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Raiders Coach Lane Kiffin has been told he'll be fired

"Al Davis for President!" I like the sound of that.

posted by jknemo at 12:53 AM on October 02, 2008

Josh Howard Disrespects National Anthem

Well Josh spoke his mind is that a crime? No, but joke or not in the court of public opinion omg he is toast, just another athlete showing why he is an athlete and not a brain surgeon. Just shut up and play.

posted by jknemo at 06:14 PM on September 17, 2008

Questionable Call

bdaddy since when is it not reviewable to see if a player is down by contact? That play was challenged and was in the process of being reviewed so were they also incorrect in reviewing the play as well? If it is as you say "a battle for possession" then that is a case for simultaneous possession which automatically goes to the offense.

posted by jknemo at 12:10 PM on September 17, 2008

Questionable Call

As a H.S. and College official I was aghast at that when I saw him signal incomplete. The first rule of officiating is to see the whole play and then rule properly, you can always go back and try to correct your mistake except in this case he blew the whistle a very sophmoric move to not see the ball. If his hand had gone up with the ball in it then it's a different story, but to blow your whistle when you see an empty hand go up ...... well let's just say he needs to spend more time working on his field positioning and less time in the gym. Oh and nice move Invesco field not not have the replay working in the 1st Q as well also resulting in a TD for Denver. So that makes the score SD38 Denver and officiating crew 39 gotta love it!

posted by jknemo at 10:31 PM on September 14, 2008

Take your bags, sir?

Or maybe he was just rehearsing for his new gig as Tatum Bell Skycap to the NFL

posted by jknemo at 07:53 PM on September 04, 2008

Take your bags, sir?

If they have Tatum Bell taking them on video, then arrest him, it happens all the time by disgruntled ex employees it's not right but what are ya gonna do

posted by jknemo at 07:52 PM on September 04, 2008

Take your bags, sir?

Dude I've seen his clothes .......they're not that nice

posted by jknemo at 08:59 PM on September 03, 2008

A dazzling Manny being Manny moment

Too many players think it's just a job, but Manny has not forgotten that it's only a game, a place for average Joe to go and forget the trials of life . All I can say is, "Thanks Manny!" That made my day!

posted by jknemo at 09:45 PM on May 15, 2008

Rams owner dies after lengthy illness

Did she confess to having her husband killed so she could own the team to begin with?? Conspiracy theories abound about that whole thing.

posted by jknemo at 10:58 PM on January 18, 2008

George Gipp Exhumed from Michigan Cemetery

The Gip?? Awwww come on Charlie, what was Rudy busy on a book tour or something, your team sucks so bad that you're pulling a dead guy up for a motivational speech??? Wrong Charlie, just plain wrong!

posted by jknemo at 07:41 PM on October 11, 2007

Who's Now Pissed -- ESPN Viewers Hammer Network Over 'Buzz' Competition

Lets just all agree to concentrate a little more on the "S" shall we????

posted by jknemo at 11:31 PM on August 13, 2007

Tiger Does It Again!

Tiger is freakin' awesome , but just how long will it be before some jealous tour player starts juicin' up? Is that what it's gonna take to beat him?? I don't know alot about steroids and their effect but could they possibly help someone on the golf course?

posted by jknemo at 08:28 PM on January 28, 2007

Long-shot Serena Williams annihilates #1 Maria Sharapova to win Australian Open.

After watching this match all I can say is WOW! What an athlete she truly is. She looked on this day as if she could have beaten anyone from any era, not bad for an out of shape tennis player.

posted by jknemo at 07:54 PM on January 27, 2007

Chargers flushed, Peyton vs. Brady again

I've never seen a homeless guy so excited to win a game before, this was the Pats Superbowl, now Indy will exact revenge for all the playoff heartaches that have come at the hands of those hated Pats. In order for San Diego to improve they must cut Parker, Florence and McCree these guys are paid to do a job and they failed at it, Shotty's job was to put them in a position to compete and win the game, which he did, besides if Shotty goes who would replace him?, they have a good nucleus of YOUNG talent fill in the holes and they're still a contender for years to come

posted by jknemo at 07:06 PM on January 15, 2007

The Hoser's NFL Picks, Postseason Week Two

Hey Archie, Does Eli want to be a Charger now??? I for one am glad to see the Giants getting their moneys worth! This time Mr Conservetive better not show his face at the Chargers game or he could be looking for a new home. Go Bolts!

