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Falcons QB Michael Vick Indicted on Federal Charges;

It never fucking fails with this place, Black man indicted= must mention OJ, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Pro wrestling is soap opera. Yea and the craziest mustache threads that pop up here every year are all about sports too. Then there are the Maurice Clarett threads that were 60 posts long because he jacked someone for a cell phone. Keep in mind he wasn't involved with any sport at the time and yet he found his way into several threads here at Spofi. Benoit was an athlete on juice. Just as many kids knew Chris Benoit as they do Mike Vick. His business is referred to as "sports entertainment". My point is that (as a black man) take great offense when a "High Profile" black person hurts me, my family, my black community and the whole image of the the black race by his actions, and for that he should be given the MAXIMUM sentence IF convicted for the Crime of dogfighting. He as a "HIGH PROFILE" person (if convicted) has hurt more than just a "bunch of dogs". He has hurt an entire race Get off the pipe "brother". All I want to know is, will every one show up in the 'Mike Vick found innocent' thread like they did in the "I told you the white boys from Duke were innocent thread". Will any of you support him suing the media for their part is this bullshit? I feel I must ask: do you condone, and/or participate in, dogfighting? Do you condone the circus? Zoos? Any sport involving animals? If you do, you condone animal cruelty on 1 level or another. You ever had a leg of Lamb? Take a guess at how they kill the baby sheep. Killing an animal for food is different? Yea eating it is much less cruel then burying it. Stop acting like these guys would just walk out to the kennel, randomly select a dog and set it on fire. At least none of the dogs were tied up and dragged to death because they were black. Or shot by police because they wouldn't 'do what they are told'. The accepted racism here is a fucking insult. Take a look back at the Duke thread when they were 1st indicted and see how many people were calling for them to be mauled by animals. And for all you newly found 'activists', take a look at this "sports"event that happens every year and then find the corresponding 'Spofi outrage thread'. from the article; Besides the obvious cruelty, dogs also pay a terrible price behind the scenes. Not every puppy born is a fast runner, and those who do not make the grade are usually killed—by bludgeoning or drowning—for not possessing monumental stamina and speed. Guess how many Black folk compete in that event. Half of you don't even like Pitbulls. They are even banned in some neighborhoods. But when an animal suffers (at the hands of rich Black thug gang members), the reaction seems to be more vocal and outraged. fixed. Evidence? Search threads and comments for 'Spofi members against the Iditarod". White athlete on steroids kills retarded story here. Black athlete "might" be involved in dogfighting...get the rope and torches, we're on our way to a 100 poster. If he is found innocent there won't even be a thread unless it's a thread full of 'I can't believe they let that coon go'.

posted by Bishop at 12:38 PM on July 18, 2007

Falcons QB Michael Vick Indicted on Federal Charges;

Obviously the dogs that were killed were killed for more than just "they didn't fight good". They are still worth money uninjured. They were injured beyond help and euthanized. But black gang member thugs wearing bling killed them so they were electrocuted, hanged and "slammed to the ground" etc. Like it matters what makes them dead. Chris Benoit choked his retarded son and wife to death..what makes you more "sick"? comment? These guys fought dogs (allegedly) and then euthanized a few, 'call congress cause those rich negros are at it again'. What's the world coming to.

posted by Bishop at 06:02 AM on July 18, 2007

Falcons QB Michael Vick Indicted on Federal Charges;

Being black is a chance of birth. Not an excuse. "If he did the crime, then, He must do the time!" Being black He should know that he is under a microscope and he should be MAN enough and Intelligent enough to realize it and watch his "P,s and Q's even more. Just remember an indictment only means that the grand jury decided that there is enough evidence to go forward with a trial, that is still quite a long way from a conviction. You see, this is the sickening fucking shit I'm always referring to here. I mean look at how many times he is called a "sick fuck" etc. One "sick fuck" goes as far as stating that he should know his life is under a microscope because he's black. I'm black, should I know to watch my p's and q's? Remember he has only been accused of the crime and look at this bullshit make shift wanna be lynch mob. This is exactly the shit Chico (rip) was referring to. The funny thing is the outrage by some people that "some of the dogs were killed" is fucking hilarious to me. Guess what they do to that cow before you eat it. Guess what they do to that chicken before you sit down with your bbq sauce. Guess what they have been doing to greyhounds for years after they are not fast anymore (trust me folks, "dog racing" isn't big in the projects, so guess who is running that business). Guess what they do to that little baby lamb you love so much with the mint jelly. Wait, everybody here is a vegetarian right? It just blows me away that so much outrage can be expressed toward someone ACCUSED of something and not one word was mentioned or discussed when, about a month ago a "high profile" white athlete (while on steroids and painkillers) choked his wife and mentally retarded son to death before killing himself. Where were all the "scumbag" posts then? One person goes as far as saying he is friends with a UFC fighter ( that got his ass beat in the 1st round recently) and wants Vick to fight him. UFC, where human beings beat each other senseless and it's just a matter of time before an MMA fighter gets murdered in the cage. But hey that's cool to watch right? If a fucking horse (that is forced to race mind you) breaks it's leg, what the fuck do you think happens to it? I'll give you a hint: Barbaro....Oh wait, he wanted to run around in circles with a man on his back. Besides a white guy killed Barbaro, so he was "euthanized". That's different. Get a fucking clue people.

posted by Bishop at 01:38 AM on July 18, 2007

Poll: Rooting for Bonds Divided by Race

I guess I'll jump in quick here. First of all the poll speaks for it's self. It's not really revealing anything we don't already know. I personally don't care either way. I'm not a big baseball fan. That said, CC if it was determined that Aaron took greenies, would he still hold the record "to you"?

posted by Bishop at 04:16 AM on July 17, 2007

Sheffield calls out Torre, Jeter, Bonds in HBO interview

Not only does Sheffield sound ignorant and racist himself, he also makes a beautifully hilarious homophobic statement talking about not wanting to take steroids because "the bottom line is steroids is something you stick in your butt -- period.". Is he really comparing a needle going into the fleshy part of his arse to jailbird sex? So all homosexuals have "jailbird sex" or everyone who has ever been arrested is homosexual? Way to call someone out for making homophobic statements with a stereotypical one of your own.

posted by Bishop at 10:55 AM on July 16, 2007

Down Goes Kobayashi! Down Goes Kobayashi!

