November 19, 2007

Lloyd Carr announces his retirement.: Carr retires after a long and illustrious career that includes a 121-40 overall record, three Big Ten titles, and one National Title.

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Junior wide receiver Mario Manningham could not be reached for comment. He was still running laps after all of the dropped balls Saturday.

posted by bender at 03:06 PM on November 19, 2007

No joke bender, Manningham killed Michigan.

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As a Michigan Alum - I felt Lloyd Carr did a wonderful job. He was however, becoming exremely predictable. ANY coach that maintains a .752 win percentage over a span of 13 years and wins numerous Conference titles, and a National Title (NO co-championshipship in MY mind - no offense Tom Osborne and the waffling coaches who voted . . . ) deserves a well earned thank you and continued gratitude. Thank you Coach Carr - Godspeed, and best wishes in your future. Go Blue

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The end of an era in Ann Arbor. I cannot forget all the Saturdays I sat in the stands @ The Big House and screamed and criticized and cheered for Lloyd. Now he's calling it a season, I'll miss the old boy, but it's time to move on and bring back some attitude in Ann Arbor. The big question is, who do we get to lead one of the most storied, definately top five programs in the country. I cannot wait to see. Manningham didn't kill Michigan, the pourous offensive line killed Michigan, it killed them all year. Time for Big Tex to take over the offense, with that fucking cannon of an arm.

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It is kind of messed up that you get judged more for the 2 games you lose,more than the 9 or 10 you usually it the coaches fault that his best 2 players were either unavailable,or virtually ineffective most of the year?all props to Carr.I hope the next guy gets a fair chance to carry on the tradition of the winningest football program in college history

posted by mars1 at 09:20 PM on November 19, 2007

I'd like to preface this by saying I'm a Badger fan. But if I WAS a Michigander, I'd certainly be happy with the change. Sure, he kinda won a national championship, and his winning percentage is merely respectable, but the only things that matter at Michigan guessed it, his abysmal won-loss record vs. their arch-rival Ohio St. and his pathetic Bowl record. As a Badger fan, I'm bummed he's gone, but for the good of the conference, game, etc. I'm glad he is. Can anyone say Jon Gruden???

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It is kind of messed up that you get judged more for the 2 games you lose,more than the 9 or 10 you usually win. Just an FYI they lost 4 games this year and won 8. I don't think anybody is judging Carr at this time on any of his losses at all, and I am an OSU fan. I loved Lloyd Carr, he did exactly what I needed him to do. 1.)Get John Cooper the hell out of columbus. 2.)Lose to whoever took over for Cooper! He did almost perfect, 1-6 against Jim Tressel. No seriously, Carr was a great head coach who will be greatly missed. I just hope that his replacement has half of the class he did for the player's sake, and Big Ten football's. His shoes will be hard to fill. Good Luck coach Carr in all that you pursue!

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Lefty, did you even read the article? Carr's record is an impressive 121-40 over 13 seasons. The man had to "split" a National title, Oh well. He won 5 big ten championships, took them to 13 bowl games, and is only beaten in winning percentage by two other coaches in Michigan history. His "abysmal" win-loss to OSU is only 6-7. Give me the last Wisconsin coach to do any of these things.

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I believe the point lefty was trying to make was that he has had a terrible record against Ohio State and in bowls since Jim Tressel took over, and those two things are very significant. As for Wisconsin coaches, Barry Alvarez's career numbers stack up pretty favorably: 118734 8-3 bowls 5-7-1 vs. Ohio State 3 conference championships 3 Rose Bowls (3-0 vs. 1-3 for Carr) Additionally, when you consider that Wisconsin was a bit more of a building project when Alvarez took over, this is all the more impressive.

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It's not like OSU in the past, oh let's say, 6-7 years has been a big pile of crap that Michigan should have easily rolled over, like Nebraska rolling over Kansas back in the day. OSU has been a contender for, or in the national championship during this period, so I think the record is a moot point. Both these teams go back and forth with one getting the better of the other for a few years at a time. It's been like that for 40 years.

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