posted by jknemo at 08:48 PM on January 12, 2007

Grimsley Called Clemens, Tejada and Pettitte Steroid Abusers

If a temper and swollen heads are indicators of PED use, then we must consider Juan Marichal and Johnny Roseboro, I'm sure Roseboro's head was much larger after after Marichal's bat was used as a PED.

posted by jknemo at 03:46 PM on October 01, 2006

Grimsley Called Clemens, Tejada and Pettitte Steroid Abusers

" I would like to state for the record that I have NEVER taken any kind of performancing enhancing drugs, PERIOD!" before my name comes out of the mouth of these so called credible sources

posted by jknemo at 11:23 AM on October 01, 2006

America's Ryder Cup team in unfamiliar position as underdogs.

I believe if this tournament was about money the Americans would dominate, I think we have become so spoiled that we've forgotten how to play for pride and the team spirit that unite's the Euro's to beat us now. Don't get me wrong I think the best golfers in the world come from the U.S. but when it comes right down to it I think they have forgotten why we play these matches, but if there is money to be had we would take the trophy everytime.

posted by jknemo at 03:11 PM on September 23, 2006

Will the AZ Cardinals play in Pink Taco Stadium?

Hey, maybe they could call the endzones the G spots, oh wait, they would never score because most men could'nt find that place anyways

posted by jknemo at 07:40 PM on August 22, 2006

Will the AZ Cardinals play in Pink Taco Stadium?

Besides isn't the Pink Taco where they play that Lingerie Bowl??

posted by jknemo at 10:50 PM on August 21, 2006

Will the AZ Cardinals play in Pink Taco Stadium?

What about the Trojan Condom Dome, since the grass inside has a layer of protection over it

posted by jknemo at 10:48 PM on August 21, 2006


WOW! Only arrested 4 times, and he has'nt even played the " DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM " card or he has played it and they just assumed he did it and arrested him anyway.

posted by jknemo at 06:30 PM on June 15, 2006

Wie Makes Cut in South Korea

Well that's great she made the cut , but how many of those Korean men could make the cut on the PGA Tour??? Oh wait! Maybe that's why they're playing there instead of here because they could'nt make the cut here either.

posted by jknemo at 10:19 PM on May 05, 2006

Bud says no celebration for Barry

If Bonds uses roids then so did Mcguire and no one has/had a problem with him riding around the stadium in a car with Roger M's family present celebrating what he did. I agree with you bishop, it seems to be a double standard based on what we know now versus what we knew then and lets not forget about Sosa, who incidentily fell off the face of the earth. No matter what public opion says he has not been found guilty of anything.Personally as a Giant fan, I would like him to just go away, God only knows what kind of team they could buy with his salary freed up

posted by jknemo at 10:59 PM on April 27, 2006

Biffle's girlfriend reprimanded for incident

Noooooooo, Nascar will be taking a page from the WWE, we'll soon see NASCAR Diva's on monday night NASCAR RAW!!!!

posted by jknemo at 11:36 PM on April 12, 2006

Webb's eagle on 72nd hole sets up playoff win

This was quite possibly the most exciting finishing holes of golf I've ever seen, not only was that shot incredible , the 3 players who followed Wie, Gulbis, and Ochoa hit some amazing shots down the stretch. I was on the edge of my seat.

posted by jknemo at 10:46 AM on April 03, 2006

Legends of the game are perplexed

My wishlist; All golfers use the same clubs the same balls, so as to take the focus off the equipment and put the focus where it belongs, on the player. And while we're at it why not put windmills and clown faces on the greens too.

posted by jknemo at 08:17 PM on April 02, 2006

Legends of the game are perplexed

Can someone please tell me why it's a bad thing for Tiger to win a golf tournament? I was of the opinion that best golfer should win any tournament regardless of who he is or whatever tournament is being played. How come they don't "Lefty Proof", or "Retief Proof" any courses?????

posted by jknemo at 06:52 PM on April 02, 2006

America's new dancing machine!!!

Y'all need hobbies, or girlfriends or something

posted by jknemo at 08:33 AM on April 02, 2006