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Referee Suspended Indefinitely

UCLA we are in the year 2007. Kereem Abdul Jabar is no longer an active member of the NBA. The current is President George Bush. We have color TV, satellite dishes , and 50 states in the USA. Forget the past and live for the present and future. I'm in my 50's and have learned to move on.

posted by Mustang 71 at 06:47 PM on April 17, 2007

Cowboy's "Crazy Ray" dies.

Say hello to Coach Tom Landry for me.

posted by Mustang 71 at 02:12 PM on March 18, 2007

The Saints come home to a heart warming party

Class act

posted by Mustang 71 at 05:53 PM on January 26, 2007

'Scuse me while I whip this out...

Let he that has not pissed on the street cast the first stone. ... Not many hurlers Huh

posted by Mustang 71 at 02:51 PM on December 22, 2006

Basketball is a Confidence Game

Look at the bench or sidelines in any game, any level, and tell me confidence is not the difference at the end of the contest.

posted by Mustang 71 at 04:12 PM on November 04, 2006

T.O. Reportedly Attempted Suicide

I have never been a TO fan. His antics on the field are a bit much for me to handle, however my prayers are with him. Football is entertainment for us fans ; Suicide is a game you don't play. God help him.

posted by Mustang 71 at 09:54 AM on September 27, 2006

Senior Tackles Disability

Tyler has done more than many capable people in this world. Feel good article.

posted by Mustang 71 at 05:19 PM on September 13, 2006

Lions' assistant coach arrested for driving in the buff, among other things.

Classic line SummersEve. My hat, shirt, and pants are off to you.

posted by Mustang 71 at 11:43 AM on September 07, 2006

Greece celebrates stunning upset.

It seems like the USA couldn't defend the outside shot. The final cut, Bruce Bowen, has long been on of the best defenders in the NBA. Coack K chose to keep S Battie in his favor. Truly a case of poor decisions over Duke loyality. We need defenders, outside shooting, and our best team to represent the USA.

posted by Mustang 71 at 02:24 PM on September 01, 2006

The Mick's 10 biggest taters

I too was a big fan of Mickey Mantle. I could not wait for the weekly saturday broadcast. Let's not forget Bobby Richardson, Tom Tresh, Joe Pepitone, Elston Howard, Clete Boyer, ... My most favorite HR was in the World Series against Bob Gibson.

posted by Mustang 71 at 01:59 PM on August 18, 2006

Community Service Artest Style

I stand correctd in the fact that he did not start the fight. However mjkredliner is on the money with his point on professional athletes. Fans have and will continue to be loud and overbearing and the jocks need to leave their rabbit ears at home.

posted by Mustang 71 at 08:46 PM on August 17, 2006

Community Service Artest Style

Community service would seem better served in a different city. The judical system should have a bit more feel than the guy who started the riot in D_E_T_R_I_O-T B-A-S-K-E-T-B-A-L-L.

posted by Mustang 71 at 04:11 PM on August 17, 2006

Battle of the Titans

Threr is a fine line between competitiveness and stupidity. White's actions on the field have given him a bad rap. Talented young man yet poor decision making.

posted by Mustang 71 at 01:28 PM on August 11, 2006


Ufez jones you are absolutely correct in the fact that I'm a Spurs fan. However, the whining came from Mark Cuban.

posted by Mustang 71 at 01:30 PM on August 10, 2006


Let's not forget the Dallas Mavericks for Cheating us out of a championship against the Miami Heat. How in the world do you blow a series being up ......

posted by Mustang 71 at 07:33 PM on August 09, 2006

One idiot replaces another

It could of been worst. Say Bill Parcell

posted by Mustang 71 at 04:55 PM on August 04, 2006

Steve Nash: End of an Hair-a

Steve is a clean cut role model we can all appreciate. I hope the Samson mystique is true when he plays against my Spurs.

posted by Mustang 71 at 12:28 PM on July 21, 2006

USA Basketball Ready to Rebound?

Some reasons for our lost last time: A lack of someone who can knock down the outside jumper. The last group of players never gelled. Argentina played like a TEAM and the rest is history.

posted by Mustang 71 at 09:48 AM on July 20, 2006