December 28, 2007

Why don't you (bleeping) block somebody, Gonzalez.: A superb Joe Posnanski column from the Kansas City Star. As Bill Simmons writes, "It's incredibly hard to make a column work this well, with this much detail, when you only have 850 words."

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That's pretty damned great, and it gets to the essence of why Belichick is so successful. It doesn't make any difference whether you're Tom Brady or Marsha -- you have to put out on every play or you'll be held accountable. Nice link, VM.

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I'm more surprised at Belichick's endurance than his obsessive need to win. Coaches who act that way tend to burn out quickly, but Belichick is the Energizer Bunny. I didn't think the Patriots could run the table, because the pressure would lead them to a bad week or leave them spent in the playoffs. I'm beginning to think it's the most likely outcome of the season.

posted by rcade at 07:32 AM on December 28

"Why don't you fucking block somebody." Wait - I don't get it. Oh right - He's a genius. My god, the intricacy. However, with this team, isn't he having a Phil Jackson year? Couldn't Herm Edwards win with this team? Al Davis - not so much.

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My favorite part of this is Gonzalez reply to the reporter. "Hey, I'm coachable." Classic all around.

posted by Adept at 09:01 AM on December 28

Great link. The Simmons quote is great too, considering that it usually takes him at least 850 words just to do the intro part of one of his columns, in which he draws some hackneyed analogy between [insert name of late-80s to early-90's TV show or pop culture phenomenon] to [insert name of current juggernaut NFL/NBA team or historically bad current NFL/NBA team].

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"Why don't you fucking block somebody." Wait - I don't get it. Oh right - He's a genius. My god, the intricacy. The intricacy is in everything that happened after that blunt statement and how he handled the compliment. If he had screamed "Nice Block!!! That's what I'm talking about!!!" and slapped him on the ass, then I doubt the same effect would have been achieved. Also, all those coaches could win with this team, but I think the point is only Belichick and his style of coaching could keep them competitive week in and week out to go undefeated (hopefully).

posted by kire at 11:19 AM on December 28

Couldn't Herm Edwards win with this team? No.

posted by cjets at 05:12 PM on December 28

By the way, great column and link. It almost makes me like Belichick.

posted by cjets at 05:34 PM on December 28

I'd love to know how the "Nice block" was intoned - I don't think it would have been said sarcastically at all, but towards an I-told-you-so perhaps... or more matter-of-factly? Or just where along that scale...

posted by bobfoot at 07:30 PM on December 28

I like it. "Hey, Pro Bowler, why don't you do what the fans pay to see you do?"

posted by mr_crash_davis at 10:11 PM on December 28

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