Next speed eating contests will be to blame for young children starving all over the world. As far as fat , out of shape gluttons go, did you ever notice that the skinner guys always seem to win? Do you remember that comedian that could swallow light bulbs? Wonder where he got that bright idea. Speed eating bad, beer funnels/shotguns, speed drinking gooood.

posted by Bishop at 04:52 AM on July 06, 2007

Howard fastest in history to 100 homers

Bishop and mjkredliner Of all the people I have been accused of being, this is the first time I have been accused of arguing with myself in threads. ucla512, It is total suicide trying to relate to any tradition / history because as I have said before, any type of backround knowledge expressed related to a sport on this thread is for some reason a very negitive thing to express. posted by sportsnut April 4, 2007 Here is enough evidence by itself. A. When did he "say this before"? He had only been a member for 5 days. And 2. How did he know what was Spofi post suicide within his first week?

posted by Bishop at 03:58 PM on July 02, 2007

Howard fastest in history to 100 homers

ucla/theoldman/sportsnut? Maybe. I'll say one thing. Ucla512 has "personally witnessed" some pretty cool things as well. All you guys had better go look at the film of the oldtimers..If you think Shaq because of his size would dominate you got to be smoking something other than cigarettes. Upseld was one of the strongest guys in the league and Nate Thurman use to keep Wilt fairly even,. For the records Nate was over 6'10" and extremely mobile something that Shaq isn't and never will be. And as far as Wilt goes, he didn't have to back over guys, he would stop and turn and finger roll the ball into the hoop except over Nate and later Lanier and Kareem. Let me tell you gentlemen a story that I was lucky enough to witness. It was during the late 60's and Wilt was playing for the Warriors. He turned in the key and put up one of his sometimes hook shots, and little Tommy Hawkings of the Lakers all 6'5"a jump up at least 12+ inches over the rim and blocked it back in Wilt's face. The look on Wilt's face was one of disbelief and then he took the ball out of the air and in your face dunk over Hawkings, Mel Counts and Rudy LaRussa. But the real story was later that year Wilt was going against Tom McChery nd Wilt kind of lost it when Tom jumped on his back as he went up for a dunk. Wilt picked him up and threw him 5 or 6 rows into the courtside seats. Big Tom 6'7 or 8 about 285lbs came out of the seats carrying a folding chair with him and started at Wilt, who just stood there and smiled kind of saying to him OK come on then. Tom looked at Wilt then at the chair and looked around and then just put the chair down and came back on the court. Nothing said nothing done. You want respect not fear this is one instance that shows nothing but the respect that Big Tom had for Wilt's strength and real lowkey attitude for playing. Everyone keeps on saying all the players in the old days were small. Yeah, Bob Lanier, was real small 7' 330 size 22 shoes. Mel Counts was over 7 feet(slim) maybe 230-240 on a good day. Bob Pettit wasn't a small person either. Well over 230. Elgin was 6'5" 235-240 and even today is the only 6'5" forward to average over a 1000 rebounds and 38.7 points per game. A believe me there was nobody in the NBA that wanted any part of Elgin driving to the hoop. Even in todays standards Elgin Baylor stands out as oneof the strongest and most intimating player of any era. Sportnut, right on. Shaq could be so much more than he is. As he had gotten older he has lose so much of his abilities around the hoop. On the other hand, when Wilt came to the Lakers he started to play defense so that nobody drove the middle on him or the Lakers and when Jerry got hurt one year, he decided to score and if my memory serves me, he average well over 35 points for a period of time that was needed until Jerry came back. Shaq doesn't play like that, and to honest after watching with the Lakers for all those years, I don't understand why he doesn't. The three top centers in history all played great defensel. Bill, Kareem, and Wilt. All three were never credited with any many blocked shots because they didn't keep track of that stat until well into Kareem's career. He looked like he wasn't trying on the floor but believe me the reason nobody tried to take it to the middle is the fact that 99% of the time you would have the ball back in your face or Kareem would pick it out of the air and off to the other end. Walton was known for that in high school, college and the pros. Everybody is talking smack about this or that but when it comes to comparing you younger gentlemen had better look at the film highlites and history archives of the NBA from past to present. We all know there is a difference between then and now but you need to watch how the game was played by a quote to Sportnut "the days when true men played the game, not a bunch of egol grabbing sissys." Opinions are opinions and everyone has one. In the other sports a lot of things have changed, some for the good some for the bad, but in basketball the bottom line will and always will be put the ball in the hoop and stop the opponent from doing so as often as you. posted by ucla512 at 11:53 AM CDT on March 29

posted by Bishop at 01:33 AM on July 02, 2007

Centre of attention

As soon as I think the Flyers (with all the moves) are going from worst to first, I see NY adds Drury and Gomez. Not good. If they keep Nylander with Jagr, Drury or Gomez could be their 2nd and 3rd line centers. WTH is that, the Eastern allstars? You have to hope they lose Nylander to FA. Maybe Philly will give him a 2 yr deal.

posted by Bishop at 12:52 AM on July 02, 2007

Howard fastest in history to 100 homers

This reminds me of another thread that mentioned the movie 3 o'clock high. Damn it, a threat of violence and I'm still not involved. I am missing an angle here. I don't even recall ever being threatened. A player hitting .275 making 2.5 million a year is crazy. I will end this with a thank you for listening and high hopes that baseball continues to be fun to watch and play no matter what the age, race, gender, or salary of the players...

posted by Bishop at 08:40 PM on June 29, 2007

Howard fastest in history to 100 homers

Ryan Howard is probably embarrassed that we even associated his name with this fucking mess. Damn it, a fucking mess has been created without my help. I'm losing my touch.... Or am I gaining my touch. I'm confused.

posted by Bishop at 02:58 PM on June 29, 2007

Howard fastest in history to 100 homers

From what I understand his parents had him focus on his education vs. baseball during his college years (as they did all their children). I'm also under the impression he graduated high school at 18 vs. 17, and he got a 4 year degree. That puts him out of college at 22 as oppose to entering MLB at 20 like Griffey etc. The Thome trade and his defense also played a part in the limited time he saw in the bigs at 23-24-25 years of age.

posted by Bishop at 08:22 PM on June 28, 2007

Howard fastest in history to 100 homers

I'd be more impressed if he wasn't turning 28 this year. I get where you're coming from, but you should read up about him. There is a reason he started so late. Either way, very impressive record, and 505 is nothing to sneeze @.

posted by Bishop at 02:53 AM on June 28, 2007

Congress Scolds N.F.L. and Union

After all the flack current players catch about where they are the night before a scheduled meeting with Roger Goodell, or not showing up for court in regards to speeding tickets or public drunkenness. The current "hammer dropping" commissioner leads perfectly by example and doesn't show for a damn congressional hearing about the state of his league and how it treats its ex-players. This bum just disgraced himself and the league with his do as I say not as I do mentality. Think he'll be punished? Think his livelihood will be threatened? Think he'll get suspended? I think Maxine Waters said it best. Maxine Waters, who is not a member of the committee, was invited to participate because her husband is the former N.F.L. player Sidney Williams. When you have the Republicans and the Democrats both coming from the same place, some thing's wrong here, it’s unusual — and we have a good opportunity to make something happen,” she said. I'm sure it's a coincidence that both Goodell and Upshaw are over seas at the same time. It can't have anything to do with marketing and trying to make money. I guess Goodell has to feed his family and that's why he couldn't cancel his "meetings". Both of these assholes have to go.

