November 21, 2007

Tale of the Tape (Measure): "Not tall enough for the elite programs, that was the verdict. The tyranny of the tape measure can be a cruel thing. It canceled out a vast array of attributes both players had to offer . . . Maybe now it's time for colleges to break their own molds . . . Maybe that will be the enduring legacy of the little men currently occupying center stage in this jarringly unconventional college football season."

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Can I drag out the old "It's not the size of the dog in the fight..." cliche? KU and Mizzou are flat fun to watch. The Tigers might have the edge on individual talent, but Mark Mangino has molded a bunch of so-called "second-tier" recruits into a *team* that simply doesn't understand how to lose. I'm a Kansas grad and bleed Crimson and Blue. So maybe my heart is in play when I think KU's defense gives 'em an edge in this Saturday's game. Kansas v. Missouri at Arrowhead is kismet. There *will* be beer sold in the stadium. There's gonna be plenty of barbeque at the tailgating parties. And a bunch of kids who will never play football for money are gonna show us all what college football is all about. So maybe, like so many games hyped as offensive slugfests, it'll turn into a defensive struggle. Maybe one team will be up and the other team will be unlucky, but I doubt there'll be a blow-out. I think the Kansas City Chiefs play on the same field the next day. The pros will likely have to deal with slippery turf, stained with blood, sweat, and tears; tears on one side of the field anyway. To truly appreciate the game, get some real barbeque -- McRib sandwiches don't count -- and enjoy two college football teams at the top of the game. By any measure -- even the tape measure -- it's gonna be fun.

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So, Monkeyhawk, do you think it might be a good game? I have absolutely no rooting interest in either Kansas or Missouri (although my rheumatologist is a KU grad), but I'm going to try to watch this one. It promises to be another battle in the 150-year old war between the 2 states. The true fun will come next week as the pundits and those who make the BCS rankings try to figure out just where they ought to rank the winner. I just wish I could be somewhere near KC, just to get some barbecue.

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I would hope that if either of these guys goes on to the NFL they are treated better than Flutie was. It should be a great game.

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I'll be at the game on Saturday and believe me, this is gonna be one hellofa game. I'm a Mizzou fan and will be rooting for the home team, but the Tigers are going to have their hands full with the Jayhawks. The only trouble is I'll be surrounded by KU fans. I heard they can get pretty roudy and to make matter worst , beer will be served! Looking forward to good and safe (for my sake) game.

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smdragon, if you are rooting for the home team, you must not be a Mizzou fan. Both of these teams are fun to watch, but Arrowhead and KC are doing some serious tweaking of the normal security scheme. College Gameday will be there for two hours, and then everyone is being kicked out and not let back in until a few hours before the game, because they don't want people sitting in the parking lot and drinking all day. They also upped the police presence at the game by 35% and told all to have plenty of pepper spray and to be ready to use it. Since the Chiefs play there the next day, there is an edict that the goal posts are not to be allowed to be taken down. This is going to be interesting.

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hawkguy-forgot Kansas is home team. Hoping for a great contest and no violence.

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I suppose Missouri should be thanking Texas for height profiling Chase Daniel and allowing Missouri to pick up a genuine Heisman candidate. The winner of the Missouri-Kansas game will likely be No. 1 - at least for a week anyway.

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It's 7:12 Central Time and KU and Mizzou are about to play. If you're not watching this game, I hope I owe you money.

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Just got back in home from K.C. Game was great and believe me there are no bad seats at Arrowhead. Only fan that was rowdy was my son, had to much to drink (had to send him to the corner for a while). Kansas was very impressive in the 2nd half and have nothing to be ashamed of. Jayhawks had a wonderful season and I hope they get the bowl game they want by the end of season. Congrads to all Jayhawk fans for a very impressive season.

posted by smdragon at 03:09 PM on November 25, 2007

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