bledsoe that much, rather than talk about what he did not achieve. He suited up every Sunday and threw his ass off, trying to make something happen for a team rebulilding. Would the other Hall-of-Fame QB's have faired as well in the same position?

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Imus, the Irrelevant and Whitlock, the Wise

Hip-hop music is far from the problem. If your radio and or cd player is raising your children; check the mirror. As for the comments made; waaaaay to muuuch aiiiiirrrrr tiiimme for a comment that ignorant. Can we move on. He's suspended (alot that going on lately), apologized, and lost to big sponsors; I don't think they still tar and feather or cut tongues out. (Hey there's a thought) Yeah, Yeah, thats it out with his tongue.

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Titans' Pacman is suspended for 2007 season

Art Schilichter ( white, male, good hair, blue eyes, ) banned from NFL for gambling? (Yes?) If you make yourself a target you just might get hit with something nasty. Will I miss Pacman's abliltiy to make plays and entertain me? Yes, but I don't feel one bit sorry for a grown man that can't handle himself. If you don't want to play by the rules get out of the way and let one of the thousands of other potential NFL players have a shot.

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Ex-Patriot receiver Darryl Stingley dies

No excuse not to be sorry is correct; but how can anyone say that Tatum is'nt sorry. Just because he didn't illustrate in that manner that all watching thought would be appropiate; does not mean he felt nothing for Stingley. Does anyone really know what you should say to man that can no longer walk because of your actions intentional or not. We can all say; but are any of us really that brave. How easy is it to approach someone that you have hurt on a lesser scale. I know first had what it's like to hurt some one on the field of play; it fu... with you bad. My hit was clean, just like I was taught when I played pee-wee league football. Hit, wrap, lift, drive; I ended another kids' highschool and potential college career. He intiated our first of many conversations alittle after the season ended; he said to me " I would have been scared to call or see you too. I mean really what do you say. I could see in your eyes when you were standing over me that you didnt me to hurt me. You just came free, You just came free." I was tagged dirty the rest of that season and took cheap shots for every team we played. ( We see things happen and judge; but we never really know what goes on in the minds and hearts of those judged behind closed doors, when no one is looking and the lights go out.

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Goodell wants the NFL Banhammer

ahahahahahahaahahah. lol Let's talk after the NBA finals.

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Goodell wants the NFL Banhammer

BornIcon, when you were six,seven years old playing playground sports; Did you dream of that fat contract, or just making it to the pros? It pisses me off that these athletes are livin childhood dreams and fu..... it up. It's no ones "right" to play pro sports, but should you choose that path, I feel you have the responsibility of maintaining the integrity of that childhood dream and carrying yourself like you have some fu.... sense. These athletes should do this for themselves and for all the fans (all the kids) that wear their number and cheer them on. (sniff, sniff). But you know, my grandfather always said " common sense ain't all that common".

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Goodell wants the NFL Banhammer

Come on BornIcon, work with me (any given Sunday, your pimp hand can go limp) (except for mine). No one thought O.J. was guilty ( hmmm?) I'm sure no one thought that Sanjay would go this deep on American Idol. (Anything is possible).

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Goodell wants the NFL Banhammer

It's good to know some people keep up with box office hits (bornIcon). Let me throw some scenarios out: 1. Peyton Manning with Pacman's case load;lets throw in a prostitue and some drugs. What would you do? How would you feel ? How should it be handled? (rememeber its case by case; and this is the Super Bowl M.V.P, Mr. Karismatic, America's Quarterback). 2. Houston Texans back up center " Whatas Name " same case load. Gentlemen, wrong is wrong no matter who you are. With that said, do we think case by case is really going to work. I'm not saying ruin a guys life(even if he helps), but stern and strict penalties would definitly open eyes. A dis-honorable discharge doesn't mean you can't work again; just not where you would like. Move on with life. Or, How about a gag order on the media until all the facts are heard and the case is closed ? That way guys like us can address more important topics like Budweiser Girls, or the L.A. Laker Girls etc............and SPORTS.

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Goodell wants the NFL Banhammer

I agree partially with Bishop; the one to rule over all concept is not going to get the job done. (WHO'S WATCHING THE SHEPERD?). Yes, we pay big money to see Pacmans,Henrys,Carruths what they do best; but it is time for a very hard chin check. These players need be reminded that with great big pay checks comes even bigger responsibility. If you wanna run with the big doggs and pee on the big trees; understand there will be greater consequences when the fun stops, the weed smoke clears, the prostitutes go home, the breathelizer reads twice the legal limit, and that illegal hand under the seat in your car that is not yours (of course); accidently goes of and kills an innocent driver. When these athelets signed contracts they chose a life of being under the microscope . It is no different then when someone joins the military; you sign to do a service and are expected to uphold an code of ethics and moral fortitude. (the pay checks are just bigger) So, I'm all for heavy fines, bans, suspension, what ever it takes to drive the point home; but the responsiblity of handing them out is far to great for one man to over see. I close with,"All men are innocent until proven guilty." Let's not condemn until we know all the facts people.

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Chicago Cubs for sale.

Hey, there was a coupon in last Sundays paper for 50% of any MLB franchise; with purchase of any game time snack item. (limit one franchise per )

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Florida 84, Ohio State 75

I live in Ohio and never root for Buckeye anything. The Gators used speed, strength, smarts and prevailed. Passing the ball to Oden late was not an option; he was winded (in spite of his good numbers) and the Buckeyes were playing catch up. Great game plan! Go Gators.

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