posted by Bishop at 11:22 PM on June 26, 2007

Prosecutor in Duke Case Disbarred by Ethics Panel

I haven't had much time lately to comment (hold your applause), I would however like to compliment the previous posters whether agreeing or disagreeing with me. As far as "sticking up for" (as it were) people who are wrongfully accused, I just don't think these guys needed my support. They had the women's team wearing arm bans, there was not one thread here calling for a ban or suspension before they had due process, and they have settled with the university (the minute the charges were dropped). Being wrongfully accused and being wrongfully shot are 2 different things. These guys were never labeled thugs, gang members, a posse, or any such thing. Again seeing these guys being defended when they basically committed the same offenses that the Vikings players committed a little while back is actually evidence that White athletes behaving similarly as Black athletes is viewed differently. If the accused was Mike Tyson (see his previous rape case as exposed by Allen Dershowitz, Harvard Law professor) Pacman Jones, Steve Foley, or Ron Artest, This case would still be going on. If this was the University of Miami football team, do you think we'd be discussing them being wronfully accused now? Do you think they would be getting monetary compensation? Black athletes catch hell for even going to strip clubs, bars etc. These young men brought the strippers home with them to do the same damn thing that Black athletes do with them and they are praised and glorified for it. Not even as much as a 'you'll think twice next time', or 'that's what they get for being in that environment' or 'shame on them for hiring the same type of women that we hear about Pacman Jones hanging around everyday on Sportscenter'. A black athlete can get shot (attempted murder) and the general consensus is ' oh well, he shouldn't have been speeding'. I am most likely the only member of this community that would think of saying something like "how's it feel" or "see, being wrongfully accused isn't any fun is it" pertaining to these guys and you're saying that 1 person saying it once is to much. Imagine if you read post after post condemning these guys even after they were found to be innocent. Please don't suggest all injustices are the same, because this case proves that they are not.

posted by Bishop at 07:18 AM on June 23, 2007

Prosecutor in Duke Case Disbarred by Ethics Panel

Thank you for the substance LBB and Bperk. Thank you for your view point Ctal1999 (whether you agree or disagree). Good job at keeping the thread moving. As for: /watches thread fall down the tubes Please give your honest opinion as to where you thought this thread would go. Did you expect a 40 post thread about the DA? Hopefully you'll take note of the community members who posted after I did and see that people are capable of agreeing, or disagreeing without an all out personal war. There doesn't have to be the same ole mess every single time. If each of us took it upon ourselves to agree/disagree, add some substance and move on we could collectively limit the threads that fall "down the tubes", instead of just watching helping them do so.

posted by Bishop at 01:06 AM on June 20, 2007

Former Redskins, Giants LB Arrington hurt in motorcycle crash

This might have gotten more attention had you wrote 'Arrington busted with $5 bucks worth of weed'.

posted by Bishop at 12:21 AM on June 19, 2007

Prosecutor in Duke Case Disbarred by Ethics Panel

I guess I'll never understand why these guys from Duke are treated like victims. Pro athletes are wrongfully accused all the time. Then when the truth is exposed, and they are still thought to be guilty anyway (by some). These guys were partying with strippers and not once have I read a 'wrong place, wrong time, so that's what they get' comment. You know, just like the ones that are given to pro athletes. If this was Pacman Jones, this would be counted as just another 'run in with police'. Like the one they have currently "Pacman didn't shoot anyone, he doesn't know who got shot, in fact he wasn't even there, however we still want to talk to him". Some of you act as if the police kicked in the door on the Duke party, thought they saw a rape going on, and shot 1 of these guys for reaching for their waistband. I guess my point is, does anyone know what is going on with the cop that shot an unarmed Foley?....I didn't think so. But here we are with our 5th "they didn't do it thread" for the guys from Duke. the Reverend Al Sharpton didnt help either. Riiiight. You know his word is law around the Duke campus. WTF, even when a white guy is guilty, they still have to find a black man to pin it on.

posted by Bishop at 12:18 AM on June 19, 2007

Lineman, dead at 36, Exposes Brain Injuries

The more I read about ex-NFL players, the more I understand the popular phrase, "I have to feed my family". These players are being neglected to the point of disgust. So to the current players I say, hold out, sit out, refuse trades, refuse to play until you get every dime you can. Then instead of just saying "I have to feed my family", you should also say my family will have to feed me when I don't have the motor function to feed myself.

posted by Bishop at 04:08 AM on June 17, 2007

Patriots Linebacker Missing in Lake

You mention cops in damn near every one of your comments. Please remind me never to visit where you live. Odds are (assuming you're White) you'd get by just fine. If you are not White, please visit where I live so we both can mention cops in damn near every one of our posts. This statement implies that you somehow feel looking like Anna Nicole Smith is more attractive than say looking like Whitney Houston or Beyonce or Halle Berry. or Opra Winfrey. No, it doesn't. It implies that all black people don't look black. In theory, one can pretend that one's light-skinned friend/wife isn't like the rest of them and still be racist. It happens. Exactly. My point was your wife could be 1/8 Black and as pale as Gwen Stefani, but you throw it out there as if you are married to Sha nene Jenkins or Queen Latifah.

posted by Bishop at 08:29 PM on May 30, 2007

Patriots Linebacker Missing in Lake

I may have made it seem that I am totally without sympathy, which isn't actually the case. I have sympathy for someone who lost their life because they made a mistake, and I certainly feel for his family. Believe me if a member of my family died doing something stupid, I would be crushed and feel terrible. I just don't think I would expect it from others. Then why come in here and take a shit on some one's virtual grave with all that "he deserved it" bullshit. You're assumptions that he was doing something stupid is fucking absurd. Sure it's easy to say him not wearing a life vest was stupid, but you don't know all the circumstances. He could have been stuck in traffic for 2 hours then realized he reached his destination without life vests, so he figured he'd take a quick spin and call it a day. He may have saw a couple of teenagers goofing off on jet skis and gave his to them. Sure all of this seems unlikely, but my point is you don't have a fucking clue why he didn't have one on. I also wonder if alcohol was involved it being a holiday weekend and all. You also assume he was showing off or fucking around. You also assume he had more money then he knew what to do with. HE'S DEAD. Now do you get the fucking point? I can only hope something similar happens to one of your loved ones and then you have to hear someone call them an idiot for dying, regardless of how. Then you can learn a lesson from this in the same manner you want someone else to learn not to jet ski without a life vest by repeatedly calling the deceased victim stupid. This is the equivalent of calling all smokers who died of lung cancer idiots who got what they had coming. One last thing. If your claims of being married to an African American woman are solely for the sake of not looking like a racist, let me be the first to tell you it doesn't mean shit. I know 2 white policemen who have Black wives and hate (and have even falsely accused) young Black men in our community. Having a Black wife doesn't mean shit. She could be 1/4 Black and look like Anna Nicole Smith. If your going to be a racist at least stand up, stick your chest out and be one. Dancing around your obvious dislike of Black men just makes you look further insecure in your so called "mixed" or "inter-racial" relationship. You should be hoping karma doesn't bite you in the ass talking all this shit about life vests while living on a sailboat. How fucking stupid would that look if your boat went down while you were sleeping...without a life vest.

posted by Bishop at 03:02 PM on May 30, 2007

Rigid rules devastating quality of NBA.

jojo, where the hell did you come from? DON'T LIKE WHAT I WRITE? DON'T READ IT. Stop crying about what I do. If you don't like it, move on to something else. None of us forced you to read what is being written. Are you actually trying to tell me what and what not to write?

posted by Bishop at 05:53 PM on May 24, 2007

Rigid rules devastating quality of NBA.

please forgive my off topic ramblings, while I don't comment all that often, I felt compeled to speak out against Bishop's constant bluring of the line between sports and the real world. Dude, relax. This is an old thread that doesn't seem to be garnering any attention except from us. I'm being slightly over the top with you two because I do think it's funny. majority of peple here, "worred" "compeled" Hey Tommy, why not ask Folks what peple are? Just picking on me because I'm black huh? I don't hate any ethnic group and I would wager 99.9% of the SprotsFilter family are color blind as far as sports are concerned. You have the nerve to mention the "real world" after making a statement like that? What F'n planet do you live on? Now run your arse over to the "Steve Mcnair gets arrested for DUI" thread (WHILE NOT DRIVING A CAR), while I continue to wait for the Tony Larussa DUI thread to open.

posted by Bishop at 12:45 AM on May 23, 2007

Rigid rules devastating quality of NBA.

What is Hio-hop? It's a 1 key to the left typo. Did this help you understand what the fuck I was trying to say you bunch of hockey fighting, nascar crashing, baseball brawling simpletons. Fight'in in hockey is a tradition, rubb'in is rac'in, and high heat to the the skull is part of the game. Black men getting up off the bench is an out of control problem that stern better deal with now before it ruins America and our right to have beer as a sponsor on race cars (while people continue to murder others while driving drunk). White guys driving 150 mph with beer names all over their car=good role models, Black guy gets up off bench to come to the aid of white guy=suspension. The subconscious fear of a big black man is astounding. Sorry about the old fat guy wisecrack. Did I hit a soft spot? Now get your arses over to the new Bengal player got arrested thread, or even better, the Cliton Portis defends Mike Vick thread. Now there is some fine discussion. If certain members didn't fear getting banned, I wonder how many times you would see the post "I hate niggers" in place of "Black athlete does something to someone that I don't like".

posted by Bishop at 12:54 AM on May 21, 2007

Rigid rules devastating quality of NBA.

They played a better game and the sport was less about hip-hop values. I missed this thread, so I'm a little late but... What other "values" would you like to see basketball be about? How about NASCAR values. Crash a guy into a wall at 150mph because he cut in front of you while driving in a circle. Or maybe NHL values. Punch a guy in his teeth, split him open until he needs 40 stitches, then only get in trouble for 5 minutes. Or how about baseball. 'You want to crowd the plate huh? Well here is a 90 mph baseball to your fucking skull. Some of you here crying about players leaving the bench in the NBA are the same people who actually get excited when you see 30-40 year old fat, out of shape, relief pitchers running from the bullpen when the benches start to clear at a baseball game. Some of you also might feel like you were cheated when you go to a NHL game and at least 1 fight doesn't break out. Some of you stand up in your house and high-5 your buddies when goalies skate the length of the ice to throw down, then come here and cheer Stern for suspending players who simply got up out of their seats and walked on to the court after seeing their playoff hopes go crashing in to the floor from a body check. Hio-hop values? Save that hypocritical bullshit for someone who buys it.

posted by Bishop at 01:16 PM on May 20, 2007

Ravens quarterback Steve McNair charged in DUI case

Driving While Black. Exactly. Their definition= moving/drifting from 1 side of the lane to the other but not crossing the lines. Then after they run you for wants and warrants they say you can avoid tickets and points if you sign a consent to search. Then they say they are going to summon a k-9 unit just to gauge your reaction. Then after they don't find anything, they act like they get a call, tell you to have a nice day/night, then leave you to put everything back in your car, and that's if you're lucky. What happens if you're unlucky you ask?..........Don't ask.......

posted by Bishop at 12:41 AM on May 19, 2007

Ravens quarterback Steve McNair charged in DUI case

The worst part about CC is that it is the only place where I have seen KKK members out in broad daylight, dressed in full costume, handing out literature. You are correct sir. In a little town called Rising Sun they still gather on the weekends handing out 'litter'-ature to the cars that stop at their only intersection. Elkton is 50 minutes from Philly, 55 minutes from Baltimore, and 10 minutes from the KKK. Talk about conveniently inconvenient. You have no clue how many times I was stopped for "excessive weaving" while living in CC MD. It's very awkward hearing State Policemen yelling, "stop acting like a nigger" to eachother while working out at the local YMCA.

posted by Bishop at 07:32 PM on May 16, 2007

Ricky Williams tests positive for marijuana again

I'm not sure what arena we're in now. We're not even on topic of sports anymore. No shit, the thread is about a black man breaking laws/rules. You didn't actually expect to stay on the topic of sports did you? He's an idiot, gang color wearing, bling sporting, strip club going loser who should be shot by police for "reaching for his waistband". How dare he. There, we're back on topic. Note the post count.

posted by Bishop at 11:29 PM on May 15, 2007

Ravens quarterback Steve McNair charged in DUI case

I use to live in CC MD. Funny. Skateboarding is crime, however you can marry your cousin. Charles Barkley got married in Elkton (CC) MD.

posted by Bishop at 11:10 PM on May 15, 2007

Griffey Jr. to fan: You couldn't touch the threads on my jock!

I guess I should have qualified that after everyone decided that athletes should kill fans for talking shit. Yea, how dare some athletes hate us back. Thank god, that Artest isn't a baseball player. Can you see him going after someone with a 42oz bat and swinging for the fences. Can you see some moronic fan saying something to the Ty Cobb or the Babe. Cobb would have gone after them with his cleats high So Artest going after someone=bad, and Cobb going after someone=good? I don't get it.

posted by Bishop at 10:59 PM on May 15, 2007

Ravens quarterback Steve McNair charged in DUI case

Just cause I don't remember a post about Tony LaRussa's DUI, or Josh Hancock's DUI the week before his death, or Gustavo Chacin's DUI... That's why this shit is so weak. Uhh, I don't know what to write. There must be a glitch in the matrix. I could have swore I was suppose to say that. Weedy, How did you avoid getting scolded by those who would have pointed out to me that 1 thing has nothing to do with the other and that I was just bringing race into this for the sake of argument? arrest in Cecil County Cecil County...State?

posted by Bishop at 04:01 AM on May 11, 2007

Down Goes De La Hoya

I agree.....bor---ing. Yet another Hopkins/Taylor, Taylor/Wright, Tarver/Johnson mess. Both fighters scared to mix it up for fear of looking bad, all the while....looking bad. What happen to the days of the Clashing of the Titans? Herns/Leonard, Haglar/Leonard, Haglar/Hearns, Chavez/M. Taylor. We got Ward/Gatti and that's it. Note to fighters: IT'S NOT A CHESS MATCH, it's a fight. 20-40 million for that? Garbage, plain and simple. Floyd better retire before he runs into a wall named Ricky Hatton.

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Study shows racial bias by NBA referees

Deez..... Maybe, just maybe the "brothers" are "griping" because they are tired of the damn racism. Who the hell do you think is more likely to be tired of being discriminated against? Look at how offended you get when the "brothers" "dis" you before a game of "b-ball". Then when you drill a "J" in their "grill", you then get the respect you feel you deserve. I can see how it would frustrate you, with "honkys" being held down by 400 years of oppression when it comes to pick up games. You're helping to prove this study by adding obvious evidence like "brothers argue more", and reminding us that there have been several situations where a black player has only clapped and been ejected from a game. They can't argue, disagree, get mad at, or clap about a call. How do you suggest they get their respect? In the manner which you got it? By showing them up (like you do the "brothers" with your smooth game and awesome moves)? Quick side note, there is no such thing as "reverse racism". Unabridged (v 1.1) - rac·ism /?re?s?z?m/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[rey-siz-uhm] Pronunciation Key - –noun 1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others. 2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination. 3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races. Instead of "reverse racism", you might say, when Black people do the same shit to (your race here) that police, refs, teachers, voters, prosecutors, and judges have been doing do them for a long ass time. Point in case: Hey Mike Vick's cousin that sells weed also has dogs that fight. VICK DID IT, BAN HIM. Hey white refs call more fouls on black players. Bullshittttt, congressional Spofi hearing to prove that this is bullshit. Even with the evidence presented to prove the theory, note the manner in which some forcefully disagree. Even going as far as saying, "OK, maybe they do, but what do you expect, those "brothers" are always arg-ga-inn with the poor defenseless white refs. The "brothers" argue, so the refs cheat. I don't see the big deal".

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MLB Credits Hank Aaron With 50 Lost Home Runs

In all fairness grum, there are more reasons for "Bonds hatred" than the suspicion he did steriods Finally someone is hinting around to what I've been saying.

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St. Louis Cardinals Reliever, Josh Hancock, Dies in Car Crash.

You either hold out for concrete evidence, or you don't. Hmm, I know I've heard this some where.

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Ron Mexico had better watch his back a little better.

Then post it, and quit bitching about everything everybody else posts. It is really getting old. No, this shit is getting old. Then the disappearing acts which will undoubtedly happen when it's proven Vick is not guilty of any crime will be old. Then the next thread about some BS that somebody didn't do will be old as well. Rcade said, Your larger point -- black athletes are treated differently than white athletes when suspected of wrongdoing -- is valid. It's no secret I'm black. Then jojomfd said, quit bitching about everything everybody else posts. It is really getting old Are fucking serious. Someone else said something similar in another thread. Something to the effect of "black athletes are treated differently, film at 11:00 (indicating this is nothing new). So while 1 of the more respected members of this community admits Black athletes are looked upon differently (in the media and here I presume) again someone else (who is not Black) says, stop bitching about and take it. To that I say you must be fucking crazy. As long as "black athletes are treated differently than white athletes", I will continue to make an argument for fairness across the board. Some folks here can go into the landis thread and say things similar to "I know he's caught cheating, but I still hope he finds a loop hole to get around it" (after the fact of being found guilty). These same people are not scorned or overly scrutinized. I come into a thread and want equal treatment (not special treatment, just equal) for a black athlete who isn't proven guilty of anything concerning the link title and I'm asking to much? It was even mentioned that Vick should be banned or suspended without any type of due process/investigation or what have you(just because he surrounds himself with people like this that he doesn't live with by the way). As long as this occurs know that I will be right here calling for fair treatment. If you don't like it or "it gets old to you", SKIP MY POST. Every time some bullshit like this is posted, I have to read about weed, hookers, food stamps, jail, suspensions, posses, bling, gang colors, and the mention of other black athletes who have recently been reprimanded (see some posts above in just this thread for proof). With this being the case, whoever makes the CHOICE to read what I post, will be reading about the facts and not speculation. The fact is Vick doesn't live there, hasn't been charged with anything, and as of this day isn't criminally guilty of anything concerning the accusations in this link. Can a black man get a damn trial before he gets hung out to dry? Or his he now guilty of every thing he is accused of because he gave the crowd the finger once or better yet, is he guilty because you say so? By the way isn't this the same thing you are complaining about? Why wait until I do it to point it out? Point it out every time you see it. Oh wait, if it's done to a black athlete they probably deserve it. I get it now.

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Ron Mexico had better watch his back a little better.

If Vick wasn't involved with these people He's related to the guy in the same way you're related to one of your family members that have most likely been arrested. NO highly doubtful with emaciated and injured dogs all over the place, tied to axles buried in the ground and rape posts set up...TRY AGAIN Whens the last time Vick was there Mr. crystal ball? He was found in posession of a three part water bottle that smugglers use, a red flag. He certainly wasnt drinking water out of it. Seriously, are you really serious? He was "found in possession of" this. Which a lot of pro athletes/rich folk use to carry jewelry/big bills etc. Smugglers? Too damn funny. Since he WASN'T found in possession of weed, I guess you have to accuse him of being in 'possession' of something huh?

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MLB Credits Hank Aaron With 50 Lost Home Runs

It's funny to watch some preface their compliments. It's kind of like saying, 'good for you Barry, you dickhead'. It's almost like you have to acknowledge he is an asshole before rendering him any due just to avoid argument or even worse being mistaken for someone who is pro Barry. Oh my God imagine the horror. so all of your complaining will be worthless in twenty years. But until then, keep that valuable complaining coming.

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Ron Mexico had better watch his back a little better.

It's time to stop playing dumb. Vick knows this guy Please link to the Vick quote where he said, "I don't even know this guy". Maybe Vick's cousin has the place set up like a kennel of some sort. Maybe he told Vick he was in the dog selling business. Why do pro athletes become responsible for their entire extended family? Ever heard what Charles Barkley says about some of his family members? If Vick did think something shady was going on there maybe that's why he stayed away. If we don't discuss it here, when it's being reported all over the place, where should SportsFilter users go to find out if Michael Vick's being railroaded? We discuss enough of this BS when an athlete J-walks. Now we are going to have threads about their relatives? Its my opinion that there is enough of this here: Millionaires acting like 13 year olds needs to stop and be held accountable. Hypothetical for anyone that disagrees: If you are being paid millions of dollars to do the thing that you love on a part time basis, would you risk it all to let your "friends" have control of your image and ruin it? They are not friends if they do that. Get rid of them and clean up your already crappy image. When it's the athlete himself who's in trouble. As the story reads currently, it has nothing to do with any athlete doing anything wrong. If this was about Vick getting railroaded, we wouldn't be discussing it. Proof you say? He got railroaded by some over anxious security guard at an airport. Once it was discovered that was the case, the thread stopped being discussed. Vick was innocent? That's no fun to talk about. Just like this thread will cease activity if it's determined that Vick has nothing to do with anything criminal. This discussion will certainly not turn toward the 'some one's out to get Vick' angle. If it did, only about 2 people would discuss it. We have enough athletes doing things that warrant the 'hey here's a perfect chance to call someone an asshole' post. Do we really need more? On review, maybe PETA is out to get Vick just like the entire country of France is out to get Landis.

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Ron Mexico had better watch his back a little better.

From the article: State Police Sgt. D.S. Carr said Vick's relative, Davon Boddie, 26, lives in the house. Vick owns the property, but doesn't live there and wasn't present when a search warrant was executed in a drug investigation Wednesday night, Carr said. If Mr. Mexico (Mr. Vick) owns the house he needs to make sure that his "boys/posse" are taking proper care of everything going on there Why would his "posse" take care of anything? His relative lives there. How many relatives do you think he bought houses for when he got his multi-million dollar contract? Who knows the last time he was there. What if a murder was committed there. Would you automatically say Vick did it? where they just smoke pot It's funny how you buddy up to a few admitted pot smokers here at Spofi, but you frown upon it when a pro athlete does it. Pacman, Henry, (coincidence that you left out Urlacher?)pot smoke, hookers, mistresses, posses? Let's see if you get called out for axe grinding. I doubt you will but you summed it up for us by saying: Michael Vick has not been charged with this crime But why wait, get this FPP up now. That way we can have another one if he gets charged and then another if he gets indicted, then another if he gets convicted, then another if he gets suspended by the NFL. "Hypothetical for anyone that disagrees": I can't wait to see what you have to say if and when it's found out that Vick doesn't have shit to do with this. I call for an immediate link to the Ron Mexico name generator until Mike Vick is at least charged with a fucking crime.

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Private eyes are watching you?

I'm not surprised. I'd love to read a story about one of these spies from an NFL team's scouting dept. getting arrested for stalking. What a great way to show character, by spying on someone to judge their character.

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Positively Landis?

I think Bishop and I are in the company of equals there I agree with LBB. I have had far more 'public' disagreements with the requester. That said, the "soil every thread we get involved in" is a little over board. I don't want any "back and forth" be it public or private. I'm happy with having the ability to post my opinion here just like everyone else, with out having my personal views challenged each and every time I post. and hate to see issues that I care about undercut with what I believe to be shaky argumentation Welcome to my world of shaky argumentation: Hey Landis has been caught doping 3 times, boy I hope he finds a loop hole. Mean while, to divert attention, let's make FPPs out of the following, 'did you know that Ron Artest's dog was skinny and Mike Vick tried to sneak 50 lbs of weed onto a plane in a low tech fake water bottle. But wait, Landis has tested positive 3 times. That's OK, there is always hope that it's a conspiracy by the entire country of France.

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Positively Landis?

Three threads = "most"? I made another mistake. Sorry, I didn't know you asked for a set amount. I will gladly retract everything I said if you agree to relax with the silly personal crap. I don't want threads to be about me, in fact management has requested that we don't make threads about me (or anyone else). Notice how many people addressed me directly after you posted. 1 of them going as far as saying (in a nut shell) 'now that we're talking about it, hey Bishop, I don't like when you'...etc. Landis has been caught cheating in 1 of the biggest events in the world and you want to talk about my opinion of it. Come on now. I could have just said, Landis is a disgrace to American cycling and has set the example for our kids that it's OK to cheat. He should be banned forever. But, I don't put that much stock in it. Is it wrong? Sure it is. Am I going to lose sleep because another athlete is caught doping, I doubt it. And, If a guy like Landis is more likely to get the benefit of the doubt (even after his cheating is confirmed again) Whats wrong with me pointing that out?

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Positively Landis?

I'd rather Bishop not compare the thread-of-the-moment with FPPs about black athletes. I'd also like it if we could just ignore it when/if it happens instead of focusing on it and ending up with a complete thread derail. Bperk, not to worry. LBB was in the middle of one of her mother knows best moments in a thread that was recently closed and this was just a carry over. That said, not all people have the ability to skip a comment that they have no interest in. They have to always feel like they are scolding someone (note yerfatma's interest in the thread before the derailment, also note how on topic yerfatma's post is.) Now you may notice how many people addressed yerfatma for being 'off topic'. It doesn't happen to those who have been around a while and feel like they run the place. They have the right to chime in on any thread they please and be as off topic as they want to be complaining about people who don't have interest in the posted topic, while not posting about the topic at all themselves. That said, sorry TBH, I never thought me saying; I will respect the previous opinions of fellow community members who wish for the best out of a Pro athlete. would lead to such an out cry for justice and anti-axe grinding regarding my posts (while LBB, yerfatma, and Littlelebowski proceed to grind their axes concerning my comments-of which were at least on topic). God forbid I start a Landis name generator on this thread. They'd probably call for my banishment. I have a pretty good idea of your level of interest because of my own level of interest in athlete drug testing. I've been there in other threads in the past, and you weren't a memorable presence, if indeed you were there at all. If, as you assert, you usually comment, maybe you can point me to some threads, and I'll cheerfully retract my statement. My comment: I comment on most threads where there are accusations of cheating. Retract your statement.

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Positively Landis?

You should get some perspective and stop grinding your axe on threads that you don't have any interest in, in an effort to draw a nonexistent connection to other threads where you've felt wrong-done-by. Here we go. I guess I'm only allowed to participate in links where black athletes are accused of cheating or smoking weed. I have no axe to grind. That part of my post was actually a joke to me. Stop taking everything so damn seriously. How the hell do you know my level of interest concerning athletes accused of cheating? Are you attempting to act like this topic is no big deal? What's next, are you going to to make a list of threads I can and can not post on? As a long standing member here you should keep this kind of personal BS in email, and if there is no email address, bite your damn tongue and stick to the topic. Stop trying to make every damn thread about me or what I say. Take a long look at anyone else who responded to my post. Not one person crying about grinding axes or 'non-existent connections'. If you actually think there is no link or relationship with threads where an athlete is accused of cheating, you have issues. The winner of the tour de france was stripped of his title after testing positive for doping (again). Do you actually think only the 'cyclists' here are interested? I comment on most threads where there are accusations of cheating. If you don't appreciate the context of my post , skip it. If you're not mature enough to do so, it usually ends up derailing the thread. SEE

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Magic 0

Bishop, I was totally thinking of you and our conversations when I saw Iverson's line last night. Just in case, I like my crow medium rare. I will not get ahead of myself this time. The last time I did that the Flyers tied the series with Buffalo 2 years ago, then went on to get beat like 15-1. I had to disappear for about 3 weeks after that. The most outstanding part of Iverson's game last night was he started 0-6, but finished 11-22 (making all of his free throws). He scored 6 straight points right after the Spurs took the lead 33-32. He didn't stop shooting, he didn't alter his game. It's the first time in a long time Iverson hasn't been on a '1 man team'. With NeNe and Camby healthy, this will be a very good series.

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Positively Landis?

The curious thing about these results is that the A samples were negative. Unless both samples are positive, it is considered a negative result. The suspicious thing about this is how they excluded his expert when they were running the tests. It seems like a conflict of interest to use the same lab to conduct these tests that conducted the original disputed result. Especially when a large part of the Landis case is the number of procedural errors that were committed in the testing of the Stage 17 sample. (so that's what I look like when I defend someone so obviously guilty huh?) Wow. Should I call him a dirty cheater who has disgraced the entire cycling community? I mean this guy is testing positive more times than Pacman Jones has 'talked to' police. I however will not call him a cheater, I will respect the previous opinions of fellow community members who wish for the best out of a Pro athlete. (now nail this cheating mofo to the wall so we can have some balance around here.)

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Magic 0

Cough..Cough.. I will withhold any and all pro Iverson/Nuggets posts until they win at least 3 playoff games. That said, why is it when a good defensive team stops a good offense, the offense was 'shut down', but when a so-so defensive team complete shuts down a good offensive team, the offensive team was 'just missing shots'?

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Referee Suspended Indefinitely

With Duncan sitting on the bench laughing and not taking the game seriously maybe he should seek a career change and apply at Jack in the Box where they can reinstate the clown. You're right. Those NBA players sure are offensive aren't they? You haven't been around here long enough to catch a cold and already you're rattling off about NBA players working at fast food restaurants. McDonald's references, jack in the box references, what's next? This is tantamount to the conduct of NBA players. Are you actually talking about laughing or NBA players "attacking" fans? I guess getting assaulted before "attacking" someone doesn't have anything to do with it right? You're probably the clown who ran out on to the court and got a mouthful of fist. Stop acting like it's a risk to go to an NBA game because a player might attack you. If you are that afraid just keep enjoying your days at McDonald's where you obviously feel less threatened. If Duncan thinks he is so tough then why does he not pick on someone his own size and age - like Klitschko for example. Is it classless to fight or not classless to fight? Wait, since your such an expert on who Duncan should fight, why don't you go to their next game and tell him? You're attempt to make Duncan out to be the aggressor here has failed miserably. What's next? A shitty attempt to make the women of Rutgers look like "nappy headed ho's"?

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From Nike, Thank You

At times i'm guilty of being a part of the problem. We all are sometimes without even realizing it. Look at the way most of the public views Pro athletes. It's the whole negative press factor. Look at our community here. The negative threads are 5 times as long as the positive and 10 times more likely to appear. We are all part of the viewing public and we all believe we have the right to know everything (freedom of the press). Negative stories in any medium are way more abundant. It seems we would rather express our outrage then our appreciation. Cases in point. Note the post count difference in the threads were the topic is one that might draw a comment like, 'nice post', or 'good story, thanks', vs. a thread or link in which someone is in trouble, arrested, or punished. Recent positive threads, here , and here. Recent negative threads, here, and here. Recently we have paid more attention to the threads that involve people getting into trouble, than we have paid to threads where prominent sports figures die. Notice the post count here, and here. Is it our nature? I'm not sure. It just seems like a popular topic when we point out down falls, punishments or anything negative. Isn't dieing negative? Sure it is, I guess those posts aren't as long unless there is someone to blame in them.

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From Nike, Thank You

Wow this place is getting political. Thank you for linking this because at least 2 people that posted here and 5 people that read the link found a pair of shoes they liked while at our site and are on their way to buy them as we speak (all though they wouldn't admit it). -Nike Well they managed to blow the Imus thing way out of proportion. Who's next Who's next to get blown out of proportion? I don't know, Michael Vick NOT being in possession of weed (and the 100 post Sportsfilter thread that's sure to follow) gets my vote.

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Referee Suspended Indefinitely

but I thought it was Crawford who challenged Duncan, not the other way around No need to reread, you are correct. I was merely offering a "what if" as a follow up to my comment about, if the offender was someone like Artest or Wallace ( instead of Duncan). I put a spin on the situation because my first comment included me disagreeing with Crawford being done for the year. So i said, on the other hand, had it been Artest or a player with a similar rep challenging a ref to a fight (in any context), he'd be done.

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Referee Suspended Indefinitely

Just more of the NBA protecting its star players. If Joey had tossed one of 11 or 12 of the other players on the Spurs, probably nothing would have happened. But because it was Duncan, it's a different story. How the hell is getting ejected from a game protection? You can't have the refs out there trying to show up the players during the very same year you announce that "any player talking back (as if they are babies) to an official will result in being ejected". As I stated, a few of these refs made their careers by being able to "deal with" or "stand up to" aggressive players. Now the rule is, "don't even look at the ref wrong". So the league got their virtual leash on most of the players, but still have the same refs around that are used to be argued with. Crawford took Duncan's laughing personal and that's where he made his mistake. The foul calls on players aren't personal are they? If Duncan is doing something on the bench that is not affecting the game, Crawford should ignore it and walk away in the same manner the players now have to walk away after having a BS non-foul called on them just to make up for a missed traveling call at the other end of the floor. I just don't think he should be done for the year. I don't believe a mans livelihood should be dismissed so quickly. If Stern made a mistake or lost his cool, he wouldn't just quit. That being said, if Ron Artest asked a ref if he wanted to fight (regardless of the intended context) we all know what the outcome would be.

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Referee Suspended Indefinitely

While I've always thought the Crawfords were decent officials, this has to rank higher on the WTF scale than when Vince carter got ejected for play fighting 1 of his friends on another team. The situation is, the NBA has spent so much time trying to reprogram the players, they forgot to reprogram a few of the officials that were known for standing up to the players. if the player even so much as looks at the ref funny So, with the new "you can't say a word to the ref's" rule, now added onto the "don't even look at them because they are above you" rule, you have officials looking for the confrontations that gave them their reputations. I only wonder if there would have been any action taken against Crawford if the offender would have been say, Ron Artest or Rasheed Wallace or any other player with that kind of reputation. Actually I think the NBA should have never added any new rules concerning the players questioning or responding to the Refs. Now they have to balance out the officials. This will just lead to no communication at all between players and officials (people who work together ever day) which in turn will just lead to more situations like this.

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All Charges Dropped in Duke Case

But you need to become a better writer. LBB, while I appreciate constructive criticism, I really do not think it's a secret of who I am referring to when I write. As far as the use of the passive voice, it has to be that way. The minute I fully expose some bigoted thinking and address the culprit(s) directly, I am either told that they are trolling noobs, why acknowledge them, or 3 more narrow minded individuals chime in on their behalf and I end up having to address each one separately. So I end up painting with my moderately broad brush because the following comment made by an esteemed member of Spofi is true: Are American attitudes toward this disappointingly unfair and disinterested? Yes. Does Sportsfilter reflect that? Probably so. Let me know when the windmills start to fall over. posted by yerfatma at 1:23 PM CDT on April 10 Note the use of the broad brush? So pointing out racism as nothing new with a broad brush is ok, but charging at it like a bull with a broad brush is not? I have written the other way only to have some of my comments removed immediately. THEY WERE FALSELY ACCUSED!! What kills me is that people always want to bring up race as an issue but the main person that's alway bringing up race as a factor is probably the same one that has an inkling of racism in their soul (Not speaking for anyone in particular, but that's usually the truth). They were getting death threats at their homes for this and for the outcome to be that the case was dismissed doesn't make everything all better for them or their families. We all need to look at this case with open eyes and an open heart and realize that we can all be victims in today's society not just from the color of our skin, but also when someone has an agenda and doesn't feel like they have anything to lose. This is not a race issue but more of a humanity issue and understand that there is a difference whether you agree or not and they deserve an apology from a lot of people and Al Sharpton happens to be one of them As far as O.J. is concerned, he may have been found not guilty in the eyes of the court of law but his actions speaks differently. -BornIcon So let me get this straight. The Duke players are NOT guilty because they were accused by a "loser stripper". O.J was found Not guilty in a court of law but his actions speak differently? And you have the nerve to say race don't play a part in it? You have got be kidding me. Take your own advice and grow the hell up. According to you the Duke players are innocent because of the evidence presented and nothing more. OJ was found not guilty because of the evidence presented but that doesn't matter. This is hypocritical. The Duke players will get their apology when OJ gets his. I am happy for these players or anyone else(of any race) that has been wrongly accused(by someone from any race) and then found innocent. Being wrongly accused is bad but for rape, that can ruin your life for a long time. posted by Debo270 at 8:25 AM CDT on April 13 I'm curious to hear you say the same thing in reference to OJ Simpson. Again what's worse, rape or murder? I knew it would happen too but it is fun to watch. Ridiculous cincinnati's record last year 9-8-1 9 arrests 8 dismissals 1 conviction posted by Debo270 at 9:59 AM CDT on April 5 Duke players get charges dismissed and it's praise the Lord time. Some Bengal's players get charges dismissed and it's unjust. The line between guilty and not guilty seems to fade when an athlete is involved posted by Debo270 at 11:32 AM CDT on April 5 I guess that only applies to Black athletes.

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Titans' Pacman is suspended for 2007 season

Tarnishing a legend sucks Being a regular guy and getting shot by an off duty cop for not "obeying" him sucks much worse. The difference is that Pacman was in 10 different situation that the cops had to intervene. Here we go again. You say that as if he is a 10 time convicted felon. HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU THINK THE POLICE HAD TO INTERVENE DURING THE GRETZKY SITUATION. Get it?

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Imus, the Irrelevant and Whitlock, the Wise

Avoiding Don Imus is easy, just tune him out and not all that many people have tuned him in. I'm sure the Rutgers team was listening when he made his comments. Do you have any idea how many people listen(ed) to that guy?

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Hey, Clarett, This is How You Get Drafted Early

I'm certain Clarett will take this under advisement. Nothing he's been through has taught him any lessons, but this thread ought to do it.

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All Charges Dropped in Duke Case

I'll merely add what i said in another thread. For starters, the Duke thread is should have been sitting in between the Michael Vick "vindication" thread for NOT being in possession of weed, and the thread about the Vikings players on the boat, who basically did the same thing the Duke players did (hire women to come do things at a party that they shouldn't have been doing.) Again notice there is a call for vindication concerning some kids who basically pulled a pacman jones by having a party with a few under age kids, beer, undoubtedly drugs, and strippers. But because they were falsely accused of rape note how the previous is being totally ignored and there is a call for a Spofi thread to proclaim them innocent. Innocent of rape? Obviously. Innocent of what NFL and NBA players get a verbal thrashing for here at Spofi twice a month? No chance. Where is Rev. (haha,what a joke) Al Sharpton now? Is he going to help fight the Duke players cause of injustice? Sure he will, just as much as you fought for the entire black race when Susan Smith and Charles Stuart pulled their stunts. But, but, but Al Sharpton said they were guilty. Doesn't that make it true? Good point. As good as Susan Smith and Charles Stuart saying Black men did it, that sure as hell made it true. Smith's case gained worldwide attention shortly after it developed, because Smith initially reported to police, on October 25, 1994, that she had been carjacked by an African-American man who drove away with her sons still in the car. Smith made tearful pleas on television for the rescue and return of her children. However, nine days later, following an intensive, heavily publicized investigation and nationwide search, Smith eventually confessed to letting her 1990 Mazda Protegé roll into nearby John D. Long Lake,drowning her children inside. Many people across the United States and around the world, to whom she and her two "missing" sons had been the subject of an outpouring of sympathy, felt strongly betrayed. Their reaction to the betrayal was further aggravated by the fact that she had attempted to cast blame, falsely, upon an African-American man, making the case racially sensitive and bringing back memories of a recent Roxbury, Massachusetts case involving Charles Stuart, who had shot his wife to death in their vehicle and concealed his guilt by making a false police report that a black man had done it, inflaming racial tensions in the metropolitan Boston area for sometime afterward. Let's see, what's worse? Falsely accusing a select few young men of rape, or killing your own children or wife and accusing an entire race of men?

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Titans' Pacman is suspended for 2007 season

All that and you only saw the word Fucking? That's funny. You might as well said, all most every thing you're saying is true and correct, but I don't like the way you talk. Don't worry, you're not the first. No Bperk, I give up. Oh well, I guess it was the "no one wants to find dirt on Gretzky" comment that proved my point.

posted by Bishop at 01:09 AM on April 13, 2007